BSL Interpreting Services

BSL Interpreting Services

Outsource BSL interpreting & high-quality video editing services and get fully localized low-cost remote British sign language interpreting services starting at $4 per read

British Sign Language (BSL) is the second most widely used official language, across the United Kingdom, followed by English. BSL helps approximately 10 million people (roughly one in five) with some form of hearing loss or impairment in the United Kingdom. The figure is predicted to cross 14 million by the end of this decade. The deaf community worldwide is grieving with their minimal communication access with the wider community leading to seclusion and loneliness.

Thus, most businesses in the world choose to outsource BSL interpreting services to experts like Outsource2india. For 24 years, Outsource2india has been working towards stopping this agony with a motto of keeping these people connected. British sign language interpreters online and on TV help to make video content accessible to BSL users. An individual or a business can benefit by using our remote BSL video interpreting services at various everyday scenarios such as work seminars, conferences, board meetings, and medical appointments. With BSL video interpreting services and translations, at Outsource2india, we make sure that the deaf community has all the means to remain connected with the world. Our remote British sign language interpreting services guarantee the inclusion of the deaf community into mainstream society.

BSL Video Interpreting Services We Offer

We offer all-inclusive packages to transcribe, subtitle, translate and add BSL to video content ensuring wider accessibility in terms of video content. We work with highly qualified expert translators and British sign language interpreters to provide low-cost services with the fastest turnaround times in the business. Our services include -

  1. Complimentary Closed Caption File

    Complimentary Closed Caption File

    Outsource2india, one of the best BSL interpreting services providing company provides complimentary closed caption files for deaf people or those hard of hearing who do not use BSL services. Alongside our closed captioning services, we offer low-cost BSL interpreting services, translation, and video editing services. Adding BSL to your videos can be a great way to make sure you reach out to hearing-impaired viewers who communicate through British sign language. Various TV channels, video on demand providers, and subscription services offer BSL content to target new audiences and open up their markets, hence, video accessibility becomes important.

  2. BSL Video Subtitling

    BSL Video Subtitling

    Inclusion is an essential parameter of video subtitling. They have a huge impact on the deaf community daily. Subtitles make the video content more accessible by promoting equality to all viewers. Important messages (especially the ones relating to the deaf community) within BSL video content can be more effectively publicized by subtitling the videos. Having great experience in closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, we are also pro at BSL video subtitling. BSL video subtitling can help broaden your audience and help BSL video content reach a large scale online. Thus, BSL subtitles are an invaluable resource. More inclusion steers BSL away from being perceived as 'elitist' and ultimately broadens its reach.

    More importantly, our experts even assist you in selecting which service is best suitable to meet your requirements including transcribing speech, translating into British sign language, filming British sign language interpreters on green screen, and editing the film to any video format for further publishing.

BSL Interpreting Process We Follow

BSL video subtitling opens opportunities for more people to learn sign language (hearing or otherwise) and also helps in potentially breaking down barriers. Our best of class BSL interpreting services facilitates effective interactions for the deaf community. BSL video interpreting service process followed at Outsource2india -


01. Upload the Video

Upload your video to Outsource2india via our upload page


02. Video is Transcribed

We work our best to transcribe your videos and make it user friendly for the community


03. BSL Video is Created

The video and the closed caption file is utilized to generate a fully HD BSL interpreted video


04. Video is Edited

The British sign language video is imported and overlaid on the video source


05. The Video is Synchronized

Our team works their best at synchronizing the video with the spoken dialogues


06. Ready to Use File

The finished video including the closed caption file is successfully transferred via a secure FTP to the client

Our Service is Suitable for

At O2I, we provide remote BSL video interpreting services for the following settings -

  1. Workspaces

    Unintentional barriers are easily created in any work environment, such as unscheduled meetings, announcements, or one-to-one meetings. These can cause difficulties for deaf employees. At O2I, we help those who run offices/workspaces to operate in a manner that does not isolate the deaf. If you are unable to book a face-to-face transcriber, we can provide remote BSL video interpreting services. This answers for any urgent meetings or last-minute announcements and enables deaf employees to get involved in all aspects of work life.

  2. Medical Spaces

    Our services are additionally valuable in clinical conditions (clinics, GP's), and between a specialist and patient whose favored technique for correspondence is BSL. We have had an enduring experience in the industry by being a certified language service provider for many NHS trusts all across the UK. Our remote BSL video interpreting service becomes an ideal solution for any unscheduled appointments with hard-of-hearing patients or urgent situations when deaf patients are admitted into an emergency ward.

  3. Local System

    At Outsource2india, we understand that local authorities want to ensure the proper inclusion of all the citizens. We have been proved to be the best BSL interpreting services company in India and abroad. Our BSL interpreting services apply to all the councils in the county. They have all the appropriate measures to guarantee that the hard-of-hearing population is kept up to date with all the community matters at large.

Industries We Serve

We provide our customer follow-up services to many industries and verticals. Here is a break-up of the industries that we offer our services -

Recruiting and StaffingRecruiting and Staffing
Real EstateReal Estate
Retail ManagementRetail Management

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource BSL Interpreting Services to Outsource2india?

O2I has consistently been the best BSL interpreting service provider for many clients, for 24 years. At O2I, all interpreters are proficient enough at delivering reliable BSL interpreting services. They are well versed in translating BSL into spoken English and vice-versa for smooth conversations between both parties. Here's why you should consider outsourcing BSL interpreting services -

  • Affordable Solutions

    We offer BSL interpreting services at reasonable rates so that you can save your spending on something more critical for your organization.

  • High Confidentiality

    All our interpreters must sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), vowing to keep the client information confidential. All our remote BSL video interpreters are professional and impartial at delivering accurate messages without inflicting their personal opinions.

  • Qualified Interpreters

    Our remote BSL video interpreters not only have an exemplary command of BSL but they have also been awarded the following certificates-

    Signature Level 6 Certificate, a CACDP Level 3, CACDP Level 4 Certificate, and a degree in BSL Interpreting. These qualifications help us at providing the best interpreting services for the deafblind. Additionally, all interpreters are trained intensively before onboarding with us. This ensures that they are well equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to deliver a high-quality service, even remotely, via a video call.

  • Highly Accurate

    Our remarkable character amongst the BSL interpreting services community is made possible by delivering accurate pocket-friendly services to our clients all the time.

  • ISO Certification

    Our objective is to provide the highest quality in each project. We are certified to International Standard ISO 9001:2015, and we never compromise on quality. In addition to that, we review our systems and processes constantly to ensure the highest standard. All our BSL interpreters are registered with the NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and deafblind people) and the RBSLI (Regulatory Body for Sign Language Interpreters and translators).

  • Experienced Caption Creators

    We understand that everything communicated during an interpreting session (even if it is inappropriate or explicit) must be interpreted correctly. Our professional BSL remote video interpreters understand this and deliver accurate interpretations.

  • Quicker TAT

    We provide the fastest turnaround times in the entire BSL industry making our solutions timely available round the clock. At O2I, we deliver the fastest BSL interpreting services in India.

  • Rock Solid Experience

    We have gained extensive experience by servicing over 24 years in the BSL business, making us number one in the industry to enable clients to facilitate smoother communication with the deaf community.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Team

    Our first criteria for hiring interpreters at O2I is that they should be native language speakers and ready to work 24/7. We guarantee that you will be receiving first-class BSL interpreting services delivered by our highly trained professional interpreters who not only maintain confidentiality but also adhere to strict codes of practice.

  • Latest Technology

    We leverage the industry's state-of-the-art technology with a view of maintaining a simple, intuitive, and flexible user experience.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Outsource2india's team of audio transcription professionals transcribed and translated audio content for a reputed US-based healthcare services provider in English and Spanish languages.

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Case Study on Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

We offered precise audio transcription support to a physician in Australia. Close to 100 audio files of varying lengths were transcribed at a moment's notice. The successful outcome of this project helped us score more transcription projects.

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Outsource BSL Interpreting Services to Outsource2india


I am very impressed at the ease and the speed of the dictation service. They worked to my schedule and delivered well.

Dr. Alan Lim,
Independent Doctor
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For two decades, O2I has been serving a wide range of clients to make their video and website content accessible by the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. We are professional BSL interpreting services providing company, and we have transcription solutions that are best suitable for all your needs. Moreover, we have helped these organizations at making it possible to fulfill their duties. Our clients include video-on-demand providers, subscription services vendors, and TV channels from the entertainment business. We also deliver premium BSL interpreting services to top-notch clients from the educational, NGO, government, public as well as private sectors.

So, if you are looking for an efficient, experienced, and reliable BSL interpreting service provider, then you have come to the right place. Contact us now to outsource BSL interpreting Services in India at a reasonable cost and get the best output for your audience.

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