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Billing Services Using Kareo Software

Outsource Billing Services Using Kareo Software

We use Kareo billing & EHR software to enhance billing performance and stay on top of receivables in-time. Our services start at $1280/month, give it a try

Are you frequently hassled with patient statements and claims? Do you need a shorter turnaround to keep your RCM in a healthy state? Billing problems if left unresolved can result in revenue loss. Don't let it happen to you. Outsource billing services using Kareo software to O2I and our experts will use Kareo billing and EHR software to send invoices, stay on top of payments, carry-out coding, and do much more at a fraction of the cost.

Outsource2india is an ISO certified billing provider who uses Kareo healthcare suite to automate tasks and streamline workflow with efficient billing, scheduling, analytics, and claims tracking. The end-to-end process in claims management is completely taken care of when you outsource billing services using Kareo software. In this way, you can always get paid in time. Every new encounter will help us improve our approach towards client problem.

Reliable Software for Your Medical Billing Services

Kareo billing and EHR software is designed for hospitals, physicians, and practices of any size where billing issues are a routine cause of revenue loss. Therefore, outsourcing billing services using Kareo software can help you avail the following services -

  1. Scheduling/Calendar


    We have calendar management experts who can use Kareo to schedule appointments and keep your calendar spick and span. We can reduce the risk of denials with robust eligibility verification as well as resolve issues due to denial.

  2. Billing Tasks

    Billing Tasks

    We can competently handle billing tasks in an easy-to-use inbox completely integrated into the Kareo suite. Our professionals can lessen your worries and make billing more efficient than before.

  3. Claim Tracking

    Claim Tracking

    From initiating claims to securing reimbursements we oversee the process using Kareo. We will take the effort of monitoring and checking claims status to ensure that you are getting paid for the healthcare.

  4. Billing Analytics

    Billing Analytics

    We track your billing performance and productivity. O2I's healthcare experts will use Kareo to evaluate your KPI to implement ways to enhance your revenue.

  5. Charge Capture

    Charge Capture

    Staying to top of payments can be tricky especially if the collections must be made at the point of care. This is completely taken care of by our experts using Kareo. We will mitigate duplicates in data entry and eliminate errors to streamline charge capture.

The Billing Process Using Kareo Software

We work with agility and accuracy to bridge the gap in your billing process. We handle healthcare billing with transparency so that you can understand how we handle your project. When you outsource billing services using Kareo software, we handle the process as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will analyze your requirement and plan how to efficiently cover the billing hassles without lapse in the quality


02. Aggregating Data & Ensuring Correctness

We will collect and collate the data from your end and analyze if clinical records and invoices are accurate and complete


03. Processing with Kareo

Billing services using Kareo software can complete billing, coding, patient management, and much more without pushing your professionals to exhaustion


04. Re-verify and Finalize Report

After the billing process, we will compile user-friendly reports that can be shared with stakeholders in your organization

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Why Should You Outsource Billing Services Using Kareo Software to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing billing and EHR services to Outsource2india come with benefits because our billing executives use a professional approach and Kareo healthcare billing suite to boost your revenue. Here are more reasons why you should consider billing services using Kareo software from O2I -

  • Certified Healthcare Software Company

    Outsource2india is a HIPAA compliant provider of billing services using Kareo software. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited provider of healthcare billing solutions that adheres with standard compliances to deliver a robust solution.

  • Data Security

    O2I follows ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified data security policies because it is essential for us to securely handle your healthcare data.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    At O2I, we prioritize the service quality by assigning quality control roles to our full-time professionals so that your outcome can be effective.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our executives can complete the billing process in a short TAT using Kareo software suite. Billing issues (if any) can be resolved swiftly to avoid losing the revenue.

  • Scalability

    The healthcare billing and EHR solution is a scalable solution. You can get reliable support from our team because we will handle the paperwork to process upgrade or downgrade your requirement.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    By using Kareo billing software you can save thousands of dollar year-after-year. This is because the software is highly efficient in reducing the number of people required for billing role and reduces dependence on large and complex IT resources.

  • Single point of Contact

    Our dedicated contact agent will liaise with the billing team to bring you updates and assistance without lag. Our agent can be contacted anytime to get reliable support.

  • Experienced Team of Healthcare Agents and Project Managers

    Outsource2india, as a top billing service provider using Kareo software, has a professional team of billing experts who carry several years of experience in healthcare billing functions aided by technology. Our billing experts will mitigate your concerns about quality.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Outsource2india's infrastructure completes our ability to handle nearly all billing issues. With robust hardware and software suites like Kareo, we can streamline your RCM and ensure collections are uninterrupted.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Data sharing is via SFTP and VPN where the risk of losing data to cyber criminals are insignificant. We keep a sharp eye on data movement by monitoring the data pathways using security software.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    O2I has global delivery centers where our contact center agents operate on a 24/7/365 basis. We provide personalized support to help you cope up with any struggle with respect to the project.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Research and DME Billing Services to a DME consultant based Out of the US

Outsource2india Provided Research and DME Billing Services to a DME consultant based Out of the US

O2I expertise in DME billing and research helped a Tustin client t to effectively negotiate the EndoPAT coverage with insurance companies.

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O2I Provided Charge Entry and Demographic Entry Using Kareo Software

Outsource2india Provided Charge Entry and Demographic Entry Using Kareo Software

45% of the operating cost was saved and high employee turnover was handled by O2I for a Houston client. The client was glad about the outcome and praised our efforts.

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Your efficient response to this urgent request is greatly appreciated Thank You! Many thanks again for all your help over the last very busy week!! Much appreciated.

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Outsource Billing Services Using Kareo Software to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Outsource2india is a top provider of healthcare BPO and billing services in India using Kareo software. With 25 years of experience in e-healthcare and EHR solutions we have bought immense satisfaction to our clients. We have experienced billing professionals proficient in billing and EHR process using Kareo healthcare billing suite. Our team can diligently process healthcare billing, mandatory compliance, and a plethora of functions that are otherwise difficult to handle on your own. Our solution can cut down errors and multiply your returns. We can free your professionals to allow diversion of resources to other core functions.

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