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Outsource Testing Services for Industries

Testing Services for Industries

In an age where we rely on computers and software programs for all kinds of tasks, whether big or small, the importance of software testing cannot be ignored. Also, as the wave of digital transformation has taken center stage across all industries and the need to speed up the time to market is severely felt by different businesses today, software testing is gaining tremendous importance like never before.

Testing software is getting complex than ever before. With different software teams working on different modules cross different parts of the world, integrating all test case scenarios and testing them in real time can prove to be cumbersome for the testers. It is important to obtain high quality results in all the stages of the software development life cycle to ensure success of a project. At Outsource2india, we understand the practical problems being faced by companies belonging to various industry verticals, and specialize in providing software testing for specific industries.

Testing Services we Provide for Different Industries

Our team of highly experienced software application testers hails from premier institutes and are trained to work on different types of testing tools and advanced technologies. Some of the key software testing services we provide for diverse industries include -

  • Acceptance Testing - This is usually done on products which are produced externally. As a part of this service, we check if the software application being developed meets the customer's requirements or not
  • Compatibility Testing - This testing is done to ensure that the software application developed is compatible with different hardware, operating systems, browsers etc. It is either done manually or using automated testing tools
  • Functional Testing - The validation of the application is done to check if all the applications perform their functions correctly, and conform to the predetermined specifications. This mainly involves a series of 'feature by feature' testing
  • Load Testing - This is a non-functional test which is done to check how the software application behaves under normal conditions and when it is under peak load conditions
  • Regression Testing - The regression test allows a repeatable and consistent testing and validation of each new release of the software application. This helps in correction of any flaws in the product during the development cycle
  • Stress Testing - This test is usually done to evaluate a system or a part of the system and determine the extent to which the software can bear the load and under what load it will fail
  • Unit Testing - These are functional and reliability testing for the behavior of components of a product to make sure that the application is functioning properly before system integration
  • System Testing - These tests are conducted on a fully-integrated system to check if the system is compliant with its specified requirements
  • White Box Testing - This is the testing of the developed application which is based on the analysis of the internal structures and functions of the software. This is also known as glass box testing or structural testing
  • Performance Testing - Performance testing is done to understand the scalability of the application software or to benchmark its performance in a third-party environment
  • Integration Testing - In this type of testing, modules are clubbed together and tested as a combination or a group. These typically includes code modules, client and server applications, individual applications, etc
  • Conformance Testing - Conformance testing is carried out to check if the software application developed conforms to the industry standards
  • Smoke Testing - This is a quick test which tests most major functions without troubling the finer details of software application

Industries We Cater To

Outsource2india has been providing software testing services for over 25 years now and has served customers across verticals and domains. Some of the key industries we provide software testing services to include -

  1. Automobile

    AutomobileDue to the changing and evolving nature of the automobile industry, it is expected to stay updated with the latest technologies. We at Outsource2india have helped many customers in this domain to stay updated with the latest technologies by implementing the right testing solutions

  2. Consumer

    ConsumerThe consumer goods companies need to be well-prepared with the ever increasing demands and expectations of the customers. We understand the industry needs to stay updated with the latest IT developments and help our clients through our software testing expertise

  3. Energy & Utilities

    Energy & UtilitiesThe focus on various energy sources and utilities has increased over the past few years due to its fast depleting nature. To efficiently manage the remaining resources, energy companies are moving towards newer IT solutions to provide the best testing solutions for these new software and tools

  4. Insurance

    InsuranceInsurance has played an important role while making up for the losses due to some uncertainties. There is an ever increasing demand for providing better services in this sector. We provide the best testing services to companies in the insurance sector, thereby ensuring that the insurance software is flawless and completely reliable

  5. Banking and Financial Services

    Banking & Financial ServicesOur experience of working with the banking and finance sector has helped us provide the best software testing services to this domain. Banking and financial services play a very important role in the economy of any country and it is important that the tools they use are well tested and are high on performance

  6. E-Learning

    E-learningE-learning consists of training a large number of people and enabling them to simultaneously take tests etc., hence e-Learning software and learning tools need to be well-tested before they are launched. We provide the top quality e-learning software and testing services to global clients

  7. Healthcare

    HealthcareThe healthcare industry has undergone tremendous change in the past decade. With newer technologies and techniques such as remote monitoring, Teleradiology, etc., it has become important that these newer technologies and tools are bug free and the medical application testing is carried out in a systematic way in order to provide the best possible healthcare treatment within the specified time

  8. Travel & Logistics

    Travel & LogisticsTravel and logistics play a key role in the growth of any economy. It is important that these industries are well updated about the current technological advances in the market. We provide the latest software testing tools to help these companies stay updated in the present industry

  9. Manufacturing

    ManufacturingThis is a highly competitive sector as far as business is concerned. Quality of the product plays an important role which decides if the company is successful or not. Using the latest technologies and tested software tools can help manufacturers develop high-quality products

  10. Retail

    RetailThe massive change in lifestyle and the way people buy products has led to major change in the retail industry. Customer's expectations and demands are always on the rise and it is mandatory that they are provided with what they need. Well tested software and tools help reduce the time of delivery

  11. Telecom

    TelecomThe mobile & telecom testing is important as this industry plays a key role in connecting people via voice, data, video, etc. Internet has changed the way the telecom domain functions. The growing demand has increased the need for innovation and bug-free software. We provide the best testing services for telecom software

  12. Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

    Pharmaceuticals and Life SciencesThis industry is a heavily regulated industry and faces huge challenges arising due to increasing costs, peer pressures, patent issues, etc. The various products need to be well-managed in order to overcome these challenges. Our top quality testing services ensure that these are managed perfectly

  13. Media, Entertainment & Publishing

    Media, Entertainment & PublishingMedia is one of the most powerful ways to reach the society. The digital media has much more impact as compared to other means of media. To counter competition, organizations are more focused on the digital media content than ever before. Outsource2india understands this and provides testing services to companies who provide solutions in media, entertainment and publishing

  14. Hi-Tech

    Hi-TechThe continuous advancement in the devices and the technologies used has enabled people to innovate newer products. The major driving forces for the current businesses include social, cloud computing, mobility and analytics. We specialize in providing testing services to clients in the hi-tech domain

Why Choose Outsource2india for Industrial Software Testing?

We at Outsource2india have been providing high-quality industrial standard software testing services to global clients. For over 25 years Outsourcing your software testing requirements to us comes with its own benefits. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Precise software testing methodologies which add value to your software pertaining to the specific industry
  • We provide highly accurate software testing services which conform to various industry standards
  • Outsourcing to us can enable you to scale up or down the number of resources required for testing, as per the project requirement at a short notice
  • We provide software testing services within a quick turnaround time
  • Our world-class combination of skilled resources, latest tools, and state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us to provide excellent testing services
  • We offer reliable testing services at cost-effective prices

Hire the Best Software Testers at Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been providing the best industry standard software testing services to clients around the globe for over 25 years now. We provide an end-to-end service which makes sure that the software application being tested is free of errors, functions smoothly and is high on performance. Our software testers are highly trained in using the latest tools and technologies and provide the best services within a quick turnaround time.

If you have any kind software testing service requirement, feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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