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3D Image Processing Services

Outsource 3D Image Processing Services

Accurate, reliable, & cost-effective 3D processing of medical images

Are you unable to handle neuro and vascular imaging with confidence? Do you dread making wrong clinical decisions with unsound 3D image processing technique? Turn to teleradiology image processing experts you can count upon and change the way you look at complex findings. With robust 3D reconstruction services, the reading time for imaging reports can be shrunk along with the risk of incompetent clinical decisions.

By outsourcing 3D image processing services to O2I, you can benefit from a cost reduction of nearly 40%. We provide high-quality 3D image processing services and 3D anatomical models, at a quick turnaround time. Our customized protocols include MR / CT Angiographies for body parts such as renal, neck, head, pulmonary etc. Additionally, we are HIPAA compliant and can assure you total security and confidentiality.

3D Image Processing Services We Offer

Outsource2india has proven its competence and unrivaled value in preventing erroneous decision-making with 3D image processing services. We are always ahead of the competition because we have the right qualification, image processing tools, knowledge, and experience in handling complex challenges in teleradiology. Our 3D image processing services include -

 Virtual Endoscopy
 Multi-planar Reconstruction
 Maximum Intensity projections (MPR/MIP)
 Bone Densitometry
 3D Recon for Anatomical evaluation
 3D Recon for Maxillofacial/Plastic surgery
 3D Recon for Aortograms
 3D rendering of fractures
 CT/MR Coronary and Cardiac Angiographies
 MR / CT Perfusion

3D Image Processing Services - The Process Flow

Once you outsource teleradiology image processing to O2I, we will engage with your team to comprehensively understand the requirement. Our goal is to ensure maximum transparency in the service to give you an excellent insight into the efforts we take for the process. The process involved in 3D image processing is as follows -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

We will collaborate with your team through your preferred method to collect the imaging data that requires 3D image processing


02. Planning

We will diversify tasks to our post-processing experts who will evaluate the existing detail to evaluate the anatomy that needs enhancement

Execution of 3D Image Processing  

03. Execution of 3D Image Processing

Once the strategy is set we will commence the 3D image processing by selecting the right post-processing tools. We will calibrate the results to near perfection

Quality Evaluation  

04. Quality Evaluation

After image post-processing, we will evaluate the files to determine if they harmonize with the complex finding for better clinical outcome

Feedback Collection and Optimization  

05. Feedback Collection & Optimization

The project will be signed off after a successful evaluation and we will request your feedback on the quality and experience to serve you better

Other Services you can benefit from

Why should You Outsource 3D Image Processing Services to O2I?

It is possible to avail savings cost and time wise by partnering with Outsource2india because we are backed by the right tools and resources to help you post process your teleradiology image files with agility and accuracy. The following are some of the advantages of outsourcing 3D image processing services to O2I -

  • Certified 3D Image Processing Company

    Outsource2india has earned its stripes for providing 3D image processing solutions that are nothing short of the best quality. We can post-process teleradiology image files in the HIPAA compliant format. Our image processing skills are top-notch, and our efforts are recognized with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • Guaranteed Data Security

    We are confident in handling your sensitive data with diligence and care so that it does not fall into wrong hands. You can avail our service and enjoy the best data security that your image files deserve. Our robust data management practices have earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

  • High-quality Service

    The quality of our 3D imaging Teleradiology Services is incomparable to other providers because we emphasize on the quality like no other. With the conclusion of service, we ensure that the image files are thoroughly evaluated by our quality experts to help you make the right clinical decisions.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    Time-constrained clients have always found successful clinical outcomes by outsourcing 3D image processing services because we work with agility to deliver the finished imagery. This will not only lessen your frustration but also help you streamline patient care.

  • Scalable 3D Image Processing Services

    The 3D image processing services from Outsource2india is scalable because we have the bandwidth to accommodate your requirement irrespective of the complexity. You can initiate and request with the project manager and we will provide personalized assistance.

  • Flexible Options in Pricing

    The highly affordable 3D image processing services from O2I can help you avail the best 3D image processing service at a budget. So, it doesn't matter if your budget is limited, we can offer a special price for almost all your clients.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You will never have to face the hassle to reach people are closely associated with the project. With a fixed project manager collaborating with the 3D image processing team, you can get access to the most recent information to stay updated.

  • Skilled Team of Medical Image Processing Experts

    We have a post-processing team of 500+ editors, radiologists, and technologists who come with a spectrum of specialization in 2D and 3D image processing. With several experts onboard, your project can be completed and delivered in time.

  • High-performance Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure consists of the latest hardware and software tailored to meet the fast-evolving demands of the healthcare industry. We are always equipped to handle any challenge that comes along with image processing.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    At Outsource2india, we ensure that we are well connected by VPN links to the PACS and RIS systems of our customers. We use the PACS to directly download and upload images. Outsource2india currently uses GE ADW, but we can use any other system that you prefer. We can provide customized protocols to meet your specific requirements.

  • Round-the-clock Agent Availability

    We are in business 24/7/365. This enables you to get in touch with us through your preferred ways anytime, anywhere. Our skilled agents will ensure that your concerns are addressed in quick TAT.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped A Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

Outsource2india Helped A Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

The client faced a backlog in teleradiology and required expert help to resolve the situation within 24 hours. O2I's team was trained in PACS software to resolve the challenge.

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O2I Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india resolved a decrease in the client's collection and AR performance by providing full-service billing. This lowered their AR days and increased the collection.

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Outsource 3D Image Processing to Outsource2india - Image Processing Experts


We are very pleased with the work and attention to detail provided under our services agreement with O2I. We continue to look for ways to enhance this relationship with our billing company. Thank you again for all that you do.

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For most businesses, the cost is a critical factor before shortlisting a healthcare BPO partner. At Outsource2india, we offer 3D image processing service as well as other teleradiology services at affordable rates so that you can avail our customized service to get the job done just the way you want. With two decades of experience in data processing, we have outrun challenges faced by several clients from numerous verticals including the healthcare. Since 3D image processing demands precision, you are more likely to achieve perfection in the hands of experts, whom we have on our payroll on a full-time basis. If that doesn't get you want, we guarantee money back satisfaction. We also provide other services such as Anatomy Illustration Services, Biomedical Illustration Services, Scientific Animation Services, 3D Medical Illustration Services, Medical Illustration Services, Surgery Animation Services, 3D Medical Animation Services, medical imaging, radiology information system and more.

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