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We are now doing over 150,000 Medical Billing transactions/month for a Healthcare Technology Company in USA.

Outsource Radiology Medical Billing Services

Radiology Medical Billing Services

Radiologists are routinely tied up with a string of functions such as running scans, interpreting results, and working with physicians to put patients on a speedier route to recovery. Amidst their practices, managing radiology medical billing can introduce additional challenges. We understand your daily struggle keeping up with fast-evolving regulations and dynamicity of the healthcare industry. In such a scenario, a better way to save time and money is to outsource radiology medical billing.

Outsource2india is the first thought for many of our clients because medical billing is all we do. Our experience in radiology medical billing spans close to two decades with many happy client experiences along the way. Our AAPC certified coding and billing professionals understand nuances of insurance laws making us the right people for handling your billing functions.

Radiology Medical Billing Services We Offer

Your office may be a clinic, hospital, or a scanning facility, but we have dedicated experts who can work side by side with your team of radiologists anytime, anywhere. Here are some of our service subsets -

  1. Patient Onboarding Services

    Error-prone data can prompt payers to reject claims without second thoughts. When you outsource radiology medical billing services to O2I, we interact with your patients to source accurate demographic and insurance information to lessen the risk of denial.

  2. Verification Services - Authorization and Network Check

    We work in tandem with physicians and insurers to get the right authorizations beforehand to mitigate financial risk and administrative tasks. We help decongest patient schedule by periodically keeping a tab on all authorization. This way, claims are processed faster leading to higher reimbursements.

  3. Radiology Coding Services

    Our AAPC certified team is well-versed in the latest ICD code system, terminologies, and insurance company rules. We use latest billing and coding software to ensure our practice meets industry and client expectations.

  4. Billing and Account Reconciliation

    From charge posting to payment capture, to account reconciliation we maintain full internal control of revenue cycle management to maximize your collections. We follow the HIPAA compliant method for billing and enter charges as per the account specific rules. We audit finalized charges before transmitting claims electronically.

  5. Follow-up on Account Receivables Collections

    It becomes difficult for businesses to operate if collections are inconsistent. We professionally urge slow-paying or non-paying clients to quickly make payments, so they can enjoy better service experience. We furnish weekly, monthly, quarterly reports on claims status by routinely staying in touch with your insurance provider.

Radiology Medical Billing Process We Follow

We know that you are eager to know what happens behind the scenes and how we handle radiology medical billing services in an economical way without compromising the quality. Here is a simple and transparent billing process we follow -


Sourcing Support Documents

Once you hire us for the billing task, we validate existing invoice with insurer specific checklist. We take proactive steps to ensure all necessary documents are available for claims submission


Auditing & Pre-authorization Support

We comb through your documents to find and eliminate errors which can cause claims denial. Part of radiology medical billing services also includes obtaining authorization for complex imaging procedures


Customized Billing Statements

We capture important data on reports as well as statements and customize them just the way you want


Electronic Claims Filing

We digitalize your documents to facilitate seamless access and transmission of claims electronically


Routine Follow-up on Claims

To ensure a clean claim, we frequently get in touch with insurers to inquire about the claims status. We push regular project updates to users in the form of high-quality reports with 24/7 accessibility


Round the Clock Service Support

We are never too far when you need us. We are reachable anytime, anywhere when you want to get in touch with our subject matter experts

Why Choose O2I's Radiology Medical Billing Services?

Here's why outsourcing radiology medical billing services to us is a promising choice -

  • Expert Billers

    We have a team of 100+ passionate professionals who are AAPC certified billing experts with 8+ years of experience. We follow billing practices that are HIPAA compliant by leveraging our proficiency in ICD-10, ICD-11, and DSM-5 coding system

  • Short Turnaround

    Our services are fast with minimum waiting time. From the moment you outsource billing function, we sequence the tasks in a series of practiced steps to ensure a smooth claims processing

  • Accountability in Process

    Accountability for the project is a key factor that clients expect from a radiology medical billing company. Which is why we follow practices where quality remains uncompromised. This is the reason why we assure clients a 95% clean claim rate

  • Multi-format File Support

    Get complete support in handling your client's sensitive data irrespective of the file format. You can send us project files whether it is PDF, DOCX, or any other popular file format. Eventually, your documents get transmitted electronically in 5010 formats

  • Cost-efficient Services

    When you are not outsourcing radiology medical billing services you could be risking a loss of a few hundred dollars to thousands annually. This is because you will need to hire and train billers who can carry out the task with due diligence. However, choosing us can instantly bring savings of over 50% in cost because we already have the resources you need for the project

  • Secure Data Management

    The true benefit of working with a radiology medical billing outsourcing company like ours is that your data is in safe hands. With an infrastructure designed to hold a huge volume of confidential patient records in a secure way, we authorize only a select few to handle billing functions

Client Success Story

Billing Services for a US-based Medical Billing Company

Billing Services for a US-based Medical Billing Company
Outsource2india handled the complete medical billing process for a large medical billing company based in the US, improving productivity by 30% with error rates below 2%.
Read the case study.

Outsource Radiology Medical Billing Services to O2I - Leader in Medical Billing & Coding


Thank you so much as always, for the absolutely brilliant work. It is a pleasure to compliment you all, as the quality is always so great. I do like to say hello and thanks after a day's work, to show my appreciation and acknowledgment of what you do! Thank you again and hope you are all keeping well.

Radiologist, Oncological Imaging Specialist,
Radiology Diagnostic Clinic, Australia
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25 years after we began our journey, Outsource2india is still a leading radiology medical billing services in India. Being an ISO certified company, we handle medical billing & coding services acting under the HIPAA compliance. With global offices at several key locations, we strive to deliver the best client experiences along with our services. We offer radiology medical billing at cost-effective rates that are within your budget. Our team comprises of AAPC certified coders and billing professionals with many years of experience in billing projects of varying complexity.

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