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Outsource Orthopedics Transcription Services

O2I clearly understands the complexity of orthopedic medical transcription, as dealing with hundreds of human bones with all their complex and confusing names, is not easy. Using accurate codes and ensuring up-to-date orthopedic documentation while transcribing is of immense concern for patients as it affects whether or not they will receive correct and timely healthcare BPO.

Deeper understanding of this complexity drives O2I to maintain exclusive and specialized orthopedics transcription teams to give our clients unmatched transcription and coding services. Here are some exclusive features of our orthopedics transcription services:

Orthopedic Specialty Transcription Services

O2I offers high quality transcription services in almost all orthopedic specialties including -

  • Knee Replacement
  • Ligament and Tendon Recovery Care
  • Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Musculoskeletal Oncology
  • Multiple Fracture Recuperation
  • Accident (Orthopedic) Trauma
  • Joint Reconstruction
  • Sport Induced Injuries
  • Hip Disorders

Specialized and Exclusive Transcriptionists

Well qualified staff of orthopedics transcriptionists, is a professional support system that acts as a key to deliver faster and superior quality orthopedist transcription services. Our team of transcriptionists is well-versed in dealing with most specialties of orthopedic coding and transcriptions. This makes us extremely qualified and confident at handling and catering to all your orthopedic transcription and coding requirements.

Periodic Internal Trainings

O2I ensures that all our exclusive resources handling specialized transcription areas like orthopedics transcription get regular internal trainings from experts so that they are fully aware and capable of understanding the complex terminologies and other issues related to orthopedic care. We have also tied up with physicians who periodically visit us and train our resources on the latest developments in orthopedic care; which immensely helps us to easily and quickly understand the doctor's dictations, notes, reports and automated transcriptions.

Quality and HIPAA Compliance

Our orthopedic transcription services are fully compliant with the latest CPT codes and HIPAA. O2I ensures precise codes and error-free transcription for all its medical transcription services including orthopedic coding and transcription.

O2I's Exclusive Orthopedics Transcription Service Benefits

  • Easy dictation methods and integration of various dictation sources
  • Real-time transcription status reporting
  • Easy transcription editing options
  • Specialized proofreading and quality audit teams for handling orthopedic transcriptions
  • Secure 256 bit AES encrypted file transfer
  • Quick and instant turnaround times using automated EMR transcription and recording services
  • Best-in-class resources, software, and infrastructure
  • Competitive pricing models for cost benefits
  • Vast experience (over 25 years), quality assurance, and trust

Outsource Orthopedic Transcription to Outsource2india

Orthopedics transcription outsourcing should never be a problem with O2I's specialized transcription services. You just need to upload your point of care dictations, patient notes, automated transcriptions, or any other to-transcribe material to O2I for high quality, zero-error transcripts.

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