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Intelligent Process Automation Services

Outsource Intelligent Process Automation Services

Leverage O2I's IPA services to reduce your process time, improve customer satisfaction, enhance cost efficiency, and ensure continuous employee engagement at affordable rates

In today's extremely tough operating conditions, businesses are searching for lean management techniques to improve customer satisfaction, enhance cost efficiencies, and ensure continuous employee engagement. New value generation and cost productivity today lie atop every senior management's agenda. As a result, most companies are trying to automate 50 to 70% of the tasks.

That's where O2I's intelligent process automation (IPA) services come in. We strongly believe that IPA will be powering the next generation of operating models for global companies. With our IPA implementation, you can see a dramatic reduction in straight-through process times to the tune of 50-60%, and ROI which can even tough triple digit percentages. We work with your executive team to understand the key drivers of opportunity in your organization, incorporating our automation processes effectively while combining well with your capabilities to drive the next-generation operating module at your business.

What is Intelligent Process Automation?

At its core, IPA is a combination of new emerging technologies that combine basic process redesign with robotic process automation techniques as well as machine learning. This set of next-gen tools along with several business-process improvements assists your employees by removing repetitive, routine, and easily replicable tasks. This can not only improve customer journeys by simplifying their interaction but also speeds up your existing processes.

In a very basic sense, intelligent robotic process automation can mimic activities carried out by humans and in due time, learn to do them in a better and more efficient way. Decision-making capabilities are further improved by these programs due to advances made in deep learning and cognitive technology.

Our Intelligent Process Automation Services

While most companies may have found considerable success by applying automation, a significant proportion among them would not have been able to scale these benefits across the enterprise. In most organizations, automation investments are freefalling without ever reaching their true potential. That is where O2I's intelligent process automation services in India can help. Our services include -

  • Business Process Automation Services

    Business Process Automation Services

    If your company's employees, customers, or vendors are required to do multiple, repetitive tasks to conduct daily business, it's a sure sign that business process automation opportunities exist in the system. As an intelligent process automation service providing company, we can automate these processes business processes ensuring you can improve your organization's overall workflow and achieve greater efficiency. And we make it all possible while ensuring you can adapt to changing business needs, reduce human error, and clarify job roles and responsibilities. Key offerings include -

    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Payroll systems
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Financial Process Automation Services

    Financial Process Automation Services

    As a primary intelligent process automation service provider, our finance services promise the best-in-class finance operations for your business. We achieve this by first benchmarking your operations and suggesting suitable changes that ensure the best performance, while also reducing your total cost of service. Our services include -

    • KYC/AML Compliance
    • Customer Onboarding
    • Mortgage/Loan Origination
    • Financial Document Analysis
    • ISDA Master Agreement Processing
    • Anti-money Laundering IPA Programs
  • Digital Employee Operations Automation Services

    Digital Employee Operations Automation Services

    We enable you to move away from, singularly focused process-centric approaches to a specialized one that keeps the experience that your employees are having at the center of attention. With our help, you will now be able to address your talent while meeting workforce challenges with the help of digital workers, trained to carry out business and think, act and analyze just like your other employees.

  • Digital Supply Chain Automation Services

    Digital Supply Chain Automation Services

    We help to standardize and deeply integrate your supply chain data with our IPA processes. This means you can now enhance planning and execution while benefiting from better insights based on our proven framework which delivers outcome-based results. Our offerings include -

    • Collaborative supply chain network
    • Integrated planning
    • Inventory optimization
    • Procurement management
    • Supplier management
    • Predictive analytics
  • Intelligent Contact Center Automation Services

    Intelligent Contact Center Automation Services

    As part of our intelligent process automation services, we offer specialized intelligent contact center automation services which are comprehensive cloud contact center solutions that leverage the best in automation. This includes carrier, telephony, and social integration services that deliver exceptional business value.

    • Workflow automation
    • Automated agent guidance
    • Sales automation
    • Scheduling automation

Intelligent Process Automation - Core Technologies We Leverage

The success story for intelligent process automation companies lies in the manner in which they deploy automation technologies. Over time, we can leverage robots to replace manual clicks, interpret multiple text-laden communications, and implement rule-based decision making which is self-learning and doesn't need re-programming. Some of the core technologies we implement to achieve this include -

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    This is a software automation tool that allows you to automate routine business such as data extraction, data cleaning, etc. while using existing user interfaces. The program is assigned a user ID just like a person and can perform many rules-based procedures such as performing calculations, accessing emails, creating reports, and browsing through files, among others.

  2. Intelligent Workflow

    This is a process-management tool that integrates multiple tasks performed by both humans and machines and allows users to initiate and track the end-to-end status of a process in real-time. This means handling the handoffs between multiple groups, between humans and robots, and collecting statistical data on possible bottlenecks so that they can be resolved.

  3. Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

    We implement algorithms that can identify patterns in data, through both supervised and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning algorithms learn from data sets such as input and output and then make predictions based on new inputs. Unsupervised algorithms on the other hand go through structured data and begin to provide real-time insights by recognizing patterns. We also leverage advanced analytics to determine and assess multiple important attributes and then make suggestions on the same.

  4. Natural-language Generation (NLG)

    We create software engines that can run seamless interactions between humans and robots by following simple rules which can help them translate observations from data into real-time prose. For example, broadcasters have been using NLG to draft stories about games quickly and in real-time. When performance data is fed into a natural-language engine, it can even write management reports automatically.

  5. Cognitive Agents

    This is a set of technologies that help to combine machine learning and natural-language generation and use that to build a completely virtual workforce comprising of robot agents. These agents can execute tasks, communicate with other agents and humans, learn from data sets, and make decisions based on advanced technologies such as emotion detection. Our cognitive agents can be used to help employees as well as customers over the phone or chat, such as in call centers.

How O2I Drives IPA across your Business Operations?

Our intelligent process automation techniques leverage a unique approach consisting of five pillars to help drive adoption with the help of an end-to-end portfolio of products and services.


IPA Advisory

We begin by advising you on operations that can benefit from IPA


IPA Transformation

We start transforming your business processes with the help of our solutions which leverage automation at every step


IPA Delivery

We consider a project to be delivered when you can begin using IPA without having to grow any dedicated, separate capabilities


IPA Operation

Well-tuned operations are further defined by business results that become sustainable


IPA Innovation

Automation-enabled processes allow you to discover hidden bottlenecks and allow you to innovate at a faster pace

Benefits of Implementing Intelligent Process Automation Services

Outsource2india's intelligent process automation puts our clients at the heart of every solution we devise. Our sole aim is to enhance your business operations with the help of an end-to-end automated and digitally augmented workforce. We infuse technologies related to RPA, AI, and smart analytics to deliver process intelligence at every level for your organization.

Our clients stand to benefit from our world-class capabilities, a knowledgeable and experienced team, and a huge vertical and horizontal process experience. This delivers a range of benefits for your business, including -

  • Improved Quality

    Gain from business and operational processes which gain from an enhanced focus on every activity, thereby increasing the quality of your employees' output.

  • Increased Workforce Productivity

    We are an intelligent process automation service providing company that believes that workforce productivity is directly related to how work is perceived in your organization. By removing mundane, regulation tasks we ensure your employees benefit from the challenge of taking on more tasks for which they are suited while allowing automated processes to take care of the rest.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    The true effect of automation can only be felt when you realize how effective your operations have become purely based on the enhancements of AI and other relevant technology. This operational efficiency in turn allows you to focus your business objectives and drive profits.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    One of the key benefits of IPA can be seen in how your customers start reacting to your brand. Your channels become far more open and accessible and you gain from increased word of mouth.

  • Enhanced Revenue

    Businesses gain from the increased focus on core objectives as well as the ability to create more revenue streams by realizing where they were lagging before. This directly results in increased productivity for your brand.

  • Enhanced Agility

    Whether it is your front, middle, or back office, agility becomes a cornerstone for your day-to-day processes, ensuring more gets done in a workday than ever before.

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Outsource Intelligent Process Automation Services to O2I

While many organizations are already using IPA to invest in and create new platforms while engaging with their customers, we believe they are still merely scratching the surface of what is possible. The winners of tomorrow are those who will embrace these additional capabilities wholeheartedly and bring them together in the form of a next-generation operating model that delivers value on all fronts.

Our services are meant to infuse that spirit of growth in our client's organization, and if you are interested in what we have to offer, get in touch with us now!

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