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10 Ways IoT is Transforming the Future of Mobile App Development

Ways IoT is Transforming the Future of Mobile App Development

IoT has penetrated numerous aspects of our lives - working obtrusively in the background, without most of us realizing it's there. IoT enables communication between us and objects around us; typical IoT devices include drones, smart cars, smart watches, health monitors, human tissue, and appliances in a smart home - all require mobile apps to complete the network. With the increased proliferation of IoT technology and spiraling demand for connected devices, the cost of developing and maintaining IoT networks has decreased drastically.

How Increased Integration of IoT into Mobile Apps is Bringing The Change?

The connected devices collect data and push notifications to a data center - here, your Smartphone. You can control devices like your air conditioner, HVAC system, TV, and lights through your phone, even when you're miles away. It affords you total control over the features in the different gadgets and appliances.

However, to be able to do all of this, you will need a whole new suite of apps - IoT apps. They are significantly different from other apps in that they are multidimensional, and comprised of components like sensors, cloud, and analytics apart from the connected devices. And they are obviously way more complex than other apps.

  1. Increased Need for Security

    Increased Need for Security

    With user information being stored into the cloud and extreme interconnectivity of devices facilitated by IoT, there is undoubtedly an increased possibility of information being stolen, and accounts being hacked. There is a massive amount of sensitive data, or personal info at risk, which you may not be comfortable sharing with others, but, even that is at the risk of being misused due to IoT. It goes without saying that developers of IoT mobile apps have to enable stringent security protocols in all IoT-enabled mobile apps to protect user data. Enhanced data encryption and extreme data protection measures are now used by developers so that users' confidential data is protected when they use these apps.

  2. Specific Design Requirements

    Specific Design Requirements

    Unlike apps developed for desktops or laptops, mobile apps cannot be bulky; they need to occupy very little space on the phone's memory - and of course, the screen size must also be kept in mind. While this is true for all mobile apps, it becomes especially important for IoT apps because of additional components. As devices can be connected through Wi-Fi, NFC, cellular network, or Bluetooth, the design must facilitate multiple connectivity options.

  3. Enterprise Apps on the Rise

    Enterprise Apps on the Rise

    The demand for mobile apps for enterprises is bound to skyrocket, as businesses stand to gain a great deal from IoT. Companies can simplify work processes for their staff by connecting all their electronic devices & machines. This can help them achieve higher employee productivity, reduce downtime by conducting regular maintenance of office equipment, conduct repairs or replacement almost as soon as the problems occur, & more. With IoT apps, enterprises can monitor the condition & functioning of their equipment as well. Companies are also looking at introducing wearable technology within the workforce - which means more opportunities for mobile app developers creating software to support these devices.

  4. Changes in Hardware

    Changes in Hardware

    Consumers are demanding increased connectivity in everyday life - which means that not only is the demand for the software to support the connectivity escalating, the demand for hardware is also shooting up. Innovative hardware is definitely the need of the hour in the IoT revolution; what this augur for mobile carriers is that they need to have the latest Smartphones with the requisite sensors to stay on top of the situation. There is always the danger of malfunctions with newly rolled out tech, so it will also be imperative for carriers to team up with the ideal warranty service providers to protect customers.

  5. Infrastructure Changes

    Infrastructure Changes

    With data consumption and app usage shooting up, there is an urgent need for greater Wi-Fi or cellular capacity to accommodate this surge. With more apps being rolled out with high frequency, the cloud performance will also be of vital importance. Cloud service providers will need to ensure that their service is able to scale with the increased usage of network, and the enhanced functionality of IoT platforms. Mobile carriers will have to up the ante and boost their infrastructure to keep pace with all these developments.

  6. Customer Behavior and Marketing

    Customer Behavior and Marketing

    Big data is already being leveraged by marketers to understand customer preferences and usage patterns and predict future purchase behavior. With IoT mobile apps, companies can gain insight into real-time behavior of their customers and get an in-depth understanding of their customers in various segments. This will enable companies to make the necessary changes in inventory and overhaul the marketing of their products and services. With customer driven data leads, companies will be able to provide very personalized and more meaningful experiences to customers, leading to lasting, richer relationships with them.

  7. Increased Convenience

    Increased Convenience

    IoT is making life simpler for not just user, but even app developers. App developers don't have to put in as much effort to build the app, as they can make devices interactive and automate several tasks. Developers can create innovative apps that are even more user friendly.

  8. Change of Focus

    Change of Focus

    While previously it was all about providing a great UX, which was user-friendly and had functionality, now the focus is more on effectively integrating the app, sensors and the connected (smart) device.

  9. Need for Specialized Skills

    Need for Specialized Skills

    As it's a unique and complex concept, developing IoT mobile apps requires specialized skills. Mobile app developers will need to acquire additional skills to implement the IoT components properly - and may need to keep upgrading these skills to stay in the reckoning in this highly competitive field.

  10. Need for Adaptability

    Need for Adaptability

    There will be a mounting need for mobile apps of the future to support IoT and connected devices. It won't be too wrong to say that apps that don't support IoT may get rejected. IoT is making it almost mandatory for apps to be adaptable to connected smart devices

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