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Outsource PPC Overview - Why Opt for It?

What are PPC marketing solutions?

It’s the only sure fire method to buy targeted website traffic. Pay Per Click campaigns involve paying money to PPC search engines to get ads displayed for specific keywords. The ranking that your ad is allotted depends on your bid and payment for each click that you receive on the advertisement.

Why do you need Paid Online Advertising?

There are billions of websites online now and the number is increasing steadily with each passing year. This jostling for space and attention creates a major problem for most of the websites - NO TRAFFIC.

The reason for lack of traffic could be any of these:

  • You could have spent a lot of time, money and energy on Search Engine Optimization, waiting for search engines to index and rank your site, with no results.
  • Your website could be new, and you want immediate traffic to the site.
  • You could be an old site, caught up in search engine algorithms, giving you little traffic and little return on investment.

If you can identify with any of these cases, then Pay Per Click Marketing can work wonders for your site. Our Pay Per Click marketing solutions can get you guaranteed traffic and a little attention to your website design giving you the conversions you were waiting for.
Pay Per Click Internet marketing is the only definite method for buying targeted traffic to your website. Check out our claim now!

Can Pay Per Click Marketing be outsourced?

Yes. PPC is something you can completely outsource without any compromise in quality or results. All the data needed is available online and can be accessed from anywhere. We, at Outsource2india have worked with all the major PPC engines and stats analysis tools, and we ensure that all our expertise reaches you. Our professionals will take care of your campaign management, statistics and reporting.

How can your website benefit from a PPC campaign?

With natural or unpaid methods of search engine marketing, the results are unpredictable and slow. With PPC campaigns or paid marketing, your ads start showing as soon as the account is set up, with rankings that you get to decide. This gives you better visibility of exactly how your ad is performing. A PPC campaign paired with a well laid out ad will get you web traffic in no time.

Outsource now.

Benefits of PPC campaigns:

  • Better visibility for your website on search engines and hence better chances of getting indexed.
  • Flexibility in campaign monitoring and budgeting
  • Ability to test and fine-tune campaigns
  • Highly targeted traffic to your website and the option of paying only for clicks received.
  • Results that can be seen instantly and help you to refine campaigns further.

The PPC process - 7 steps to your success

Our Pay Per Click Internet Marketing involves a thorough step-by-step procedure to your success. Each stage of this 7-step endeavor plays a vital role to receiving the target audience that you desire.

Please go through our “PPC process page” for a detailed description of the stages involved.

What Pay Per Click reports are available and how are these reports collected?

  1. The PPC reports can be gathered through different methods and each method has its level of sophistication and accuracy.
    The reports available on the PPC engines are simple, giving details of the number of clicks spend per day and average cost per click.
  2. Software like Counter Central or Google Analytics use page tagging, whereby they provide a piece of code to be inserted on all pages of the website. Once this is done, the data on visitors, clicks, path followed etc. can be tracked using this software.
  3. Log file analysis is the more sophisticated and accurate method. The log files would be available on the server, which has to be downloaded and fed into special software like Click tracks, Web Trends etc. to get detailed reports.

Who can benefit from PPC campaigns?

  • New websites that want traffic urgently and cannot wait for the normal indexing process of search engines.
  • Websites launching new products or services and need visibility online.
  • e-commerce sites
  • Lead generation sites

How safe is your data?

  • Any data about your campaigns or website would be completely safe with us. The data that we handle are:
    Your personal and credit card details (only if you would like us to set up the campaign)
  • The login details to the various PPC engines that we would use.
  • The log files, if you would like us to do log file analysis for better accuracy of data.

At Outsource2india, we respect our customers' privacy and confidentiality. We handle your data with the utmost care and ensure maximum security to data that is solely yours.

Why choose Outsource2india?

  • We have worked with all the major PPC search engines like Google, Overture, MIVA, Goclick, Searchfeed, 7search, Enhance, Epilot etc. This expertise is crucial in choosing the right PPC search engine for your campaign.
  • We use different tools to find all the keywords relevant to your campaign so that your campaign has not only the obvious keywords, but the less popular ones as well. The obvious keywords are the ones that are popular and hence you pay more for it. The less popular keywords would come at lower bids thus lowering your campaign cost.
  • We manage your PPC campaign from end to end. Choosing the right PPC engines, selecting relevant keywords, writing creative ads, and finally reporting and monitoring. We do all this and more, so that you can sit back and relax while your site gets the PPC advantage that Outsource2india offers.

Outsource your Pay Per Click requirements to O2I.

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