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AI-driven Digital Transformation Services

Outsource AI-driven Digital Transformation Services

Fundamentally alter and enhance your business's performance by choosing our state-of-the-art AI-driven digital transformation services

Today, terms like data science, big data, data lakes, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are no longer restricted to being just buzzwords tossed around by Fortune companies. AI-based tools and technologies are now helping to push the boundaries of enterprise transformation across all business segments. Advancements in AI and machine learning have also enabled organizations of all sizes to achieve enhanced value in much quicker, more efficient, and new ways. Traditional businesses now have the power to push their existing boundaries and become more intelligent and ready for change by leveraging the huge power of AI and machine learning. Firms are also leveraging the power of AI to boost operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and increase return on investment. IDC, the global market intelligence firm, expects AI-driven digital transformation investment to cross $1.7 trillion by 2022. It is clear that global firms are making the move towards embracing AI-driven digital transformation.

Businesses today have tremendous awareness of the transformational capabilities of embracing artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and data science. However, to truly realize the full benefits of data science and AI-driven digital transformation, it is important to first create an organizational road map or blueprint that provides a broad outline of how AI-driven digital transformation will be implemented across the organization. This road map should be dynamic and provide a sequence of steps that can be taken to leverage the power of AI across the entire organization. It has become increasingly more important that siloed department-led AI initiatives transition to organizational-centric transformation.

An AI-driven digital transformation blueprint needs to capture the current status of the use of AI across the organization and also place it in the context of the customer experience while buying the various products and services on offer. The blueprint should also state the "vision statement," i.e., the short to medium-term objectives to be achieved through the AI-driven digital transformation. This blueprint should further outline in a series of steps how the power of AI will be harnessed across the organization to achieve transformation, including enhanced customer satisfaction and improved internal processes, which results in enhanced business growth and greater competitiveness.

Outsource2india is a highly reputed AI-driven digital transformation service provider and has helped numerous organizations harness the full power of AI, machine learning, big data, and data science to achieve greater operational efficiencies and enhanced business growth. We can help you along all the stages of implementing a successful AI-driven digital transformation road map and identify "why" you should implement AI-driven digital transformation, "what" will be done, and "how" this will be done to create lasting value to your organization. We go beyond just consulting to walking with you along the entire journey of achieving AI-driven organizational transformation. Success for us is not just providing an AI roadmap, but seeing that the fruits of AI-driven digital transformation actually manifest in your firm.

What is Digital Transformation?

  • Digital transformation is a fundamental rethinking of how an organization leverages the power of people, technology, and processes in new ways to radically alter business performance.
  • Digital transformation usually involves implementing comprehensive changes to come up with new business models, achieve reduced costs, and create novel revenue streams. This transformation typically is driven by changing market realities and changes in customer expectations.
  • Digital Transformation can include everything from incremental improvements to moonshot approaches.
  • Companies often implement digital transformations to counter the possibility of disruption from new players and startups. Companies also embark on digital transformation to enhance innovation and experiment with new digital technologies to augment existing products and services.

What is AI-driven Digital Transformation?

Technology and artificial intelligence are at the center of AI-driven digital transformation. Any digital transformation initiative that has at its center one or more of the following technological areas can be considered to be AI-driven digital transformation -

 Artificial Intelligence Technology
 Machine Intelligence Technology
 Cognitive Systems Technology
 Cognitive Automation Technology
 Robotic Process Automation Technology
 Descriptive Analytics
 Predictive Analytics
 Prescriptive Analytics
 Machine Learning Technology
 Deep Learning Technology
 Data Science Technology
 Chatbots and Social Network Analytics Technology
 Blockchain Technology
 Log and Sensor Data Technology
 IoT for Data Acquisition and Analysis
 Big Data Infrastructure: Autonomous Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, NoSQL Data Marts, etc

AI-driven Digital Transformation Deliverables

There are many deliverables of AI-driven digital transformation. With such a transformation, you can achieve streamlined and significant improvements in some or all of the following areas -

  1. AI-driven Marketing

    AI-driven Marketing
    • Budget allocation improvements
    • Focus determination
    • Enhanced campaigns
  2. AI-driven Sales

    AI-driven Sales
    • Cross-selling
    • Up-selling
    • Shortening the sales cycle
  3. IT Infrastructure

    IT Infrastructure
    • Data storage Improvements
    • Better Data Curation
    • Improved Quality
    • Better Governance
  4. AI-driven Operations

    AI-driven Operations
    • Shorter turnaround times
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Reduced risk and fraud
    • Enhanced procurement
    • Improved manufacturing
    • Better inventory and production schedules
    • Reduced process or information flow complexities
  5. AI-driven Finance

    AI-driven Finance
    • Improved compliance
    • Reduced anomalies
    • Better planning
    • Reduced risk
  6. AI-driven Digital Channels

    AI-driven Digital Channels
    • Shortening customer journeys
    • Providing improving responsiveness
  7. AI-driven HR & Recruitment

    AI-driven HR & Recruitment
    • Early warning on the possibility for attrition
    • Enhanced employee retention
    • Better employee support
    • Enhanced performance prediction
  8. AI-driven Reporting

    AI-driven Reporting
    • Multi-level dashboards creation
    • Provision for self-service analytics
    • Creation of voice-based reports

Our AI-driven Digital Transformation Process

We follow a four-step process to achieve comprehensive and detailed AI-driven digital transformation. Key steps in our process include -

  1. Analyzing Existing Processes from an AI Perspective

    Through focused onsite information elicitation sessions and customizable digital surveys for different departments, an enterprise's as-is situation is assessed. Sample information that is collected includes -

    • Business processes and customer journeys on which maximum time and effort are being spent at present
    • The portion of effort if any, in each such business process that is well-automatable through AI
    • Finding out if an adequate amount of good-quality data is readily available today for manual or automated decision making for each business process
    • Determining whether existing IT infrastructure is adequate, given the current and future scale of the business
    • Identifying steps to be taken to ensure that people are prepared for an AI transformation
    • Identifying initiatives that are already underway in AI areas
  2. Creating a Medium-term AI Vision

    Our AI Vision is not an overarching statement like organizational vision, which stays relevant for decades. Since this technology evolves rapidly, the AI Vision should be a relatively shorter-term one that is both actionable and measurable.

    • Sample AI Vision / Theme statements -
      • Increase productivity of plant by 15% with no new investments in infrastructure
      • Acquire & serve 20% more customers with the same total operating cost
      • Shorten the average loan processing time from 12.5 days to 1 hour
    • A unified AI Vision naturally spawns multiple AI initiatives.
    • AI Vision should get measured, reviewed, & refined, no later than annually.
    • A unified AI vision helps minimize ad hoc investments of time & effort in AI implementation, infrastructure, training, etc. It also helps team members stay business-focused in the face of changing technology trends & market hype.
    • In a transformed enterprise, AI initiatives are distributed across the organization. A unified AI Vision gives coherence to the many distributed initiatives in an organization.
  3. Creating Actionable AI Blueprint & Roadmap

    Our AI-blueprint will detail how exactly the unified AI vision will be implemented and achieved.

    • The road map or blueprint sets forth the infrastructure to build, data to acquire/integrate, AI/Automation use cases to implement, required training for teams, etc.
    • The tasks to be performed are typically both at the organizational and at department/business process levels.
    • The road map focuses on "what" needs to be done and "how" it needs to be implemented. It organizes, lists, & prioritizes tasks to be performed throughout the enterprise. It also provides metrics to measure success.
    • Every unified AI Vision/Theme typically translates into multiple quarters or even years' worth of Road Map activities.
  4. Establishing an AI-driven Digital Transformation Center of Excellence (AI-DDT-CoE)

    For the AI blueprint to be effective, we propose the creation of an AI-driven Digital Transformation Center of Excellence (AI-DDT-CoE) within the organization to push the boundaries of current AI usage in the enterprise.

    • This center of excellence will function as an epicenter of activities and provide coherence and vision to the many disparate AI initiatives being undertaken across the organization.
    • The CoE will also ensure that the organization can quickly adapt to leverage the latest AI-driven developments to achieve greater success.
    • The CoE will act as a watchdog and ensure ethical and other compliance issues related to AI-driven digital transformation.
    • The CoE will function as an oversight agency that objectively monitors the adoption and business impact of AI across the enterprise.

Benefits of Outsource2india's AI-driven Digital Transformation Services

We are a leading provider of AI-driven digital transformation services in India and abroad and can help you comprehensively implement robust AI-driven roadmaps to achieve greater operational efficiency and business productivity. We help you create an informed enterprise-wide road map that is flexible enough to incorporate all the latest AI-related digital transformation developments. Some of the key benefits of choosing our AI-driven digital transformation services include -

  • Siloed to Unified AI-driven Digital Transformation

    Most enterprise AI and Big Data initiatives sit siloed in departments and there is no unified vision or roadmap. This leads to operational inefficiency, resulting in lowered business productivity. With our AI-driven digital transformation vision and roadmap, you can bring together the various initiatives in separate departments into a unified platform and drive cost efficiencies, increase speed to market, enhance return on investment, and improve cross-selling and upselling activities.

  • Improved and Dynamic Analytics

    Having a more reality-based, rapid, and unified version of the truth helps significantly in enhancing your ability to make the most informed and best decisions. With a single version of the facts achieved through dynamic analytics, you can efficiently roll out and adopt improved analytical insights throughout your enterprise.

  • Improved Economies at Scale

    When tools, technologies, processes, and platforms are viewed from an AI perspective, it can result in enhanced leverage with vendors and suppliers. With this, you can also scale up your processes much quicker and in a shorter period.

  • Quicker Processes

    A major contributing factor to lags in processing and decision-making abilities is the duplication of data and access to data. With our services, you will get access to a unified data infrastructure that will enhance your data processing speed and improve your decision-making abilities, thereby resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Defining Novel Customer Experiences

    With our services, you can precisely gauge your customers' preferences and better understand their behavior across multiple channels. With this insight, you can provide a better customer experience resulting in better customer loyalty rates and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Sequence of our AI-driven Digital Transformation

AI-driven Digital Transformation Engagement Sequence

Outsource AI-driven Digital Transformation Services to Outsource2india

Enterprises across the world are operating in an environment characterized by volatility and disruptions. In this environment, it becomes imperative to embrace new technologies that can help you get a leg up over the competition. With the advancement of the coronavirus pandemic, increasingly more organizations are facing very uncertain times and a threat to the survival and growth of their businesses. This is where it becomes prudent to engage the services of a firm like Outsource2india, a leading AI-driven digital transformation service providing company.

Outsourcing AI-driven digital transformation services to us ensures that you get access to advanced capital management methodologies, streamlined business processes, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced market agility. With our AI-driven digital transformation solutions, we take into account your existing AI capabilities and come up with a comprehensive and detailed road map to implement an AI-driven digital transformation strategy.

If you are looking for professional and cutting-edge AI-driven digital transformation services, get in touch with us today!

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