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Innovative Ways to Embrace Augmented Reality for Your Business

Augmented Reality in Business

Right from science fiction stories to finding its application in everyday life, augmented reality has come a long way. This is an upcoming technology, which holds a lot of promise for businesses around the world who are planning to work smarter. AR merges the real and the virtual world by superimposing virtual overlays directly into the real world to provide the user with a composite view, which can be seen through an AR headset.

With some of the tech giants like Google and Microsoft releasing their own AR devices, the popularity of this latest technology has soared sky high. Businesses around the world are coming up with new AR applications, which can be implemented in their daily business processes. However, it is important for the companies to understand the potential of AR in business and how AR can transform their business before they try to incorporate them into their daily operations.

Innovative Ways for Businesses to Exploit Augmented Reality

Benefits of using AR in business are plenty! It is expected that the worldwide sales of AR headsets will hit a new high of about $1.2 billion by this year end. This massive popularity boom should be tapped appropriately to reap maximum benefits from this technology. Some of the most innovative ways in which businesses can use AR and various advantages of using AR in business are listed here -

  • Effective Education and Training

    AR can be the next big thing in the field of business training and related educational programs. This technology provides an interactive and immersive experience for the trainees and is proved to be far more effective than any other training methods. Therefore, AR increases the effectiveness of the training process by providing an immersive and interactive experience across multiple senses.

  • Easy Remote Collaboration

    AR has the capability to completely change the way geographically dispersed teams connect and collaborate. Often, remote employees get detached from the group or get easily distracted during team meetings, which are held across different geographical locations. AR can change the whole scenario and make such meetings more immersive and interactive by creating an impression of all the team members being present in a single room during the meeting. This prevents possible distraction of the team members attending the meeting from remote locations and makes business meetings highly effective.

  • Displaying Products Made Simple

    We all have witnessed the massive rise of the e-commerce industry in the past decade. Displaying products to the customer is one of the key aspects of the e-commerce industry. AR can change the way this industry is operating by allowing online shoppers to thoroughly inspect the features and functionalities of the products they are planning to purchase. Therefore, customers will be able to fully inspect the product and be completely convinced before they purchase the product.

  • Enhanced Navigation

    AR can be used to create interactive and informative tours, especially for museums or real estate. Realtors can use this technology to better showcase their properties to prospective buyers, by showing everything from the history of the property to recent renovations.

  • Repairs Done Right

    Augmented reality provides an improved knowledge base in the field of repairs. Using AR even the most inexperienced people will be able to repair complex machines. By demonstrating and explaining each part of the machine and instructing what exactly needs to be done, AR overlays illustrate the step-by-step process of virtually repairing anything.

  • Innovative Office Spaces

    One of the most futuristic AR business potentials is the creation of augmented office spaces. Offices generally have tangible things, such as the usual tables and chairs and other basic furniture. With AR, the office spaces can be transformed to make business activities, such as seminars and team meetings, highly efficient and interactive The empty room can be filled with endless whiteboards, which can be used by your employees to share and discuss their ideas with each other.

  • Better Customer Service

    Using AR the customer service of any company can be taken to a whole new level. Here, the customer-facing staff will be able to provide a better demo of the product or service using an AR device to potential customers. Besides, customers will also be able to get assistance with product suggestions and product reviews from a customer support executive. This helps businesses to keep their customers happy and will also help them in boosting their brand reputation and staying ahead of the competition.

The Future of Augmented Reality in Businesses

As augmented reality devices are becoming more affordable and easily available, businesses will find new ways to reach and interact with their customers. Businesses will now be able to market customized content to their clients and improve their sales. Though augmented reality is still considered to be a niche market, there is no doubt that it will be a major part of our day-to-day life in the coming years.

The overall worth of the AR market is expected to cross a staggering $90 billion by the year 2020 and this number will continue to grow exponentially after that too. However, the AR market might involve certain implementation risks, which should be thoroughly evaluated by the businesses. Therefore, companies need to carefully examine the potential of this technology and plan a strategy that precisely caters to their business needs to reap the benefits in the future.

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