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Outsource Automatic Document Classification and Indexing

Despite storing your documents carefully, do you always struggle to retrieve the right documents at the right time? If yes, you are perhaps not classifying those correctly. ADC interprets the meaning of the text and the context in which words are used before organizing the documents in perfect categories, ensuring easy retrievability. Give O2I's Automatic Document Classification a try!

Outsource Automatic Document Classification and Indexing

At O2I, our document indexing services have greatly benefited our BFSI customers who are reaping the promised ROI within a short time period. Using state-of-the-art document indexing automation technology, we ensure that all your enterprise data linked to documents, reports, manuals, research papers, performance metrics, training material, etc. are easily classified and routed.

Our Document Indexing Services

Document Indexing Services Process

Our document classification processes rely on machine learning and cognitive computing to design and develop a solution which suits our customer's requirements. The developed solution can either be hosted on an internal cloud or be deployed a as a service platform. Our services cover all phases of data science application development including data understanding, platform architecting and model building with continuous improvement cycles for better accuracy.

Our custom data science solutions for file indexing are easily able to recognize and categorize your internal documents based on the content type, while automating the extraction of data from them so that all information is available in real-time. Our services include -

  • Machine Learning-based File Classification Services

    We use the latest file classification processes which leverage advanced machine learning technology to ensure we are always up-to-date with different document types and taxonomies. Based on machine-learning, our processes always keep getting smarter by knowing your enterprise's classification and routing rules, thereby leading to greater cost reductions over time.

  • Exception Validation-based Document Indexing Services

    Since we set specified confidence criteria for all our client's documents, all documents which conform to the criteria are automatically routed and indexed ensuring smoother and faster processing. Rules engine for validation process is created based on business rules shared by the client. Our file classification using machine learning further ensures that our smart processes withstand all changes made to the validation rules as soon as they are implemented.

  • Fast PDF Classification Services

    Our custom modules allow our clients to process scanned files as well as electronic PDF documents with maximum efficiency. As soon as our software detects an electronic document, the rules set up ensure that tedious and time-consuming manual processes are neglected in favor of modern text layer scanning processes which improve system performances by 80%, while achieving 90-100% accuracy for electronic documents and PDFs.

  • High Volume Processing Services

    Our automation solutions for document indexing and classification are cluster-based and designed to undertake high-volume data with ease. In a demanding industry where information is essential to run day-to-day business, our high availability, parallel processing solution, which requires minimum human supervision, supports automated workflow rules and generates results in very short time frame.

Our services are employed for -

Solution ConsultingSolution Consulting
Solution as a ServiceSolution-as-a-Service
Product ImplementationProduct Implementation
Project DevelopmentProject Development

O2I's 5-Stage Process for Document Indexing and Classification

For every project we undertake, our team trains the underlying data science models and then configures this solution as per the client's requirements, while assessing quality and feedback at every step of the way. Our time-tested solution development services model comprises of the following stages -

Understanding the Scope  

01. Understanding the Scope

We go through your existing document types and sample sets while eliciting preliminary bucket categorization requirements

Data Analysis  

02. Data Analysis

This includes the data preparation stage wherein we formulate a solution based on document samples and is followed by a configuration stage in case of a repeat deployment

Building a Model  

03. Building a Model

The stage for development is established. We compare our data science models and choose the best fit as per the approved requirements and the sample sets of documents provided

Quality Analysis  

04. Quality Analysis

Here we test our configured solution with documents NOT part of development data set to calibrate the accuracy of the model with a few cycles of improvement as necessitated

Solution Deployment  

05.Solution Deployment

Once we have fine-tuned the model, we deploy a production-ready solution followed by handing over the activities to your team, while also offering a contracted period of support

Why Choose Outsource2india for Automatic Document Classification?

O2I is one of the very few service providers who have excelled at automatic document classification services in India. We help to streamline recurring manual processes by automating them and ensure all your documentation is converted into actionable business-ready data. Armed with a team of eminent data scientists and big data engineers, we are constantly delivering high-quality document indexing solutions backed by deep analytics and machine learning. Our solutions are ideal for mid to large-sized companies faced with mounting volumes of document processing.

Our technology depth covers -

  • Big data solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services
  • Image and text based mining solutions
  • End to end machine learning based automation solutions
  • Cognitive computing and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics

Software We Leverage

Outsourcing document classification services to a trusted service provider requires a lot of confidence. At O2I, we ensure our clients understand our business processes and the way we work so as to provide them with the best possible services. Our custom solutions are built by a team of experts in big data technologies and data sciences, while leveraging high-end software such as -

Key Benefits of Outsource2india's Automatic Document Classification Services

If you are looking for a suitable partner to outsource document indexing services in India, then O2I is the right choice. Our services can help you streamline existing workflows and benefit from the number of manual hours saved. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Enhanced Security - We follow strict user management guidelines while deploying your solution to the cloud or on your premises. Any and all documents classified using our solutions are not retained in our environment, but are purged as soon as the session ends
  • Compliance - Our solutions are tailor-made to ensure all sensitive information is identified and redacted if necessary as per your requirements
  • Easy Migration - We can take a large sample size of your documents and easily organize, extract, and even add relevant metadata to organize your digital documents and make them ready for migration if so required
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure - We can make use of cloud-based infrastructure, hosted by a third-party or Internal cloud-based big data infrastructure deployed on commodity hardware. Additionally, we provide hardware recommendations as part of our services
  • Reduced Cost - Our services can help you lower your operations cost by more than 80%
  • Process Efficiency - With our custom solution, you can reduce issues caused due to human errors, while at the same time benefiting from higher accuracy and multiple levels of data validation
  • Speed - Our automated document indexing solutions can process thousands of documents within a few minutes
  • Reduced Redundancy - Machine learning is central to our solutions and how they are deployed, and is extremely useful in eradicating redundant activities done by valuable man power
  • Quality Assurance - Before deploying a software solution in a production environment, we follow all stages of testing. Stakeholders are alerted via email or other real-time notifications if system reports confidence level lower than the prescribed benchmark

Outsource Automatic Document Classification to O2I

With vast experience under our belt, O2I's document classification system leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create custom solutions for medium to large-scale enterprises. We can work with both text-based as well as image-based documents, ensuring our solutions are far superior to OCR technology; all the while ensuring the solutions learn new rules and sets them up as and when required.

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Automatic Document Classification and Indexing Services FAQs

  • What does document classification mean?

    Document classification is the task of assigning documents to one or more classes or categories.

  • What is automatic document classification?

    Automatic document classification divides and organizes documents based on a set of predefined categories for rapid, easy retrieval of data.