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Outsource IT Staffing for LAMP Developers

IT Staffing for LAMP Developers

LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - form the cornerstones of the Free and Open Source Software architecture. This software bundle can be locally developed, is easy to code and deploy, and can be cheaply hosted on almost any hosting service. If you are looking for staff augmentation solutions for projects involving the LAMP bundle, look no further than Outsource2india, the pioneers at LAMP development services.

We provide staffing solutions for LAMP professionals who are qualified and have extensive knowledge in the domains that constitute LAMP. They have expertise in working for International projects, which require a skill set that integrates these different elements. Importantly, our LAMP experts have excellent communication skills, project management know-how, and soft skills, which are critical for working in tight schedules and stringent quality standards, while reporting to customers across the world.

As a part of Outsourcing IT Staffing for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, we allow our clients to hire FTE LAMP Specialists, who are proficient in the following areas -

  • Linux:

    This Free and Open Source operating system has led a computing revolution since the 1990s, and is found on devices ranging from wristwatches to supercomputers. We provide IT staffing for Linux developers with expertise in operating systems based on the Linux kernel that can customize any Distro and interface environment. We ensure that you benefit from the security, flexibility and the lack of licensing costs that make Linux an attractive option to an increasing customer base across the globe.
  • Apache HTTP Server:

    The most popular web server, this has made major contributions to the evolution of the World Wide Web and serves over half of all websites. Our dedicated IT professionals are trained and experienced in Apache and can extend their core functionality through compiled modules in order to support static and dynamic web pages.
  • MySQL:

    This is another area where our LAMP executives can provide a high level of expertise. If you need to install, modify and maintain a full-featured RDBMS in a free-software environment, MySQL is your most likely choice and you will find it to your advantage to hire full-time programmers from our talent pool to meet your requirements.
  • PHP / Python / Perl:

    Scripting in a Reflective Programming Language such as Personal Home Pages, Python or Perl is vital to the development of dynamic web pages. Get IT staffing services for LAMP developers from O2I with substantial skills the domain.

Outsource2india (O2I) offers IT Outsourcing Solutions (Full Time Equivalents /FTEs) for all your programming requirements related to LAMP applications. Whether your needs involve working with the Linux Operating System, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL Database Software or PHP/Python/Perl Scripting Language, you will find substantial benefits in using the services of our LAMP professionals available on a full time equivalent basis.

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