Offshore Product Development Services

Offshore Product Development Services

Choose our product development services and cost efficiently develop your products at a speed that outruns the competition at prices starting at $20/hour

In this highly competitive market space, where customer expectations are changing by the day, creating good products is not enough. The product you develop must be innovative, superior, and differentiated from other similar products in the market. And above all, the product needs to be developed cost-efficiently and at a speed to outstrip the competition. To ensure all of these, enterprises, need to bank on product development partners having in-depth domain knowledge backed by well-developed processes and operating from offshore destinations.

Outsource2india (O2I) has 24 years of experience in providing bespoke product development services from offshore locations like India and the Philippines. We bank on an expert and experienced product development team, cutting-edge technologies, and efficient workflows to assist our clients to develop products after assessing market trends and requirements. W guarantee a minimum of 30% reduction in development costs and 100% assurance on quality output.

Our Offshore Product Development Services

As a specialized offshore product development company, we provide services across the entire enterprise life cycle. We excel in providing out-of-the-box solutions to complex product requirements by leveraging our domain experience, technical expertise, and process maturity. Our services include -

  1. Product Ideation

    Product Ideation

    We specialize in developing product ideas. Once we get the ideas from our clients we drill deep into the market to understand what the market needs and accordingly come up with the best product features. Our expertise helps you introduce an innovative product by drawing from different perspectives and experiences.

  2. Product Development

    Product Development

    Our clients bank on us for complete architectural design of software product development services. Our profound expertise helps us get deep into every product architectural layer and build it in a way to offer competitive value. Our exposure to different business needs helps us proficiently manage both partial and full offshore software product development as per our client's business-specific needs. Some of the development processes we follow include SCRUM, Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, etc.

  3. Product Enhancement

    Product Enhancement

    Our specialization also extends to enhancing a completed product to meet changing market needs by leveraging various emerging technologies. Our services include improving product usability, expanding product capabilities, enhancing product performance and scalability, and addressing the specific needs of users.

  4. Product Migration

    Product Migration

    We have wide experience in accurately transferring client-server products to smart devices, web-based technology, etc. It is a comprehensive process in which we carry out existing platform analysis followed by planning, mapping, integration, and authentication of migrated data.

  5. Product Testing

    Product Testing

    We specialize in a range of testing services, from unit and integrated testing to performance and functional testing. We have exposure to testing every type of product, right from e-commerce platforms to financial solutions and gaming solutions. We bank on in-built accelerators and others to deliver rapid, robust, and cost-effective testing solutions.

  6. Product Maintenance

    Product Maintenance

    We provide smooth post-implementation support after the release of products. Our maintenance service is marked by a focus on rectifying critical errors during the maintenance period. Our service is covered by a range of support options such as 24/7 support, standard support, long-term support, etc. Every maintenance support is documented for future reference.

Our Product Development Process

As a renowned offshore product development service providing company, we bank on a robust process defined by the following steps -


01. Product Development Proposal and Strategy

At the onset, we meet your experts to understand your business needs and the goals that you wish to achieve with the product. After understanding the objectives we try to understand the competitive landscape to know if the product is unique or will be competing with a set of other established products. This gives us an understanding of the direction we need to take for developing your product


02. Creating a Blueprint for Product development

Once we understand your needs and the market dynamics, our experts develop a blueprint for the development process. The blueprint aligns the product specifications with the business goals and also focuses on features that the product needs to bear to make a distinctive impact in the market. The blueprint is passed to the dedicated teams for developing the product


03. Product Development

Once there is clarity on the specifications and objectives, the assigned team kick starts the development process. The overall process is monitored by quality control experts who ascertain at the end of the day that the work meets the expected standards. The team is managed by a project manager who serves as the client's single window contact


04. Product Testing

We carry out parallel testing of the completed product during the development process to ensure that bugs are detected early. Our testing team follows the best testing methods to ensure that no bugs escape attention. After the product is developed, final testing of the product is carried out. The testing is carried out in every type of environment where the product is to be used


05. Product Delivery and Maintenance

Once the product is developed and tested we hand it over to the client. During this process, we even provide hands-on training to the client on the use of the product. The training is provided to employees in general and sales and marketing people in particular. After the delivery of the product, we extend end-to-end maintenance support to our clients

Why Outsource Product Development Services to Offshore Companies?

There are various reasons for outsourcing product development to offshore companies. These include -

  • Complete Technical Know-how

    Offshore companies provide a robust technical team immediately available. The technical team comprises experts who have exposure to all types of product development and hence understand the challenges of new product development.

  • Expedited Development Process

    As being quick to market matters a lot in product development, an offshore team works as your extended team and helps you carry on with your development work when you are asleep. This gives the necessary speed to your product development needs and you can reach the deadline sooner.

  • Diminished Risks

    Launching a new product is fraught with risks. But offshore companies, by dint of their market exposure, have a perfect understanding of the risks and can properly guide you. Yet another advantage is the flexible development model of offshore companies which tends to ward off risks that are based on market dynamics.

  • Significant Cost-savings

    The biggest advantage of choosing offshore companies over onshore product development companies is the huge savings in costs. Offshore product development service providers offer their services at a price that is almost half of onshore companies, which allows companies to develop new products without burning a hole in their pocket.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Offshore Product Development Services to Outsource2india

Our clients prefer to outsource product development services to us because we guarantee faster time to market along with considerable savings in time, capital, and infrastructure, thus giving them a precise competitive advantage. Some of the defining benefits we offer include -

  • Expert Team

    We have an experienced team of product developers comprising a product manager, program developers, UX designers, QA testers, and data scientists. They work together in concept testing, validating all engineering ideas, creating new configurations, monitoring progress, and finally testing and implementing. All our members have a minimum of 5 years of experience in product development.

  • High-quality Unified Coding Standard

    Our offshore software product development services are based on high coding standards to ensure there are no performance issues when the end-user is interacting with the product. Our quality coding standards also guarantee that the product is not vulnerable to attacks. We have a dedicated team of quality control experts to ensure coding standards are maintained.

  • Significant Cost-reductions

    Our services come at highly reduced costs than those provided by onshore companies. We have a track record of performing application development, systems integration, legacy migration, maintenance, and other services at a cost that is about 30 to 65 percent less than those charged by onshore product development countries. We ensure the quality of services delivered is at par with the services of onshore companies.

  • Exposure to Product Development

    We have experience in developing a wide range of products. From first-time products to undertaking revisions and improvements to current products and product repositioning, we do it all. No matter what the requirement, is we carry out extensive research to introduce a robust product or study market demands to improve on an existing product.

  • Methods of Product Development

    We primarily follow three methods of product development which include product development by imitation, product development by adaptation or improvement, and product development by invention or innovation. We adopt the best method based on our study of your requirements and current market dynamics.

  • Time Zone Advantage

    As a leading provider of offshore product development services in India, we offer the best time zone advantage to our clients. We offer a development window of over 20 hours. As a result, our clients can expect their product development work to go on while they are asleep. We also provide a clear communication process with English-speaking project managers and teams. This way, we ensure faster time to market.

  • Reduction In Manpower and Operations

    Our services are fully suited to help startups get products to market with the least manpower and operations. We make the best talent available on short notice and get them working on new ideas. In this way, we have helped many startups launch new products without any recruiting or relying on in-house or expensive onshore resources.

Client Success Stories

O2I Developed an Intuitive a Walkthrough App to Help a Client Guide Belgian Plant Technicians

O2I Developed an Intuitive a Walkthrough App to Help a Client Guide Belgian Plant Technicians

We developed an intuitive technical walkthrough app for a Belgian client to help them track and resolve a variety of issues at their plant.

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O2I Developed an Advanced Power BI-based Data Analysis App for a Leading Transportation Firm

O2I Developed an Advanced Power BI-based Data Analysis App for a Leading Transportation Firm

Outsource2india developed an advanced and sophisticated Power BI-based app to help our logistics client analyze and visualize a large amount of customer feedback data.

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Outsource Offshore Product Development Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over decades of experience in providing high-quality product development services at cost-effective prices. Our expertise lies in our ability to stay on top of evolving business trends and technology and assisting clients to see the market through this knowledge. As a result, we make it easy for our clients to develop products that the market wants and grow their business at a faster pace with reduced resource requirements and operational costs. Our commitment to understanding diverse business scenarios makes us work as an extended team and a true and trusted partner.

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