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Outsource Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile technology has proven to be highly pervasive and disruptive. With thousands of mobile apps being downloaded and used every day, testing them poses a unique challenge to most developers and QA testers. Care has to be taken to test mobile apps for usage patterns, device fragmentation, screen size and memory usage, network connectivity, etc.

Our global clients rely on us to make sure their mobile apps work across devices, regions, and languages equally well. With over 25 years of experience in mobility, we provide comprehensive mobile application testing services customized to the unique requirements of our clients.

Our Mobile App Testing Services

In the pursuit of developing a mobile app in as quick a time as possible, app developers tend to overlook the highly complex work of mobile application testing. This in turn not only adversely affects the desired user experience, but also the planned business value of the app. At O2I, we understand that mobile app testing is not just a step before publishing an app, but a business critical junction with enormous complexity and scope.

We support our clients' development strategies by providing in-depth application testing services which take into account the following -

  • Overall user experience
  • Physical characteristics of mobile devices
  • OS, Device, and Platform fragmentation
  • System Integration
  • Security and App Distribution

Our mobile app testing services include -

  • Compatibility Testing for Mobile
  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile User Experience Testing
  • HIG / W3C compliance Testing
  • Localization Testing for Mobile
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Mobile infrastructure Testing
  • Support Device Lab Setup

Apart from these, we can also help you with -

  • Usability Testing: Overall UX, expert reviews, and competitive analysis
  • App Installation Testing: App install, re-install, uninstall, and upgrade testing
  • Vulnerability Testing: OS issues, OWASP vulnerabilities, analysis of static code, data encryption, etc.
  • Language Testing: Locale validation testing, Language and currency display, etc.
  • Memory Testing: Data storage issues, memory usage and leaks, junk collection, etc.

10-step Mobile Application Testing Process at O2I

We set ourselves apart from most of our competitors by conducting our testing in a state-of-the-art dedicated mobile application testing center (DMTC). This ensures the QA and testing team can work on individual processes and different client projects within a fixed budget, without any overlap. Our process includes the following steps -

Test Case Preparation
Test Case Preparation

We outline test cases for a mobile app based on our client's requirements

Script Identification
Script Identification

We identify all the reusable automation scripts and modify them accordingly for faster testing times

Manual Testing

We perform manual testing on the app for all defined parameters

Automated Testing
Automated Test

We follow-up on the manual testing by performing automated testing for all available parameters

Usability Testing
Usability Test

We check the mobile app for all plaguing usability issues, navigation problems, UI, etc.

Performance Testing

We test the app for overall performance, including responsiveness, scalability, stability, and resource usage

Compliance Testing

We check for all security and compliance loopholes, including checking for data dumps, SQL injection, Session Hijacking, SSL validation, etc.

Device Testing

We test the app for usability issues by using them on other devices belonging to the same OS / Device family


We log all the tests performed and generate reports as often as required by the project guidelines


Once we have tested the app completely, we provide our full report to the client with in-depth analysis

Why Choose O2I for Mobile Testing?

Our mobile applications testing team provides a holistic approach towards app testing, helping clients reduce cycle times, effort required, and overall costs. Our key differentiators include -

  • A fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile app testing center
  • Rapid automation proof of concepts for better project guidance
  • Regular feedback to clients with detailed app usage and performance reports
  • Virtual test labs with more than 3000+ devices
  • Access to pre-market devices on a case-to-case basis
  • Time-tested, proven testing methodologies
  • High-quality and cost-effective services

Choose a Winning Mobile App Testing Strategy with Outsource2india

As the demand for mobile apps keeps growing, key decision makers are faced with not only creating viable mobile app strategies, but also charting out a roadmap for development and testing. At O2I, we understand that an app requires functionalities which are beneficial to the end-user, and a rigorous mobile testing plan ensures successful customer adoption and stronger word-of-mouth for your app.

With an enviable reputation in mobile app development services, we have managed to build up access to a wide range of testing tools, mobile devices, and support for multiple platforms. Our mobile app testers ensure they can suitably identify your vision and provide a high-quality experience to your customers.

Contact us right now for high-quality and cost-effective mobile application testing services.

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