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Healthcare BPO Customer Testimonials from Outsource2india

Outsource2india has facilitated outsourcing solutions to more than 11190 customers over the past 19 years.

At Outsource2india we promise to create a hassle free outsourcing experience for our customers. The following customer testimonials vouch for our management skills, our quick response, the quality of our work and our ability to create value in outsourcing ventures.

*Note - O2I is sensitive to customer information and have therefore not provided customer names.

Healthcare BPO Customer Testimonials

I am writing this letter to congratulate and commend the work Outsource2india, a subsidiary of Flatworld Solutions has been doing for our company. I would also like to recommend their service to any other physician who wants to reduce his administrative and charting work by pre-populating follow up charts in the EHR. This ensures that I can spend more time interacting with patients with regards to their healthcare and this efficiency has increased my ability to see more patients and increase revenue by 25%. Overall, the major benefit is for me to have more time for myself as a way to address physician-burnout.

We are an endocrinology office of physicians based out of Houston. We contacted Outsource2india in July 2018 and have been working with them ever since. They provided us with trained and experienced resources to handle our back-office and front-office operations at significantly lower cost than hiring someone locally. Below were the requirements we had:

  • Prewriting visit details before patient encounter
  • Importing HPI, medications, labs, assessment and treatment into current encounter
  • Addressing RSVP from telephone notes and importing it into HPI
  • Lab results imported into EHR
  • Printing of lab requests forms
  • Telephone notes redirected to doctor in case of abnormal labs
  • Telephone notes sent to patient and the doctor in case of no follow-up appointment within 30 days from date of result

There were able to study our requirements in-depth within 10 days and assigned an efficient team to do this work on a daily basis as required by our physicians. In addition, the team reached a level of accuracy that was impressive in a very short period of time. The contact persons for each project are consistent and very helpful. The contact persons are always available and take the initial training, then they train all necessary sublevel employees necessary to accomplish the desired tasks without asking for more training from me. We have been extremely happy with the service Flatworld provides and they certainly have a great team with the right attitude to outperform client's expectation. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, your operations will be in great hands with O2I.

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Excerpt from a recommendation letter,
MD, Endocrinology office of physicians, Houston, Texas

Hello, I wanted to reach out to you directly and express my gratitude on the hard work that the Data team as well as the AR team has done with EJ practice. I have pushed both teams extremely hard over the past month and their efforts, as well as ours, have paid off.

I am very proud to announce that there was a 1% rejection rate, as well as a 1% denial rate for this practice as well as the highest collections this practice has ever had. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved.

RCM Account Manager,
EMR System Provider, FL, USA

I wanted to inform you of what a great job O2I is doing for our firm. Vinoth Kumar and his team have done amazing work and are extremely reliable. We definitely consider O2I a part of our strategic plans moving forward. Initially, we needed to get a feel of your services and expertise in order to move forward on other enterprise accounts, and now we have the confidence in doing so. Thank you to you for all of the help over the year!

Managing Director,
Medical Billing Company, USA

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your efforts getting my clients coding current and working with me during my company's extreme changes starting at the beginning of this year.

Assistant Manager,
Medical Billing, Coding & Consulting Company, NY, USA

We are very pleased with the work and attention to detail provided under our services agreement with O2I. We continue to look for ways to enhance this relationship with our billing company.Thank you again for all that you do.

MD, Billing Service Company for Surgical Providers,
Georgia, United States

On behalf of Stephen Fasulakis and myself, I would like to again give your team the highest praise.

Justin and your team provide an exceptional service. The timeliness and quality of the work is outstanding. Your team is especially good to us given the time difference between Australia and India. The accuracy is absolutely incredible especially for the volume of work we send. Justin is always so approachable and helpful, obviously a great mentor for an excellent team. You are all so diligent, conscientious and hard working. Thank you so much for your service, we couldn't be happier!

I would have no hesitation recommending your team to others, should the opportunity arise. Thanks so much again!

Head of the Diagnostic Care Center, in Australia

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication you have shown towards our company, truly a blessing and I thank you. You are doing a great job which allows us time to take good care of the client in areas we could only glance over.

Medical Practicing Company, MD, USA

Overall I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication is fine. Knowledge about billing and claims is excellent.

- Founder, Medical Device Market Strategy and Reimbursement Company,
Tustin, California

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication you have shown to us; truly a blessing and I thank you. You are doing a great job which allows us time to take good care of the client in areas we could only glance over.

Medical Practicing Company, MD, USA

Thank you so much as always, for the absolutely brilliant work. It is a pleasure to compliment you all, as the quality is always so great. I do like to say hello and thanks after a day's work, to show my appreciation and acknowledgement of what you do! Thank you again and hope you are all keeping well.

Radiologist, Oncological Imaging specialist,
Specialist Radiology Diagnostic Clinic, Australia

I appreciate your help! I am very impressed by the efficiency and the quality of medical transcription.

Medical Practice, USA

Thank you Sooooo much! We appreciate all you have done! You have gone above and beyond and have helped us so very much!

EMR Service provider, Florida

The quality of your work is outstanding. Seems the people you have on our tasks are knowledgeable about the process and are doing a good job on following through on things. Overall great job and we appreciate all the help.

Manager of a Medical Billing Company in Colorado

I utilize Outsource2india exclusively as my "virtual secretary." The quality of work is excellent and the turnaround time is impressive. I often forward a document to them at the close of business one day and have the work product proofed, corrected, and waiting in my inbox at the start of business the following morning.
Utilizing Outsource2india is a very cost effective solution to securing necessary secretarial support as we pay for only the service provided when needed, at a very reasonable rate, and do not have to deal with employee management issues and related benefit and other employee costs in the process.

Chief Legal Officer of a Medical Management Company in Idaho

O2I provides a reliable and efficient medical billing service. They have helped improve collections and lower receivables for my clients.

Founder & CEO,
Billing Company in the east coast

I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the quality of the resent work. The turnaround has been excellent, the reports coming back on denials and unpaid dates is easy to follow, and your accuracy has been very good. At this time I am considering dropping the other Indian company because your overall quality has been measurably better. I will continue to move more of our work in your direction.

CEO of a billing company in the west coast

Hi, I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication is fine. Knowledge about billing and claims is excellent. All the best!

Founder, Healthcare Consulting Company, California

I am very pleased with your accuracy and amount your staff is able to produce. Once we get caught up and resolve the cash flow issue I have plans to take this practice to a better practice management system. I will need your staff to help with this process. I have a meeting tomorrow with my new account. I plan on taking on at least 3 hospitals next year with your help.

Head of the Medical Billing Company,
Louisville, KY, USA

Thank you guys for your excellent work!

MD, Billing Service Company for Surgical Providers,
Georgia, United States

Outsource your Healthcare BPO to O2I, for accurate and high-quality services delivered at a quick turnaround time.

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