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Outsource Agile Software Development Services

Agile Development Services

The IT industry is evolving at a very rapid pace. In order to capitalize upon the opportunities presented by this rapidly growing sector, organizations need to adapt to the changes, as well as win over clients with minimal resources, while presenting a compelling product.

Our Agile Development Services

O2I's Agile Web Development Services provide continuous attention to design and excellence. Irrespective of whether you need to create an average-sized project or a whole new enterprise system, we, at Outsource2india, provide custom Agile Development services using advanced Agile development tools and methodologies.

Our Agile development service offerings include -

  1. Agile Assessment and Planning

    Our planning and assessment services helps global organizations figure out how their Agile implementation and adoption is progressing. Our advisors not only assess your readiness for Agile adoption, but also provide recommendations and help you chart out a roadmap for continuous improvement. At every step, we ensure that all your processes compare favorably to general Agile themes and best practices, guiding your organization towards further success.

  2. Agile Application and Software Development

    Our Agile Software Development comprises a collection of software development methods that co-ordinates requirements with solutions amongst self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Apart from promoting evolutionary development, adaptive planning, and continuous improvisation, our Agile development process encourages flexible responses to any development related change in a controlled manner.

Our Agile Development Methodology

For the past 25 years, O2I has worked with global small and large businesses to deliver valuable advice related to the platforms, metrics and tools that encourage Agile implementation, while diminishing unnecessary organizational overheads and hierarchy levels.

Our Agile Development process offers opportunities in assessing the direction throughout the development lifecycle. We ensure the respective teams involved are able to communicate effectively and understand all aspects of the development process. Development time and marketing costs are considerably reduced due to the "inspect and adapt" approach which is an exclusive feature of our agile development services.

Some of the key features of our agile development services are -

  • Continuous and integrated collaboration techniques
  • Scrum framework that offers smooth project management
  • High transparency and customized Agile tools
  • Iterative design and unique architecture
  • Flexible team development environment accommodating people working from multiple locations
  • Offers the ability to access tools related to agile management in order to support stakeholders

Why Choose Outsource2india for Agile Product Development?

Our Agile services help you identify and adopt the correct Agile approach, ensuring you are always ready to deal with business unpredictability. Our services are a mixed blend of Agile, scrum and lean practices that foster top quality, iterative and sprint-based approach to developing software. Some of the benefits of outsourcing Agile Development to O2I include -

  • Quick Returns - Developing future iterations and getting immediate returns take place hand-in-hand with agile project development
  • Early and Frequent Delivery: Short development sprints that ensure quick and frequent delivery, leading to better stakeholder engagement
  • Flexibility - Ability to change capabilities in the face of shifting priorities and requirements. Items both new and on backlog can be adjusted within the next iteration, ensuring changes can be introduced in as little as a week
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration - improved productivity and trusted delivery patterns, ensuring the team can deliver features and capabilities based on the order of their importance
  • Enhanced Business Value - Improved quality and business value achieved by higher business involvement and alignment to needs
  • Predictable Delivery Schedule - Agile methodology breaks down a complex project into more manageable units, ensuring the team dedicated to the project can focus on quality development and testing. This in turn results in a delivery schedule which can always be easily achieved, thereby leading to better ROI and top quality output

Leverage Outsource2india's Agile Development Expertise

At Outsource2india, helping companies understand the technicalities of Agile and transitioning them towards a swift, timely and well planned Agile implementation is what we do best. We have implemented Agile best practices in our own working space, and Agile and Scrum are now an integral part of all our internal operations. Our aim is to provide our clients with a robust solution with Agile principles at its core, that would in turn help drive their business growth and innovation to further heights.

Get in touch with one of our service representatives to outsource your Agile development services at highly cost-effective rates. We will be happy to know more about your requirements.

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