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Electronic Medical Records Services

Outsource EMR Services

Leverage the latest EMR technology to access precise and accurate billing, revenue cycle, and workflow management with our consolidated EMR solutions

Are you struggling to streamline resource-intensive administrative tasks? Are you lacking in-house expertise to create EMR solutions for your healthcare practice?

Hospitals and clinics are exploring ways to increase productivity, reduce wastage, manage resources better, and meet patient needs effectively while also remaining competitive in the market. If you need customized technological solutions that can work in complete alignment with your practice to boost performance across multiple locations, optimize clinical workflows, enhance efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction - your search ends with us.

With two decades of experience as an online EMR service provider, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare institutions. We bring a wide range of EMR solutions that are easy to adopt, completely customized, and well-integrated. We have been successfully providing a complete spectrum of electronic medical record services to clients around the globe, and we can help simplify your clinical processes to ensure a high return on investment.

EMR Solutions We Offer

As a leading EMR company, we offer a wide range of EMR solutions to clinics, individual practitioners, healthcare institutions, super specialty hospitals, physicians, and many others. Our team is experienced and authorized to analyze client data and requirements to provide simplified solutions. We offer services for the following specialties with unique template-based and customizable solutions that meet the different practice styles and preferences of our clients -

  • EMR Software Development

    EMR Software Development

    We can design and develop custom EMR healthcare software that can enable you to record, access, analyze, and integrate all the medical information across your healthcare institution.

  • EMR Integration Services

    EMR Integration Services

    Streamline your EMR system to manage unstructured content such as faxes, images, and paper documents and improve overall patient care with our EMR integration services.

  • EMR Data Entry Services

    EMR Data Entry Services

    With our online EMR data entry services, you can improve your data capture and entry functions and boost your bandwidth to handle patient care and revenue goals.

  • Virtual EMR Services

    Virtual EMR Services

    We help you consolidate patient records, including medical history, test results, coding, procedures, and diagnosis, and organize them in one place for vendors, policymakers, and employees.

  • EMR Data Migration Services

    EMR Data Migration Services

    Our services migrate your historical data from EMR healthcare software legacy systems to modern data infrastructures. We help you modernize and leverage the power of the latest EMR tools.

  • Cardiology EMR Services

    Cardiology EMR Services

    We offer top-notch EMR management, workflow management, and practice management solutions for cardiology practices to boost operational efficiency and streamline processes.

  • Dermatology EMR Services

    Dermatology EMR Services

    We offer dermatology practices medical EMR management solutions, which include a detailed record of patient progress. Our services let you make informed decisions about treatment options.

  • Neurology EMR Services

    Neurology EMR Services

    We are an EMR company and offer end-to-end neurology services and systematic practice management solutions that can streamline your neurology practice and increase patient satisfaction.

EMR Support Services Process Flow

When it comes to EMR services we follow a tried and tested approach that is further optimized for your needs. Our EMR services are fast, cost-efficient and most importantly transparent. The EMR services process is as follows -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

We will work side-by-side with your team to understand the challenge and requirement in depth. The information will help us take the right step

EMR Planning Design  

02. EMR Planning and Design

We will plan features that must be integrated into the EMR system. With functionality and navigability in focus, we will finalize an optimized design

Development of EMR  

03. Development of EHR or EMR

Our implementation specialists will commence with the design and development of the EMR/EHR system that is customized for your practice


04. Testing

With near real-time inputs, we will test the system to ensure that the outcome is predictable and accurate

Reporting Feedback  

05. Reporting and Feedback

You will be provided reports and timely feedback will be collected to gauge the performance. With your inputs, we can further enhance our service for better satisfaction

Why Choose Us As Your EMR Company

Many healthcare businesses across the globe have chosen to outsource EMR services to us. Our solutions are reliable, consistent and accurate. We offer several advantages, including -

  • Certified EMR Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited provider of electronic medical record services. Our global delivery centers offer a reliable way for you to capture and utilize patient data in an efficient manner.

  • Secure Data Management

    We understand that medical data is highly confidential. When you offshore EMR services to us, we handle your data with care and concern. When we deploy a team for your tasks, we clearly define access controls and give role-based access authorization. We continuously monitor the team activities, and all the data goes through 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Quality Guarantee

    We have appointed dedicated quality assurance experts who ensure that the entire process is optimized and there are no errors. They constantly monitor the quality to ensure compliance with client needs, as well as international medical standards, codes, and norms.

  • Fast Implementation and Turnaround Time

    With our offshore EMR services, you get faster solutions for the operational challenges faced by your practice. We have refined processes for attending to client needs and our experienced team brings years of knowledge to deliver well-rounded solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Scalability

    The EMR services we offer are scalable and we can provide as little or as much as you need. Just get in touch with us specify your needs so that we can scale up or down accordingly.

  • Cost-effective Services

    Our global delivery model is not only faster but also highly cost-effective. Our clients achieve 40-50% cost reduction with EMR services outsourcing.

  • Single Point of Contact

    If you have queries or concerns that require immediate attention, get in touch with our dedicated agent so that you can be hand-held through the process in an efficient manner.

  • Experienced and Certified Team

    We offer a world-class team of licensed medical professionals and qualified resources who are well-versed with various categories of drug codes and compliance standards. Our team is familiar with HIPAA compliance, MIPS/MACRA Compliance, and Medicare Part D. We provide continuous training to the team on various medical EMR tools available in the market and they are more than capable to handle all your needs.

  • Latest Infrastructure and Technologies

    We have hands-on expertise of working on a wide range of latest infrastructure and technologies for cloud, hosting, security, software development, data management, implementation, support, customization, data migration, integration, accounts, transcription, and more. Whatever your requirement, we are confident that we can build a solution with the latest technologies available in the market today.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    The data we transmit through secure FTP and VPN are less vulnerable to breach and security risk than via the traditional channels. This is because we employ dedicated network protection experts to eliminate all possible risks that manifest during the operation.

  • Around-the-clock Availability

    We provide online EMR services that are available 24/7/365. We offer great operational reliability and you can trust us for quick turn-around and efficient services. We make sure that your team and project manager works in the time zone of your choice.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Medical Transcription Services

We offer 99% accurate and professional medical transcription services to worldwide clients at competitive rates.

Medical Billing Services

Experience of working with hundreds of medical niche clients, our experts are wary of the billing complexities involved in each business to provide the best medical billing services.

Medical Coding Services

We provide professional and efficient medical coding services to pace up your healthcare activities as well as avail claims at lower costs.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

We provide actionable and effective strategies for clinical and administrative activities of healthcare clients to manage their revenue cycle in a well-organized manner.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Research and DME Billing Services to a US client

We Provided Research and DME Billing Services to a US client

Our client had successfully negotiated with other insurers surrounding EndoPAT coverage based on the research data extracted by us on DME products.

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O2I Provided Rehabilitation Transcription Services to Migrate Client

We Provided Rehabilitation Transcription Services to Migrate Client towards a New EHR Software

We modernized the client's EHR system. We processed 3000 sperate cases and transcribed every data into a required format.

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Hi, I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication are fine. Knowledge of billing and claims is excellent. All the best!

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Outsource EMR Services To Streamline Your Online Records

Healthcare institutions across the globe choose us for their EMR services outsourcing needs. We have been serving medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals for over 25 years, with highly reliable and professional EMR support services as well as a host of other healthcare BPO services. Due to our multi-faceted experience in a wide range of medical specialties and medical standards, we can deliver quick and compliant solutions for any kind of EMR-related challenges.

When you outsource EMR services to us, you benefit from -

  • Access a wide range of medical processes, tools, and technologies
  • Highly flexible and customizable medical EMR solutions
  • Unmatched delivery experience within the given deadline

Contact us today to take your medical EMR management to the next level of efficiency and optimization.

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