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Medical Animation Service

Outsource Medical Animation Services

Leverage our medical animation services and wow your audiences with cutting-edge animations for your exact requirement

The need for medical graphics, whether in the form of medical animations or medical illustrations, is no longer restricted to education in the scientific sector. Medical animations are required in teaching, legal sector, research agencies, journals, magazines, newspapers, television programs, and museums. These fields may not be directly related to the healthcare sector, but the growing demand for the production of high-quality medical animations and illustrations has been phenomenal.

We provide high-quality and accurate medical animation services for almost all requirements. We have a competent team of animators who can provide you with highly proficient services. Since the cost of animation services in the U.S and other western countries is very high, many healthcare organizations have started outsourcing their requirement to India, where the cost is between 25-30% of the total cost of production in the US and Europe.

Our Medical Animation Services

Our services include -

  • 2D Animation Services

    2D Animation Services

    Our 2D animation services can provide you with striking imagery. 2D animation services are useful in explaining detailed anatomy, treatment processes, physiology, and other health related areas. Outsource 2D animation services to us and benefit from our efficient and accurate solutions.

  • 3D Animation Services

    3D Animation Services

    3D medical animations are usually employed to depict a medical process or to illustrate a medical concept. Our 3D animation services are visually striking as they create the illusion of depth and aid in comprehending difficult medical processes or medical concepts. Our 3D animation services are also ideal for demonstrating complicated relationships or creating realistic subject matter. Our experts can depict what is impossible to capture on a camera.

  • Surgery Animation Services

    Surgery Animation Services

    By outsourcing surgery animation services to us, you can free yourselves to focus on important aspects of surgery and patient care than getting tied with the animation process. Our affordable surgery animation solution can help you get going in no time.

  • Scientific Animation Service

    Scientific Animation Service

    Whether it is interactive learning or turning ideas into medical media we can help you captivate viewers mind with high-quality scientific animations. With our help, you can exhibit ideas that are otherwise impossible to showcase without powerful animations.

  • Medical Illustration Services

    Medical Illustration Services

    Our talented medical animation team can create detailed and accurate medical illustrations of instructional value. Our medical illustrations are also very useful for documentation purposes and can also be used in fields both directly and indirectly related to the health and scientific sector.

  • 3D Medical Illustration Services

    3D Medical Illustration Services

    Our medical illustrators come with professional experience in rendering designs for visual communication. Our team possess deep knowledge of life sciences and have collaborated with physicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals to turn complex information into visual images for communicating with audience.

  • Orthopedic Animation Services

    Orthopedic Animation Services

    Our Orthopedic animation adds life to a boring presentation that has great relevance from an academic and patient care perspective. To get animations done from scratch at affordable rates, you needn't look past us.

  • Biomedical Illustration Services

    Biomedical Illustration Services

    Our biomedical illustration services close the gap in interactive experience required in medical education, lectures, advertisements, training manuals, and other biomedical areas. We design detailed illustrations relevant to the biomedical field to enhance pedagogical thinking.

  • Anatomy Illustration Services

    Outsourcing anatomy illustrations to us is a smart choice because it saves you the time and effort to create 100% accurate illustrations for a variety of medical purposes. Be it enhancing surgical methods or medical research, we can provide illustrations for every purpose in the field of medicine.

  • Medical Device Animation Services

    Our medical device animation is an ideal solution to get animations on medical devices done using the best animation tools. It is done by professionals who understand the nuances of medical device technology so the illustration is true to real technology.

  • Medical Presentation Services

    We have a fully equipped team of graphic designers that have been extensively trained and possess the skills and knowledge required to create presentations that speak lucidly to the audience while retaining their attention to the very last slide.

  • Spine Animation Services

    We have expertise in creating high-quality blown out animations of the spinal column, and medical devices designed for the spine. We provide designs that are detailed to help physicians, patients, and medical school students alike. We use 2D and 3D animation techniques to create a scaffolding of spinal section or medical devices and add details like texture, color, and so on.

  • Molecular Animation Services

    We are a leading provider of molecular animation services to clients from all over the world. Our expert animators have a background in science and technology and are highly proficient in using the latest state-of-the-art tools and technologies to produce highly detailed and professional molecular animations that capture the attention of your audience.

  • Pharmaceutical Animation Services

    Our pharmaceutical animation matters to you because it's more efficient than written documents and 2D graphics that don't stimulate ideas as good as a detailed animation. So, if you don't have the skill or budget to create pharmaceutical animations from scratch, our services can come as the biggest incentive.

  • Medical Device Prototyping Services

    We are one of the leading providers of medical device rapid prototyping solutions all over the world. We have been in this industry for more than 23 years and have helped different healthcare organizations and BPOs improve their standards through reliable services of prototyping and animation.

Why are Medical Animations and Medical Illustrations Important?

Technological advancements, scientific evolution, and constant changes due to new discoveries and inventions in different medical sectors require an accurate and progressive source of documentation. Scientific explanations are enhanced and made more comprehensible through the use of medical animations or medical illustrations. This is why there is a growing need for animation services in the medical field.

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Our Medical Animation Expertise

After understanding the nature of your requirements, we can create made-to-order medical animations and illustrations which will meet the specific needs of your target audience. In case you require animation services for legal purposes, we can re-create events or replicate injuries with medical animations or medical illustrations created from the data or inputs taken from the scene of the crime.

We can also supply the created medical animations in the media you prefer (video, multi-media CDs, or 2D / 3D printing). If you require presentations which would be aimed at medical professionals, we can create medical animations with the required intricate details.

Our animation services are not restricted to creating medical animations of the human body alone. Our competent animation team is also capable of developing virtual renditions and sales presentations to demonstrate how surgical instruments work. We can also effectively illustrate a medical process / healthcare process flow. Apart from these, we can also create simplified medical animations to be used for a different audience.

Our Cost-Effective Medical Animation Services

The creation of medical animations requires a high-level of accuracy and talented labor. These factors have made the creation of medical animations an expensive affair. Attempting to carry out the design process in-house or getting an animation or design firm in the U.S or Europe to do it for you are both financially exhausting options. Outsourcing to us can give you access to cost-effective and high-quality animation services.

Considering that medical animation and illustration are in great demand today in various fields, a good option, if one does not have the finances for medical graphics, is to outsource to countries like India. Offshore outsourcing of various processes has proven to be profitable for global companies. Outsourcing medical animation services and illustration work is a wise option.

Why Are We The Preferred Medical Animation Company?

We are the right choice for medical animations due to a variety of reasons, including -

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified medical animation company that ensures that all data is kept confidential.

  • Best Services

    As a leading medical animation company, we ensure that all our services are best in class.

  • Amazing Infrastructure

    We understand how important it is to have great infrastructure and that is exactly what we provide our animators.

  • Skilled Professionals

    We have a team of extremely skilled animators with significant experience in handling projects of varying complexity.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We deliver super-fast results with our animation projects and we aim to maintain the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our pricing options are based on the specific requirements and budgets of our clients. Whatever be your budget, we have a solution.

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