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Outsource Infrastructure Application Support Services

Infrastructure Application Support Services

In today's dynamic business environment, how do you make sure that your mission critical infrastructure applications are running smoothly, while being up-to-date, integrated, and secure? Growing businesses often do not have a well-thought strategy when it comes to infrastructure application support and this leads to inefficient functioning of vital applications, loss of time and money, and unplanned disruption in business activities.

So, it is important to have infrastructure application support to ensure smooth functioning of your business. However, in-house application support can be cost-centric with no real returns. By outsourcing management and maintenance of IT infrastructure applications, businesses can make sure that they are ready to face any challenge and grow along with the market. At Outsource2india we have been offering reliable infrastructure application support services to global clients.

Infrastructure Application Support Services We Offer

O2I has been offering IT infrastructure management services for over 25 years and application support is a part of our wide service portfolio. If you would like to outsource infrastructure application support, we can customize our offerings for your business needs and help you align your operations with your objectives. Our infrastructure application support services include -

  • Application support strategy - When the world is changing at the speed of thought, the most important question that CTOs and CIOs have in mind is the future relevancy of the applications they are implementing today. Our team continuously works with global companies and provides a defined strategy for application support services so that the business applications remain effective and useful while reducing the costs.
  • Application production support services - Starting from application architecture and production design and moving on to day-to-day infrastructure application support, we do everything that lies in between. If you are thinking of implementing an infrastructure application; it is the right time to engage with O2I. We will bring our experience to the table and help you implement and operate your applications smoothly.
  • Application enhancement support services - As businesses grow and technology transforms, there's a constant need for enhancements when it comes to infrastructure applications. Our services include change management, product upgrades, technology migration, configuration changes, third-party tools implementation, and so on.
  • Application integration services - Application integrations are critical for organizations. If managed well, the new tools, features, and apps can be integrated with the infrastructure applications, with efficiency and ease. O2I makes sure that these integrations happen quickly, seamlessly, and without any downtime or loss of productivity.
  • Preventive application maintenance - Many businesses are often consumed with fighting fires as and when they occur and at times those application downtimes are too devastating for the whole business. In case of mission-critical enterprise applications, proactive, and preventive maintenance is a necessity, so that downtime is minimized and controlled. This is exactly what our preventive application maintenance will help you achieve.
  • Incident management, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis- Despite all efforts incidents do happen and threaten the smooth working of business operations. In such cases, we manage those incidents based on priority level, our expert team starts the troubleshooting to resolve the issue, and then a complete root cause analysis report is generated along with corrective measures to avoid such failures in the future.
  • Automation of application support services- In day-to-day application support, there are many tasks that can be automated to reduce time taken to run the important processes. Our team tailor-makes the automated parts of the application support function based on the client's business requirements. This saves time as well as cost.
  • Application compliance management - When there are hundreds of applications running in an organization, compliance management becomes challenging. We make sure that all your applications are secure and are in compliance with the safety norms and other standards relevant for your industry.

Why Should You Choose O2I for Outsourcing Infrastructure Application Support Services?

Outsource2india has been offering outsourcing services for all aspects of infrastructure management like network infrastructure management, server infrastructure management, remote infrastructure monitoring, security infrastructure management, and more. Infrastructure application support services are a part of that. By outsourcing application support services to O2I, you can take advantage of -

  • Flexible support model customized for your business needs assures top-quality services at extremely affordable rates
  • Remote as well as on premise support
  • Support for all types of business applications
  • Improved availability of infrastructure applications through 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Strict adherence to pre-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Reduced number of incidents
  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Safe and secure application infrastructure
  • Faster resolution of issues

Partner with Outsource2india for Reliable & Consistent Application Support Services

Outsource2india is one of the leading companies outsourcing infrastructure application support services in India, apart from a gamut of other services like infrastructure management services to global clients. Our services also include, remote monitoring services, IT helpdesk services, data center services, etc. We have in-house professionals in the field of application support who have years of experience of working with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and other popular infrastructure apps. Being in the industry for over 25 years now, we have an unbeatable track-record of working with a wide variety of clients across industries all over the globe. We offer managed services model where we take end-to-end responsibility of the application support process, so that you can free-up your resources for other business functions.

If you are looking for a partner to outsource application support services, you are at the right place. Get in touch with us now to achieve a scalable and well-integrated infrastructure application support for your business growth.

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