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Outsource Image and Video Analytics Services

Image and Video Analytics Services

Video analytics and image analytics applies computer vision algorithms to video files and images, to derive actionable insights, which can be used to increase the performance of the video and images, and collect useful operational insights. Several industry sectors can benefit from this technology, as it helps businesses in analyzing their images and videos and detect the reasons that hamper these videos from performing well. However, doing this in-house might lead to inaccurate results and huge overhead costs.

Outsourcing video analytics and image analytics services to an experienced third-party service provider will help you get access to skilled resources, latest analytics tools, and best infrastructure. Outsource2india is a leading analytics service provider and has been serving global clients for around 2 decades. We have helped our clients efficiently manage their video files and images, and make the most out of these files.

Image and Video Analytics Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, we have highly skilled and experienced video and image analysts who offer accurate video and image analytics services, which include -

Video Indexing

Video Indexing

This process involves automatic generation of caption files, using vocabulary adaptation to recognize speech content, for all your videos after choosing the right language from a series of different languages. The spoken keywords are then extracted to help in search.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection

Strictly targeted to security video feeds, here any kind of motion in a video with a stationary background is quickly and accurately detected. The technique identifies only relevant events by successfully filtering out false positives, such as lighting changes or shadows.

Face Detection

Face Detection

This involves finding and tracking human faces present in a video, as they move around along with the location metadata and time. While tracking, consistent IDs are given to particular faces even when they are moving around on the screen, briefly leave the screen or are obstructed.

Emotion Detection

Emotion Detection

Emotion detection involves detecting multiple emotional attributes on the faces in an image. Based on the expressions, specific emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc., are identified for further analysis.

Video OCR

Video OCR

In this process, typeset words are extracted from specific parts of a video content at a select sampling rate to balance quality and performance.

Video Summarization

Video Summarization

We create a summary of your video files, which can be used by your customers who would like to get a quick preview of a long video. For instance, a short summary of the video can be provided when the mouse is hovered over the thumbnail.

Video Content Moderation

Video Content Moderation

Mainly used for moderating videos, this technique involves detection and moderation of any profanity, violence, racism, and various other types of content in a video. Our content moderation services help you reduce errors and save money by avoiding the need for human content moderators who screen for such offensive, inappropriate, and illicit content in the videos.

Analytics Software We Leverage

Our team of analysts is trained to provide the best-quality video analytics services and image analytics services to our clients and work on some of the most sophisticated analytics software. We provide top-quality services to all our clients using some of the latest and updated analytics software, including -

CINEPLEX CONTEMPLAS DARTFISH Prosuit ELITE SPORTS ANLYSIS Motion View Quintic siliconcoach Sports Motion Tracker V1 PRO

Why Choose Us for Image and Video Analytics Services?

We have been in the web analytics industry for almost two decades now and have served global clients from various industry sectors. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Cost-effective Rates

    We have the required infrastructure and a team of skilled data analytics experts who provide quality services at highly cost-effective rates

  • Use of Latest Analytics Tools

    We use some of the latest video analysis software and tools to offer quick and efficient image and video analytics services of uncompromised quality

  • Highly Accurate Video Analysis

    Our analytics services are highly accurate and help businesses take critical business decisions at the right time

  • Data Security

    We sign strict confidentiality agreements and have data security policies in place to ensure that all the client video and images remain confidential

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We make sure that our analytic services do not affect any of client's internal schedules and provide the services within a quick turnaround time

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure, which enables us to provide industry best analytics services

  • Transparency in Business Operations

    We provide completely transparent services to all our clients and they will be updated with even minute changes in the project at every step

Outsource Video Analytics and Image Analytics Services to Us

Outsource2india is a leading web analytics service provider based in India and has been serving clients from different parts of the world for almost 25 years. We have world-class infrastructure and have multi-domain expertise by working with clients from different backgrounds and industry verticals. By outsourcing video analytics services to us, you can ensure efficient and accurate services within short turnaround time. Also, we use the latest tools and technologies to provide you with quality services at cost-effective rates, which makes outsourcing image analytics services to us a smart business decision.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your video as well as image analytics requirements and our professionals will successfully assist you with all your business needs.

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Image Video Analytics Services FAQs

  • What is video analytics technology?

    It's a technology that uses an algorithm to process digital signals to perform a security-related function. In this, the algorithm stimulates specific action to observe the response.

  • What can video analytics do?

    It has many applications ranging from capturing and spotting content/ event, facial recognition, heat map, traffic counting, queue detection, motion detection, and so on.