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Telemedicine Services

Outsource Telemedicine Services

We offer a new way to connect patients and doctors virtually by phone or computer providing fast, easy, reliable and secure healthcare solutions at rates starting at $1440 per FTE per month

Telemedicine services is a facility that delivers health-related services through digital communication technologies. These services include medical care, patient health education, provider education, wellbeing services, and informational services. In the present situation, telemedicine is the new way to provide healthcare services in a faster, better, and efficient way.

We have partnered with numerous medical facilities and health professionals to provide telemedicine services across the globe. As a Telemedicine service providing company, we provide patients with the medical expertise that is needed by them wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

Telemedicine Solutions We Offer

At Outsource2india, we provide variability of medical solutions to choose from. Our services include -

  • Tele Consultation

    Tele Consultation

    Our telemedicine consultation reaches out to all geographical regions of the globe including the remotest of places and islands. Our doctors and medical specialists provide teleconsultation to a patient, diagnose, and provide prescriptions via audio or video calls, helping patients to avoid unnecessary travel.

  • Telehealth


    Outsourcing Telemedicine services to Outsource2india also provides a variety of health programs and awareness programs that are televised to health centers across the world which can be beneficial to the people.

  • Tele Surgery

    Tele Surgery

    With our doctor-to-doctor module, a doctor placed remotely can have a teleconsultation with an expert surgeon for performing surgery.

  • Online Prescriptions

    Online Prescriptions

    You can set up an account with us and get access to certified providers who may recommend online prescriptions through our service. We provide you with this support globally.

  • Nutrition Counselling

    Nutrition Counselling

    Our specialized and certified nutritionists can give you personalized advice and structured diet plans based on your health concerns and diet goals like weight loss, food allergies, vegetarian diets, sports nutrition, etc.

  • Second Opinions

    Second Opinions

    Even though you may have consulted your physician but if you are looking for a second opinion, our experts can help you online with their opinions for various diagnoses.

  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Specialized and private online treatments and consultations for women for a variety of conditions like menopause, birth control, pregnancy, postpartum depression, nutrition, etc.

  • Direct-to-Patient


    We have a direct-to-patient module that supports a wide variety of cases, including urgent care, chronic care, and follow-up care. This helps patients and providers to save time in traveling and also increases patient satisfaction.

  • Provider-to-Provider


    Our provider-to-provider module provides increased access to other specialists and collaborates with providers remotely.

  • Medical Education Programs

    Medical Education Programs

    With new developments every day in the field of medicine, medical professionals need to keep themselves updated and continue to provide high-quality services. For this, we also provide a platform for continuous medical education to help doctors, especially in remote locations.

  • Distant Education Programs

    Distant Education Programs

    We also provide distant education programs to medical professionals by conducting classes and providing medical courses to medical students, doctors, and specialists.

Our Telemedicine Specializations

Our Telemedicine services are designed specifically for your needs. Here are the areas in which we specialize as a telemedicine provider -

  1. Telecardiology

    Our telemedicine solutions help cardiologists provide ECG readings and be readily available to consult in critical situations. Patients have quick access to cardiologists to get opinions and consultations as well as assisting medical care providers remotely.

  2. Teleradiology

    Through teleradiology, patients can have their MRIs, CT Scans, X-rays transmitted to a specialist for consultation and interpretation.

  3. Teledermatology

    Our teledermatology services provide a well-defined conduit between patients and dermatologists where patients can interact with specialists regarding all kinds of skin-related issues.

  4. Teleophthalmology

    Our teleophthalmology services provide state-of-the-art eye screening facilities across the world. We are equipped with automated equipment and other eye-screening devices that have been qualified by ophthalmologists.

  5. Telepathology

    Pathologists from remote areas can send microscopic samples and images to another specialist for opinions through our telepathology service.

  6. Pediatrics

    You can visit a licensed pediatrician online concerning your child's health and common questions and concerns related to pediatrics. Our pediatric services are available to help you at any time of the day.

  7. Tele Psychiatry

    We provide a range of services related to psychiatric treatment and evaluations. From individual therapy to group therapy to family therapy, we provide patients with the education they need as well as medication management.

  8. Telementoring

    We also provide telementoring of critically ill-patients located at remote places and by this technology taking care of patients in hospitals of remote areas.

  9. Telemedicine

    Our physicians can treat patients residing in remote areas via our mobile technology and can evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe medicine via our software.

  10. Teleneurology

    For neurological problems which include dementia, headaches, strokes, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis, our specialists offer diagnoses and consultations remotely.

  11. Infectious Disease Specialist

    You can consult your infectious disease specialist through our communication technology, instead of waiting for them to arrive at your facility.

  12. Telenephrology

    Nephrologists are using our telemedicine services to provide consultation to patients suffering from renal disease in both urban and rural areas.

  13. Teleendocrinology

    With our services, specialists can provide remote diagnosis and treatment for conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and any other disease related to hormones and glands.

  14. Tele ICU

    Our critical care assist team can keep an eye on patients in the ICU through audio, visual, and other electronic means in real-time.

Telemedicine Process We Follow

Our telemedicine services are straightforward and transparent. Clients can get a detailed glimpse of what we do as part of our commitment. Our process in simple terms are as follows -


A patient or a relative of the patient gets in touch with us by calling our service center or sends us an email requesting a consultation from one of our specialists. Our customer care expert will fix an appointment with the respective specialist and will send a confirmation to the patient.


Once the appointment is fixed, the patient sends their medical history along with current reports like blood reports, ECG, X-rays, etc. via email to the specialist.


After the appointed specialist goes through your reports, the specialist speaks to the patient through audio or visual means and gives their opinion and if required also sends a prescription to the patient electronically.

Who We Serve?

From individual patients to clinics and hospitals to large medical networks, Outsource2india offers telemedicine solutions to provide increased access to patients looking for specialty care with better results -



Long-term Care Facilities

Long-term Care Facilities

Acute Care Facilities

Acute Care Facilities

Urgent Care Centres

Urgent Care Centres

On-site Clinics

On-site Clinics

Health Plans

Health Plans

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Telemedicine Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a Telemedicine Services Company whose services can be used and applied to urban as well as rural areas. We have with us the highest-quality of health professionals and we have partnered with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities throughout the world -

  • Money-saving

    Telemedicine Services can save a lot of money as it helps in avoiding to travel to far off facilities, on accommodation and food. It saves time and effort taken to travel to a hospital.

  • High Data Security

    We keep your data secure using the topmost data encryption methods. We comply with the highest standards of security safeguarding confidential health data of patients.

  • One-stop-shop

    Telemedicine Solutions is a one-stop-shop for patients who are unable to travel long distances to visit a specialist at a hospital. With Telemedicine, patients can consult a specialist, show their medical reports, and even get a prescription all this while being at home.

  • Convenience and Easy Access

    As a Telemedicine services company, Outsource2india provides you with convenience and easy access to our team of certified care providers. You can simply login on to our website, create an account, and use the solutions provided by us.

  • ISO Certification

    Our ISO standards help maintain a healthy competition. We have been certified with ISO 13131 for delivering Telemedicine services. We provide consistent medical assistance remotely while adhering to quality management protocols.

  • Skilled Medical Experts

    We have available with us, skilled, certified, and experienced medical professionals and healthcare providers for managing patients in the most remote parts of the world.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    Our telemedicine setup has all the basic as well as advanced equipment required to provide telemedicine solutions. From audio-visual to electronic to telecom, we keep upgrading our facility to give patients the best care.

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

    Our state-of-the-art equipment is up to the standards of some of the best hospitals and medical facilities across the world.

  • Global Application

    Outsource2india is a Telemedicine Service Provider that provides healthcare solutions compliant with medical laws, medical rules, and regulations and in line with worldwide branches of HIPAA, GDPR, and the likes.

  • Live Chat

    We provide live chat solutions between patients and doctors and they can easily connect via audio and video means.

  • Time-saving

    Telemedicine can save time for patients from spending a lot of time waiting in a doctor's office. For quick treatment, patients can use our telemedicine service saving them time and for medical professionals' telemedicine help them not to lose patients.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our team is available to you 24/7 and 365 days a year providing you solutions always. You can have your issues resolved by calling into our support system and talk to them directly. You do not need to wait or book an appointment.

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Outsource Telemedicine Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a telemedicine service provider that is dedicated to providing increased access to specialty care services for patients and doctors in a varied range of medical settings. We also provide service to patients directly enabling them to consult with medical professionals at their convenience through our online platform as well as our network of certified professionals.

We are a telemedicine solutions provider that enables doctors to evaluate, diagnose, and treat their patients without any boundary and border limitations. We welcome you to contact us for any of your medical needs and we will provide you with the best care.

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