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Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services

Outsource Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services

Develop unparalleled visibility that initiates cybersecurity and protection. Avail battle-tested cybersecurity countermeasures services to improve operational accuracy at $20 per hour

The spread and sophistication of cyberattacks have led to many security issues. Even when detection is successful, advanced skills are required to analyze them. We have designed an effective service model to counter the unknown cyberattacks. Our research team at O2I leverages intelligence by analyzing vulnerabilities, malware, and other threats.

We support internal as well as external compliance requirements to identify potentially compromised data sources. This helps us to provide a measure of progress for treating the organizational risks. We help to reduce the overall cost of implementing security through targeted countermeasures.

Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services We Offer

Increase the preparedness for cybersecurity incidents with our early identification of security gaps and reduce the recovery time. Leverage our expert knowledge and choose us as your cybersecurity countermeasures service provider. The services offered at O2I are -

  1. Vulnerability Analysis

    Vulnerability Analysis

    Leverage your vulnerability analysis from our expert countermeasures research team.

  2. Block Malware

    Block Malware

    Maximize the countermeasures services with in-depth analysis of all the newly identified malware. This helps you to have an increased understanding of potential cybersecurity threats.

  3. Accurate Detection

    Accurate Detection

    Drive accurate detection with advanced testing and tighter integration with the research team along with our security operations center.

  4. Safety Optimization

    Safety Optimization

    We effectively block all the unreceptive traffic in real-time without hindering the regular network activities.

  5. Comprehensive Report

    Comprehensive Report

    Our comprehensive report identifies potential threats during the assessment to implement effective countermeasures.

  6. Security Services

    Security Services

    We provide security strategy, risk management solutions, and design, cyber security consultations/testing, and audit services. Supplementary security services we offer -

    • IT security reviews and project support
    • Simulated social engineering
    • Cyber essentials consultations
    • Technical security training
    • Digital forensics support
    • Security investigation
    • Security threat modeling
    • Security threat identification
    • Error-free and accurate countermeasure advises with implementational support
    • Organizational level reviews of policies against potential/specific threats
    • Countermeasures for technical surveillance
    • Business planning and continuity
    • Risk identification
    • Risk mitigation
    • Identification of potential attacks on critical assets
    • Hardening and securing systems/networks through best practice configuration

Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services Process We Follow at O2I

Our research team accurately identifies real threats to develop successful countermeasures that protect our clients before the actual damage. To make this happen, we adhere to the following service process -


01. Planning

We begin the process by first discussing the client's requirements and agreeing upon implementational strategies


02. Training

Depending on the client's requirements, we provide a clinical system and non-clinical training


03. Setup and Migration

As agreed in the customer SLA, we set up and migrate the countermeasures


04. Quality Assurance and Performance Testing

Countermeasures are tested against the relevant quality standards


05. Ongoing Support

Buyer and software hosting is provided which includes even third-party organizations


06. Service Scope

Service constraints are agreed upon with the customer via SLA and managed accordingly

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services?

You can count on our 25 years of experience in creating cybersecurity countermeasures and blocking malicious activity. You should consider outsourcing cybersecurity countermeasures services to us for the following reasons -

  • Holistic Visibility

    Using our battle-tested and industry-proven platform, we continuously gather and interpret telemetry across your IT environment including endpoints, networks, cloud, and identity.

  • Efficient Automation

    We help you detect and prevent the most serious threats to enable more confident responses with time and cost-saving automation.

  • Experienced Team

    The experienced countermeasures experts perform regular audits and countermeasures in cyber security. We ensure best practice by maintaining acceptable levels of residual threats.

  • Absolute Commitment

    You won't find a cybersecurity team more committed to outpacing the adversary than ours. Our team will work with you in a way that best suits your needs.

  • ISO Certification

    O2I is an ISO 27001 certified countermeasures service providing company. We comply with SOC 2, Type II Attestation.

  • Affordable Pricing with Quick Turnarounds

    Our flexible pricing options are suitable for businesses of all sizes. We have completed all of our projects within the given deadline.

  • User Support

    We provide email and online support with agreed-upon response times. Our service desk operates 24/7.

Client Success Story

O2I Provided Security of Cloud-Based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

Security of Cloud-based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

We looked through the checklist of standard criteria to assess customer's existing security scenarios and fixed all gaps. After back-to-back penetration tests, we optimized their workflow and productivity.

Read the case study
O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Using world-class digital forensics strategies, we mitigated data theft issues affecting the client. With a complex diagnosis and investigation strategy, our customer's security posture was optimized as preemptive steps.

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Outsource Cybersecurity Countermeasures Services to Outsource2india

We provide holistic visibility across MSS and IR clients. Our cloud-native security analytics platform is built on 25 years of real-world threat intelligence and research. By being the leading countermeasures service provider, we can help you to detect advanced threats, streamline and collaborate on investigations, and automate the right actions. Outsource cybersecurity countermeasures services to us and amplify your network effect.

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