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Pain Management EMR Services

Outsource Pain Management EMR Services

Our Pain management EMR services can lessen your worries about implementing an accurate and 100% reliable EMR services. All that at best-in-class rates

Is it imperative for your healthcare to manage pain treatments with advanced EMR based solutions? O2I's EMR offers a host of benefits to clinics and hospitals. Besides availing the incentives offered by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, maintaining EMR records leads to more savings in the form of better compliance, accurate claims billing and enhanced staff productivity. It not only helps in streamlining pain care but also in making your pain care more pro-active and quality-focused.

As a pain management EMR service providing company, Outsource2india can support requirements of pain management specialists. We have assisted a range of specialists in managing evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of different types of pain using EMR software. Our experience is primarily related to customizing chronic pain, acute pain, cancer pain or a combination of these for our clients.

Pain Management EMR Services We Offer

Pain management EMR services are dealt with by professionals who understand the terminologies used by Pain management professionals. Our professionals are proficient in ICD 10 and older ICD versions to ensure that our Pain management EMR services fulfill your need. Our Pain management EMR services include -

  1. Pain Management EMR Tool Selection

    Pain Management EMR Tool Selection

    There are innumerable EMR tools available for pain management. However, not all tools offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our knowledge of a range of EMR tools for pain management will help you choose the aptest EMR tool for your practice. Aside from helping you choose the right tool, we also help you get acquainted with the software and how to customize it further to meet your requirements more specifically.

  2. Pain Management EMR Platform Migration

    Pain Management EMR Platform Migration

    With technological advancement, new EMR tools are hitting stores on a regular basis. Upgrading to the most advanced Pain management EMR tool is a necessity. We assist you to migrate from a legacy Pain management EMR system to a newer system. In the process, we ensure all your data is seamlessly transferred to the new Pain management EMR system. Also, we make it a point, to integrate the new EMR tool with pharmacies, imaging centers, health database exchanges, referral networks, etc. We guarantee transition in record time.

  3. Pain Management EMR Templates

    Pain Management EMR Templates

    Pain clinics need templates that are specific to pain management. These templates are primarily important for documenting post-operative and pre-operative care. There are different templates for different procedures such as CESI, LESI, and Facet Block. We assist you in designing specialty-specific customizable flowsheets so that tracking patient health data, identifying gaps in chronic care, and viewing historic lab results becomes easy. Some of the back office data entry services we provide for your clinic include -

    • Patient Intake Forms - We assist you to manage patient queue in a more effective way. We digitize intake and registration forms by entering the data into the Pain management EMR and do a quality check at the end of the day to ensure all data is entered correctly.
    • Appointment Requests - After patients seek an appointment through a phone call, we key in the requests into the EMR. This takes an important part of your job away from your platter and allows you to focus on patients.
    • Medication Refill Requests - Once patients call your office for prescription refills, we key in both the order and supply into the EMR. Documenting patient requests in digitized format helps in keeping an eye on their medication course.
  4. Pain Management Billing

    Pain Management Billing

    Billing in a pain management clinic is done in different formats unique to different types of pain treatments. Also, for different payers, the billing has to be done in different ways. We leverage pain management EMR to assist you to generate automated billing codes for various pain treatments. With the click of a button, we perform critical functions such as insurance claims submission, claims management, following up with denials, payment posting, etc.

  5. Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Pain medications need to be managed in the right manner to ensure availability during various procedures. We specialize in optimizing inventory to reduce costs and ensure delivery of treatment at all times. Our team takes care of stock management, issuing orders before they run out or before the expiration date, reporting, managing HIPAA requirements, etc.

  6. EMR Application Development

    EMR Application Development

    We have wide experience in assisting pain management clinics to build a tailored solution for their clinics. We leverage our experience to build a customized pain management EMR that is powerful enough to meet the specific requirements of your clinic. We build software with advanced features such as template creation, easy billing, claims management, customized dashboard, etc.

Pain Management EMR Development Process We Follow

Outsourcing Pain Management EMR services is easy. It is hassle-free and efficient because our SPOC will work side-by-side with you to ease the outsourcing process. The pain management EMR process we follow consists of the following steps -


01. Understanding Requirement

We sit with you to understand your clinic's requirements. It's only after understanding your basic needs that we design a perfect solution for your practice


02. EMR Solution Blue Print

We prepare the blueprint of the solution taking all the existing challenges into account. It serves as a pathway for the development of custom Pain management EMR


03. Development of Customized EMR

EMR development team takes over the project. They work as per the plan determined in the earlier stages including the application interface and other key aspects of the software


04. Testing

Once the pain management EMR software is ready, we test it for its performance and reliability. The testing is carried out in a real-time environment to ensure optimum functionality


05. Reporting and Feedback

Once the EMR solution is developed and implemented we wait for your feedback on the performance. Based on your reporting we address areas that need improvement

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Pain Management EMR Services?

We are preferred pain management EHR service providing company because we have experience in serving many pain management clinics. We have over the years offered them time-bound and cost-effective services. Our optimized services bring you the following advantages -

  • ISO Certified Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Pain management EMR services provider and so guarantee EMR services that are of top-notch quality and HIPAA compliant. We are committed to ensuring make pain management services streamlined and costs saving.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company. This means you can put all your concerns related to data security to rest. We safeguard your data with the latest technology and industry best practices. We also have great data backup options along with 100% data recovery options.

  • Performance Audit

    We carry out regular performance audits to ensure our quality of services is always up to the mark. Besides, we have a multi-tier quality check team to cross-verify work levels are always meeting client expectations.

  • Scalable & Cost-effective Services

    We have a huge team of EMR resources which makes our service highly scalable. We have assisted clients with more resources whenever there is a need for more. Once the need is met, we have scaled down the resource requirement for the client thus giving their operations full flexibility. We have also modeled our service in a way that helps our clients avail great services at reduced costs. We ensure this because of our presence in 8 global offshore locations and best market pricing.

  • Latest Infrastructure & Data Sharing facility

    We bank on modern infrastructure to ensure you have the best of service. These include the latest hardware, updated security, and advanced medical billing software to ensure each of your pain management EMR requirements are met accurately. We ensure fast and secure data sharing with the help of SFTP and VPN.

  • Guaranteed Turnaround

    We guarantee a short turnaround time for pain management EMR services. We are consistent with the turnarounds because we rely on the best infrastructure, technology, and resource, to make sure there is no lag at any point in time.

  • Certified Team

    Our team consists of certified medical professionals with thorough knowledge of pain billing codes and compliance requirements. Besides, they have knowledge of a range of EMR tools. We train our team regularly on various EMR tools. We help pain management practices with services such as data entry, referral management, medical transcription and much more.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you outsource pain billing management and documentation services to us, we provide you with a single source of contact. The single source of contact will ensure all your requirements are met as per your expectations.

  • Round the Clock Support

    Our presence in 8 global locations ensures you receive our services 24/7. This is precisely why we guarantee quick-turnaround and at very competitive pricing.

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Medical Billing Company, USA
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Outsource Pain Management EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

As a specialized provider, Outsource2india provides comprehensive, perfectly tailored and compliant pain management EMR services in India. Our specialized services electronic medical record has been availed by some well-known US-based hospitals for over 25 years. Over the years, we have helped practices meet all kind of process bottlenecks with confidence and ensured they have had a solution to the challenges in quick time.

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