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Outsource Route Optimization Services

Leverage accurate and flexible routing algorithms that account for real-time data of vehicle locations, delivery status, and other key information for highly efficient routes with our Route Optimization Services

Are dynamic constraints, including road closures or accidents, leading to inefficient routes for your fleet?

There are multiple factors that can affect the optimal route for high efficiency and low overheads. Outdated data, unexpected obstacles, and inflexible routing algorithms can cause delays that lead to lower deliveries and higher en-route times. However, you can overcome the challenges brought about by inefficient routes by leveraging the expertise of a route optimization service provider.

Route optimization helps businesses bypass the issues caused due to inefficient route planning. It also helps with streamlining their delivery routing systems and dispatch management systems for better gains. With the help of our dynamic route optimization services, you can effectively plan multiple routes and a variety of different schedules with hundreds of stops in a short time. Our services make use of cloud-connected software to help you automate delivery routes and manage your resource capacity efficiently.

Our Route Optimization Solutions

We work with cutting-edge technologies and use the latest predictive analytics for dynamic route re-sequencing and optimization. Our delivery route automation and big data-driven solutions are ideal for both medium and large-scale businesses and can help you analyze large amounts of mapping data in a few seconds. Our comprehensive solutions include -

  • Vehicle Routing Optimization

    Vehicle Routing Optimization

    We leverage our optimization solutions, including delivery process automation and vehicle route optimization, to ensure that you can overcome challenges from inefficient pipelines.

  • Sales Territory Optimization

    Sales Territory Optimization

    To ensure proper customer coverage and achieve maximum sales, our sales territory optimization services allot resources according to the industry, geography, and customer size.

  • Workforce Optimization

    Workforce Optimization

    We help you optimize your workforce and ensure alt="Workforce Optimization" that your business has the advantages of efficient workforce management, lower overheads, and increased productivity.

  • Real-Time Route Optimization

    Real-Time Route Optimization

    Our services let logistics companies determine the best route for the delivery of products. We can help you make data-driven decisions and ensure higher productivity and lower overheads.

  • Multi-Modal Transportation Optimization

    Multi-Modal Transportation Optimization

    We can streamline supply chain management in multimodal transportation for the delivery of freight, including the modes of rail, truck, air, and ocean. We can also help you lower overheads.

Who Needs Our Dynamic Route Optimization Services?

We cater to both medium and large-scale businesses belonging to different industries, all with one common goal - improving the efficiency of their on-field personnel and vehicle fleet. We help your enterprise adopt an intelligent, domain-agnostic machine learning solution that considers multiple global (organizational) & local (individual) constraints in order to compute exceptionally optimized fleet travel routes on the go. Our services are ideal for -

  • Food Delivery Chains
  • Retail and Distribution Companies
  • Installation & Maintenance Service Providers
  • Healthcare Providers and Hospitals
  • Pest Control Agencies
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Waste Collection Businesses
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Courier Companies
  • Field Sales Businesses
  • Inspection Services
  • HVAC Services
  • e-Commerce Companies

Additionally, our services can be offered for -

  • Solution configuration and administration
  • Team training
  • API development for integration with in-house applications
  • Customization as per your organization's requirements
  • Consulting on adopting data science for logistics and optimization
  • B2B and B2C big data and analytics solutions

Software We Employ

We have a dedicated team of experts who help to create a custom solution for all your automated route selection requirements. Along with that, a team comprising of product managers and developers ensures the final product delivers on all your expectations. Some of the software we use to provide custom solutions to our clients include -

  • NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Django Framework for REST APIs
  • Python Software
  • Google Map integration using licensed APIs
  • Proprietary route optimization algorithm
  • Distributed Cloud setup to ensure speed and multi-tenant routing features

Our Route Optimization Workflow

Dynamic Route Optimization Workflow

Over the years, we have managed to develop a dedicated workflow in order to deliver high-quality end results which keep your requirements in mind. Throughout the process, we follow the critical stages of testing that a software solution should undergo before it is deployed in a production environment. We ensure that all identified stakeholders are alerted when the system reports a confidence level lower than the benchmark we are trying to achieve, ensuring measures are set in place so as to prevent it from happening again. Our process includes the following steps -

  1. Collection of Data -We collect information regarding your existing route systems in place from multiple sources such as latitude-longitude information, telemetry data, existing fleet data, and other non-vehicular data including operator and cargo data, ERP, SFA, and more.
  2. Internal ARRO Data Representation - A schema-less data repository is created based on the information collected. This enables quick access to various reporting features that our clients may require
  3. Groups Computation - Once the data has been collected and identified, we aggregate delivery points based on their geographic proximity. Thereafter, several groups are created based on client-defined constraints such as time-based ones, fleet-based constraints, location-based constraints, etc.
  4. Computation of Optimal Route - Our team creates the optimal route for your fleet which can be integrated with your existing systems while allowing for 3rd party map displays on phones, tablets, etc. for easy access. This optimized route takes various real-time factors into consideration, and once again, based on constraints, delivers the ideal optimized route in a very short time.

Why Choose Us as Your Route Optimization Services Company

Our end-to-end solutions for route planning are derived from an optimization engine that is constantly powered by genetic algorithms and advanced machine-learning techniques. A team of experts with experience in big data technologies, data science, and data engineering ensures that all alternate transportation methods, related costs, and customer delivery windows are taken into consideration before planning a route. When you choose our services, you also benefit from:

  • Automated Planning and Optimization - Our route optimization solutions help to ensure that all variables such as resource capacity, route planning, and real-time events are evenly checked by our automated programs so as to ensure an optimum experience for our clients.
  • Real-time Tracking - We offer last-mile tracking in real-time on an interactive map interface, which can further be shared with the help of secure links or by using iOS and Android push notification APIs. We also offer real-time updates to ETAs based on varying road conditions.
  • Hardware Independent Solution - Unlike most other software available in the market, our cloud-based solution ensures that you can use it on device hardware ranging from desktops to phones without affecting your battery life.
  • Dynamic Re-routing - Since our algorithm takes into consideration several real-time variables such as trend lines, traffic conditions, and resource capacity - we can re-route your fleet in real-time thereby saving time and money.
  • Interactive Dashboards - Our interactive BI dashboards help you to analyze the entire delivery chain for problems and missing optimizations and offer extensive planned vs actual SLA comparisons.
  • Easy Integration - With the help of our REST APIs, you can integrate real-time routing updates to an application of your own choice without having to spend hours on developing a new application from scratch.
  • Around-the-world Coverage - Since all our optimization services are geocoded and powered by open-source public map data, we can cover your fleet over the entire world.
  • Increased Efficiency - Our en-route automation services ensure that you have fewer vehicle fleets to handle while gaining the ability to increase the total number of deliveries in a day.
  • Complete Data Security - For solutions on the cloud, our team follows strict user management guidelines and stores the data in a secure environment. We ensure that the data uploaded on the cloud cannot be accessed by a third-party requester and hold the option to purge data on user requests.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure - We have the required infrastructure in place to provide the best possible services to all our clients and address even the most complex route optimization requirements successfully. Additionally, we leverage a third-party hosted cloud-based infrastructure, which is administered in-house.
  • Ease of Reporting - Our automated solutions ensure you always have access to high-quality reporting capabilities thereby driving real-time decision-making.
  • Cost Efficiency - We offer infinitely scalable architecture and resource-effective solutions at a reasonable price. On average, you can save 30% on distance, see a 20% reduction in the number of routes, and observe 25% savings on time to travel.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our consolidated services will cater to your AI needs and help you create an impact in the industry by leveraging AI for your business.

Data Analytics Services

We examine, clean, alter, and model a company's data so that useful information can be segregated for useful insights that drive decision-making.

Business Analytics Services

We help you leverage the power of your data for risk mitigation and better revenues with our GDPR-compliant, secure, and advanced analytics.

Business Intelligence Services

We help you get a clearer picture of where your business stands, and help you boost performance, control costs and identify new opportunities in the market.

Customer Success Stories

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We assisted a leading dairy brand in the middle east with route optimization and dynamic routing.

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O2i Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

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Outsource Route Optimization Services to Us

With 23 years of experience and a stellar background in providing high-quality data science services to clients across the globe, we can confidently state that our delivery management services will help you optimize your processes. We have a team of big data technologists and data engineers, and we help create automated workflows which are tailored to the way your delivery fleet functions. When you outsource route optimization services to us, you get to access:

  • Predictive traffic route optimization
  • Traffic-based route re-sequencing
  • Modeling with multiple constraint types
  • Point-of-sale route re-optimization

If you are looking for a service provider who can help you maximize your resources by delivering in the fastest manner and in the shortest time possible, then you have come to the right place. Contact us right away and learn more about our services!Contact us right away and learn more about our services!

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Route Optimization Services FAQs

  • What is Route Optimization?

    Route optimization is the task of determining the most cost-efficient route for goods. Factors that determine this include the number and location of all stops and delivery time.

  • What is route optimization in logistics?

    In logistics, route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-effective route for goods by considering factors like the number and location of stops and time of delivery.