CT Interpretation Services

CT Interpretation Services

If CT interpretation is costing you time and effort, outsource the function to us. Our radiologist interprets CT diagnostic reports at fraction of the cost

Are you dependent on emergency physicians to interpret CT scans instead of a qualified radiologist? If you can't cope up with the bottleneck inpatient cases that require accurate evaluation of neurologic deficits, head traumas, or persistent headaches outsource CT interpretation services to Outsource2india. We have qualified radiologists who are certified to perform CT interpretation to search for pathologies. Our CT interpretation services.

Outsource2india is a top CT interpretation service providing company offering CT reporting services at affordable rates. At O2I, we take great care to validate reports that come to us directly or after verification by an emergency physician. The reports will be thoroughly checked using the validation tool to avoid incorrect CT interpretation. So make the smart choice by outsourcing CT Interpretation services to O2I.

CT Interpretation Services We Offer

CT interpretation services from Outsource2india is a value for money services that enhance the efficiency of diagnostic facilities and healthcare providers. With a team of top radiologists based out of the United States, we resolve the challenges faced by patients who prefer faster and accurate CT interpretation of diagnostic tests. We offer preliminary reads, backup reads, second opinion reads, and several types of subspecialty reads and modalities. Our CT interpretation services can be useful to read the following -

 PET Scans
 Ultrasound Scans
 MSK Scans
 CAT Scans

Our CT Interpretation Subspecialties

 Pediatric neuroradiology
 Nuclear cardiology
 Musculoskeletal radiology
 Body imaging
 Thoracic imaging

We perform CT interpretation of the following -

 Pulmonary embolisms
 Coronary artery disease
 Aortic aneurysm
 Skull trauma
 Obstruction in the Bowel
 Renal stones
 Complex joint fractures
 Acute and chronic changes within lung parenchyma

CT Interpretation Process We Follow


01. Requirement Analysis

We will engage with you to understand the report traffic and your existing capability. We will determine how we can reduce the bottleneck to streamline the process flow


02. Collection of CT Reports

The reports from your patients will be managed in the Cloud. To do so, we facilitate collection of reports via an SFTP


03. CT Interpretation by Radiologists

Our team of certified Radiologists will investigate the CT diagnostic reports to evaluate and interpret the reported data


04. Accuracy Checks

We will perform accuracy checks after CT interpretation is completed by certified Radiologists. After establishing the accuracy, we will move to report compilation


05. Delivery of Final Reports

We will analyze the data and compile reports on the findings. This will give a clear picture of the pathology and will help in choosing a treatment approach

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Outsource CT Interpretation Services to Outsource2india?

Having a CT interpretation service provider like O2I by your side can help you in a big way. Our expertise is not just limited to CT interpretation. We do much more to offer you the control and flexibility to deal with patient cases than worrying about interpreting CT reports. Here are more reasons why you need CT radiology reading services from us -

  • Cost-effective Rates

    You can avail our services at competitive rates. It helps you spend your budget productively. Get competitive rates for your custom requirements. All that without breaking your bank.

  • Superb Quality Standards

    We always prioritize the quality of the interpretation to make sure that you get an actionable report that you can count upon to serve your patients better. Our services are compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality regulations because we pay extra attention to ensure accuracy.

  • 100% Compliance with the Information Security Regulations

    Our process is highly compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 data security regulations because we follow standard practices when it comes to managing your patient's personal data.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We have a comprehensive infrastructure that supports our team with the best resources to carry out CT interpretation services. We have the technology to notify the private practices and facilities when abnormal findings are detected. Our infrastructure includes IT support, RIS/PACS support, and other technical assistance to enable radiologists to maximize the performance.

  • Specialized CT Interpretation Experts

    Our team includes fellowship-trained CT interpretation experts with license and decades of experience in radiology reading. We have over 1000 skilled radiology experts who can cater to the need of MRI centers, physician groups, independent diagnostic centers, and private practices by providing CT interpretation services that surpass the expectations.

  • Ability to Deliver at a Tight Turnaround

    We have what it takes to deliver high-quality reports at a tight turnaround. Our team is qualified to meet your turnaround expectations with fast radiology reading TAT. We always deliver finished results ahead of the assured TAT if not ahead of it.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Support

    Our customer support is comprehensive and covers your concerns end-to-end. We have a dedicated team who will assist you and if necessary handhold you through the stages of support to address the pain points.

  • SPOC

    We appoint a SPOC to take calls or messages from your end if you have a priority concern. You can skip the queue and convey your pain points to our SPOC. After collecting your inputs, we will engage with the project team and their advice will be brought to you in the form of reports and actionable insights.

  • Scalable Services

    Scale your services in whichever way you prefer with ease by reaching us, a leading provider of CT interpretation services in India.

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We offered teleradiology services to a top medical imaging company that wanted teleradiology services from a reputed partner like us. The client as delighted with the outcome.

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Your efficient response to this urgent request is greatly appreciated Thank You! Many thanks again for all your help over the last very busy week!! Much appreciated.

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Outsource CT Interpretation Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a world-class provider of teleradiology services. We offer a range of solutions under this banner including the CT interpretation services. If you have a requirement that can't be accomplished with ease or a small budget, outsource CT interpretation services to Outsource2india. This is where we come in. With the right reputation and years of experience we put our best minds in action to help you resolve nearly all concerns.

Contact us now if you are ready to be handheld by subject matter experts in CT interpretation services.

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