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Advantages of ERAs and EFTs in Payment Posting for Medical Billing

Advantages of ERA & EFT Payment Posting in Medical Billing

Today, hospitals, group medical practices, and clinics face a significant challenge everyday - that of processing a large amount of EOBs or remittance paperwork on a daily basis which accompanies the payments received from insurance payers.

On an average, more than 20% of the medical payments today are keyboarded manually due to the inability of payers to provide an electronic remittance advice (835/ERA) back to the providers. This in turn costs providers a lot of time and resources while forcing them to re-enter payments manually. This process, also known as payment posting, is very important as any wrong posting can result in inaccurate accounting, further causing problems down the line.

ERAs and EFTs to the Rescue

Both ERAs and EFTs are technologically-advanced electronic tools which can help you save time and money. Let's have a look at them in detail.

  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA): It is a form of electronic communication which is HIPAA-compliant and contains claims payment information. With the help of ERAs, you can replace the paper-based Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement. Some other benefits of ERA in payment posting include -

    • Depending on the AR software, one can post payments without any manual intervention
    • ERA is available for all types of benefit plans
    • Separate ERA files can be received for the same TIN (tax identification number) and can be grouped by billing address
    • Printable versions of ERAs make it easier to submit COB (coordination of benefits) claims
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): EFTs offer an efficient, secure process for electronically depositing claims payments into a particular bank account. Some of the benefits of EFT in payment posting include -

    • Faster payments as compared to paper checks
    • Secure and confidential deposits of claims payments
    • Reduced handling time by staff members and paper usage
    • Payments can be easily verified by matching them to ERAs

The Advantages of ERAs and EFTs in Medical Billing

The healthcare industry implemented a standard, technically labeled ANSI 835, for electronic insurance payments and reconciliation just a few years back. Both ERA and EFT are an integral part of this standard. While Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ensures insurance companies are able to deliver electronic healthcare payments to providers upon adjudication of valid claims, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is generated as a standard report format which is then sent by insurance companies to providers as an explanation of payments made. Both these technologies together help to expedite the delivery of insurance payments while simplifying the overall procedure of reconciliation of patient accounts.

Advantages of EFT in Medical Billing
Advantages of ERA in Medical Billing
Advantages of EFT in Medical Billing
  • Funds can be transferred directly to a bank account thereby improving cash flow
  • Payments can be easily matched to remittances easily
  • Files can be imported directly into a practice management system of your own choice, thereby eliminating the need for manual entry
  • Remittances can be viewed online and printed as and when necessary
  • Multiple bank accounts can be used if required
  • Payment management from multiple insurance companies becomes easier
  • There are many security features to ensure each user's access is strictly controlled
  • Easy-to-use search and reporting tools are available
  • Faster access to funds
  • Elimination of risks such as paper checks being lost, inaccurate credit deposits, etc.
Advantages of ERA in Medical Billing
  • Reduction in transactional time, compliance issues, and administrative costs
  • No need to manually enter, verify, and post payment checks
  • Annual savings of up to $15,000
  • Ability to quickly sort between paid and unpaid ERAs for easier accounting
  • Easy denials organization through a manageable application
  • Real-time analytic reports for better clarity
  • Easy verification on a charge-by-charge or check-by-check basis
  • Increased rate of payment collection by being able to pinpoint claims underpayments easily
  • Better first pass resolution rates, enhanced collection efforts, and decreased denials
  • Convenient access to patient statements
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  • We help you easily segregate adjustments and denials so as to resolve recurring problems
  • All errors are reduced since we verify all ERTs with their respective ERAs

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