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Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends to look out for

Mobile App Development Trends

Global digital activity is on the rise. From buying a recently launched gadget online, to connecting to friends and acquaintances on the virtual social space, and even to ordering a delectable dish, the mobile devices that we use today are capable of any and everything.

In turn, this fascinating world of mobility gets the necessary juice to keep going from mobile applications or apps. Changes, disruptive or not, in the mobile app development ecosystem thus have a bearing on the mobile usage of both individual and enterprise users.

Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For

Every day, thousands of mobile apps get added to different publishing platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, etc. As we dive head-in towards a future made up of countless possibilities, mobile app development is ready to throw many advances our way as well. If you are a developer, or are considering developing your first mobile app, the following list will help to bring you up to speed about the latest trends in mobile app development.

  1. Security - A Priority

    When it comes to security, users are not going to cut app developers slack given the fact that hackers stealing heaps of confidential information is not a distant possibility anymore. Even the iOS App Store that has been long considered as hack-proof (since Apple approves apps through an extremely rigorous process) got its first bitter taste of malware attack last year. As a result, developers will have to be on the high-alert to plug as many security holes as possible, and make sure user data remains secure and confidential

  2. Consolidation Gathers Steam

    According to the enterprise mobile app-building framework Appery.io, this year the number of point vendors who provide solutions for different parts of the whole development process will get reduced; many of them will fall by the wayside or be gobbled up by larger corporations. Things will take shape this way because corporations will need an in-depth, secure, and complete platform for app publishing. Not only that, a high-performing platform will go a long way toward realizing their digitization initiatives in general

  3. Focus on Hybrid HTML5

    In the top mobile application development trends matrix, this occupies an important position. Apps powered by hybrid HTML5 are basking in the glory of soaring popularity at the moment and the situation will not reverse anytime soon. Enterprises prefer these apps to native ones as the former helps them to bring a wider user-base on-board, and the user experience also gets greatly enhanced due to app compatibility on multiple devices and screens

  4. It's Getting Cloudy

    The amazing cloud technology has become an irresistible choice for developers. Why? Reasons are there aplenty. Cloud-based development tools enable developers to come up with polished, high-quality apps in a short amount of time, while gathering the ability to sync across multiple smart devices and operating systems. Apart from that, they can grab other benefits as well, such as keeping app size small, managing the bandwidth, and so on

  5. Mobile Centers Of Excellence Come To The Fore

    The concept of establishing a mobile center of excellence within the organization has already captured the imagination of several big enterprises. It's safe to say that in the coming days the trend will spread to more enterprises. Basically, it fosters the development of apps in a collaborative environment where the business and IT sides work shoulder-to-shoulder to realize efficiency and scalability

  6. The Adrenaline Rush of Multiplayer Gaming

    These days, games that support multiple players are gaining a lot of traction in the mobile games arena. For developers, this has necessitated the integration of social channels within their games. Also, developers have to understand that as the cloud has entered the mobile development frame with a vengeance, games must offer superior syncing capabilities for the players, while ensuring uninterrupted connections

  7. Increased Use of APIs

    Nowadays, developers are finding it hard to make their apps run seamlessly on different platforms and numerous models. So, how could they get around the problem? Well, the solution lies in using APIs. They save the developers from going through the pain of amassing a huge amount of data and spending time developing specific aspects of their app. Furthermore, retrieval of information from old records also gets excluded from the picture. At the same time, user authentication doesn't get hampered

  8. Surge In Mobile Commerce and Mobile Banking Transactions

    Consumers around the globe now love to shop more on their mobile devices. Even when making purchases inside a physical outlet, they are using mobile payment options. Plastic is so passé. Today, the global mobile commerce market represents over one-third (35%) of all online commerce. Apart from shopping, consumers are also increasingly seeking the convenience of mobility to meet their banking needs. Therefore, app developers have to be in the loop when it comes to both m-Commerce and Mobile bank app development, and offer solutions accordingly

  9. Market for Enterprise Apps is Growing

    Among the mobile app development trends that we are discussing here, this one can instantly induce developers to smile from ear to ear. The reason is that more and more enterprises are gradually implementing business mobility initiatives and so as a logical next step they are counting on blue-chip apps. The recent VMware State of Business Mobility Report says 45-50% of enterprises that have moved toward business mobility are reaping business benefit gains that hover between 20-30%. As a result, developers will have umpteen opportunities to create apps for enterprises in the coming days, while benefiting from increased exposure and market gains

  10. March of the Internet of Things (IoT) Continues

    IoT is still in its infancy; even then it has started profoundly impacting every area you can think of: manufacturing, retail, healthcare, home, or automotive. It is anticipated that by 2025 the size of the IoT market could touch the $11.1 trillion threshold. Connected devices that seamlessly talk to each other will bring an unbelievably new twist in the way we interact with machines. So, to prime themselves for a world where omnipresent connectivity will be commonplace, developers have to set their sights on devices beyond smartphones

  11. Enterprises are Playing Host to Wearable Technology

    Until recently, wearable tech has been more or less restricted to the consumer segment mainly in the form of fitness trackers. However, a diversion in that trajectory can now be seen. Enterprises are embracing devices that sit right on top of a body part, so much so that four years hence the enterprise wearable market will grow to the tune of $6.3 billion. To rephrase in simple words, wearable apps are on the cusp of a revolution

  12. Invasion of the Robots

    Apps for robots! Yes, you heard it right. In fact, predictions for future trends in mobile application development are incomplete without it. We are talking about robotics. New robots - including those targeted at household adoption-with enhanced capabilities are being unveiled regularly and the trend is poised to pick up further. The global market for robotics technology will reach the $82.7 billion mark by 2020. Therefore, it's time for developers to get cracking on dedicated apps for robots

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At O2I, we know that the trends mentioned above are sure to rock the mobile app development world as we know it tomorrow and pave the way for a futuristic world where everything would be smart, connected, and have global implications.

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