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Outsource FAQs on Outsourcing Medical Claims Follow Up to India

Turn over your pending claims into cash by outsourcing your accounts receivables to India.

The cash flow generated by the accounts receivables team plays a huge role in maintaining healthy revenue streams on a monthly basis. This factor is essential as the budgeting and planning of the business are done based on the cash flow that is being generated by the accounts receivables department.

Why should I follow-up on outstanding medical claims?

This means that apart from collecting claims, identifying un-collected claims and turning them into cash is a very important activity for the accounts receivable team. If sufficient steps are not taken to resolve problem accounts they are sure to slide to the un-collectable status.

How can you help me improve my collections?

Outsource2india’s claims processing services will result in a 40% reduction in your fixed costs. We not only reduce denials, but also file your claim and follow up with your insurance company until you get your money. Read on for an in depth description of our claims processing services.

How will you ensure that you increase my revenue?

At Outsource2india, the Medical Claims Processing Team follows a structured, systematic process to maintain high collections. To read more about the process we follow, click here.

Besides following a systematic process for collections, we also implement process improvement measures. When we receive a specific explanation for a claim denial from a payer, we use this information to enhance our process and employee education program so that such medical claim denials are prevented in the future. We use the appeal process when a payer has denied a payment or when a payer has made an underpayment.

Do you follow a process while making appeals?

Yes. Here's how our appeal process works.

  • We track the results of medical claims recovery by keeping a denial rate report and by recording the turnaround time from claim filing to payment.
  • We have a system to time appeals submitted and ensure that no time is wasted in the appeal process. We also develop standard appeal letters that can be easily customized with information about the particular patient and situation involved in every denial.
  • We see that we do not appeal very low dollar claims by setting a minimum of $10 for first appeals, and $20 for second appeals.
  • If an insurer routinely down-codes claims, we appeal for the code that was submitted originally and include supporting documentation.
  • If an insurer consistently refuses payment for a certain code, we request the physicians to meet with the insurer to discuss the situation and bring along supporting documentation instead of sending more appeals.
  • Before signing any contract with a payer, we request the physicians to make sure that the claim appeal process is explained clearly. This helps us determine steps to be taken after a denial and consider steps for further action.
  • Steps for further action include finding out whether mediation is allowed, whether grievance hearings are held, can the group request a physician peer review if a claim is denied for medical necessity etc.

Although appeal strategies may not always work, most practices find that at least 50% of their appeals get paid. This kind of return is well worth the time and effort involved in pursuing appeals, particularly if the accounts receivable team's appeal processes are efficient.

How will I be charged for your services?

We charge between 4% - 4.5% of the monthly revenue of your company.

What are the next steps to get started?

  • Step 1 - Fill up our inquiry form and we will contact you via e mail or phone.
  • Step 2: We will understand your requirements and estimate the cost. You can conduct a reference check with our customers.
  • Step 3: We perform a free trial. Once you are satisfied with quality, we will prepare an agreement and start work.
  • Step 4: We quickly deliver one phase so that we can together iron out any issues and improve the outcome.

What makes you different from other companies?

Perhaps one of the secrets to our success is that we understand our client needs via effective communication. To test us just compete the form on this site.

What are your accomplishments?

This is the key question that we ask when we hire someone and it is a key question when looking for an Indian vendor.

Outsource2india was born at the start of the outsourcing phenomenon and we were the pioneers of outsourcing in India.

We have many long-term customers mostly from the US and the UK. These include medical billing firms, hospitals and over 70 other International customers.

What other similar services can you perform?

Since O2I has a variety of dedicated business units, we can handle many things in-house. For example, we have software developers who could convert software from one technology to another say PHP to MS.NET. We even have a DTP department that can convert Quark to Indesign. Therefore if you do not see any particular service offered that does not mean we cannot handle it.

Outsource Medical Claims Processing to India

Do you require high quality, customized medical claims processing services? Why not consider outsourcing to India? Read more specific information about infrastructure, competency, price ranges, and benefits.

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