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Game Development Services

Outsource Game Development Services

Get reasonably priced, high-performing 2D/3D strategy-based or real-time mobile, PC and console game development solutions for all kinds of platforms

If you want to create a 2D game, VR integrated mobile or web game, social games, or any other online games, then, O2I can offer you a cost-effective game development service with industry-wide best quality and turnaround time. We have a special team of over 200 game developers and designers who have extensive experience in providing a wide range of game consoles, PC, web, and mobile game development solutions.

With in-depth experience in the game physics, rendering, AI, scripting, character interaction, game mechanics, sound integration, pre- and post-production, etc., O2I has become one of the leading providers of game development services in India. Our team has worked across all the major game development frameworks, including Corona, Marmalade, Unity3d, Godot, Unreal Engine, and many more. So, outsource game development services to us to get custom gaming solutions.

Game Development Services We Provide

Outsource2india provides 360-degree game development solutions that involve the design, development and deployment of your game from scratch. For the last two decades, we have served countless global customers with affordable PC and console game development services. We make use of our vast expertise to develop custom game applications. Below is an overview of our game development services -

  • Game Console Development

    Game Console Development

    Our core competency in game development includes the creation of high-resolution and robust 3D games. We can develop games of all genres, including simple online games, real-time or turn-based strategy games, etc. To do this effectively, we make use of an open source game framework and proprietary engines.

    Thus, by outsourcing game development services to us, you can implement AI or any other custom game mechanism to suit your need. Also, we can develop full-fledged game consoles, which can be deployed in a ready-to-use condition.

  • Game Development Services for Business

    Game Development Services for Business

    As a game development company, if you need game development solutions in a short turnaround time, you can collaborate with us. We have extensive work experiences in various mobile game development platforms such as Construct 2, Unreal Engine, Cocos2d, Fusion, Corona, etc. Our team can develop mobile games which you can promote and start incentivizing immediately. Thus, you can enhance your brand value and engage with your customer in a better way.

    Moreover, we can work on the development of hybrid games, which needs extensive use of web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, C++, C#, JavaScript, etc., to develop custom mobile & web-based apps for specific business models.

  • Mobile Game Development

    Mobile Game Development

    By choosing us as your game development service provider, you can get a fully customized mobile game application. Our team can develop a robust game by integrating the best of graphics interface that can run on any platform, irrespective of the operating system or the device dimensions.

    Generally, we make use of Android Studio, and other native game app development platforms such as Visual Studio and Xcode to develop simple 2D games. We also provide a wide array of Sandbox type 3D games that features physical interactions and particle rendering. Moreover, our team has worked across all major mobile game development platforms and leverage mainstream tools like Xamarin.

  • Game Art Development

    Game Art Development

    At Outsource2india, we provide a complete portfolio of game development services, including conceptual art animation console prototyping, and genre-based mobile gaming environments. Since game art is a subset of the game codes, and requires extensive design appeal, thus, the game art should be visually artistic. Good game art will be accepted by the users. Hence, its design and development is as crucial as the overall game development.

    Our game designers are masters in Adobe tools like Maya, Photoshop, and Autodesk. They can integrate all kinds of concepts into the project. When you decide to outsource game development services to us, our game developers will also help you in in-game integration for console/PCs, social or online games.

  • Game Testing

    Game Testing

    When you decide to offshore game development services, our team will design a custom testing process to check and validate the game's efficiency. The test codes would evaluate each module of the codes and will test the game for compatibility, functionality, cross-platform adaptability, and many more.

    Our QA team will ensure that each code is robust and the game as a whole suits your requirement. We have a three-tier testing process that enables us to do a 360-degree quality analysis. Thus, with as your game development partner, you will get a powerful game application.

Our Game Development Process

At O2I, our game development team can design, develop, and prototype games for mobile devices, PCs and consoles. To make our services more efficient, we follow a time-tested approach. Take a look at our exhaustive game development process -


01. Demand analysis

We will contact you to evaluate your game ideas and analyze your niche needs and plan the next steps. The final requirements will be mentioned categorically in the SLAs.


02. Design and Development

At this stage, we will design the architecture of the game and start developing the game prototypes. Our team will send you the prototype for approval. Once, you approve or ask to make changes, we will do that and start coding the game mechanics.


03. Testing

Once the beta version of the game is developed, our QA analysts will test each module of the codes and will evaluate the product as a whole for performance, compatibility, etc.


04. Delivery

Now, the game will be released on the respective platform.


05. Maintenance and support

Lastly, we will provide comprehensive maintenance and support to maintain and update the game as needed.

Game Development Tools/Software We Leverage

From the exhaustive detailing of the game environment to the phase design and its testing, our game development services cover it all. We make use of the following list of tools to provide our game development services.

Unity Lumberyard Unreal Engine Construct 2 Twine Marmalade Corona Labs RPG Maker GameSalad GameMaker Stencyl Haxe Gideros MonoGame Amazon Lumberyard Fusion Buildbox Cocos2d-X 3.0 Game Maker Studio 2

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Choose Outsource2india for Game Development Services?

We can design and develop custom games and include rich graphics to enrich your end users' gaming experience. By outsourcing game development services to O2I will give you access to the following benefits -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    If you choose to outsource game development services to us, we will provide a flexible pricing model that will suit your budget.

  • 100% Information Security

    O2I has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2022, which demonstrates our expertise to prevent unnecessary interruptions in your data and applications. In addition, we use proprietary tools and servers in our workstations, delivery centers, which are 100% secure.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our game development experts enjoy the best of technologies, systems, and work environment. We have state-of-the-art game development tools. Moreover, our offices are equipped with advanced VPNs, power redundancy systems, 24/7 internet connectivity, continuous network capabilities, etc.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We develop game development projects by leveraging the capabilities of local resources. O2I has five global delivery centers spread across the globe that enable us to capture customer needs at their location and boost our turnaround time.

  • High Quality

    We offer comprehensive game development services to help your game development company release high-quality 2D & 3D games. Our solutions will allow you to boost your brand value and increase ROI.

  • Ease of Scalability

    Our game development process is designed in a way to meet your exact needs. This way, you do not have to worry about any scalability issue.

  • Experienced Team

    Our entire management experience is around 100 man-years. In addition, we have more than 200 software developers who can start your game development project in the shortest amount of time.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our call center staff is at your service 24 hours a day. You are free to reach them anytime via any mode of the communication channel.

Customer Success Stories

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O2I Created an Interactive 3D Game App for Android and iOS

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e-Commerce Website for an Australian Manufacturer and Retailer

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We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working.

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Outsource Game Development Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading provider of game development services and other custom software development solutions in India. We have an extended set of coders, programmers, designers, testers, consultants and support staff, and offer high-performing game development solutions at competitive prices. In addition, we offer excellent maintenance and support services. With more than 25 years of experience in providing a variety of game development services, we have extensive programming knowledge and serve more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

Reach out to us today to get an unparalleled game development solution at industry-wide best turnaround time.

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