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O2I Developed a Robust Power BI-based App to Help a Logistics Provider Analyze Data

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The Client

The client is one of the most globally recognized transportation and logistics providers with a presence in over 200 countries and territories. They manage the flow of funds, information, and goods globally.

Client's Requirement

The client had designed an NPS Survey Support program to help it enhance the experience it provides to its customers. As part of this program, their operations team (call center team) would capture the vocal feedback of its customers spread across different countries verbatim. Then, the feedback would be captured in an Excel sheet and shared with the various country heads who would then come up with corrective actions to address the pain points of customers to improve their overall customer experience.

The client contacted us to provide them with a software solution that would enable them to better visualize the data in the form of dashboards and other graphical interfaces so that they could drill down into the data and make better-informed decisions.

Client's Challenges

There were several challenges the client was facing. The main ones were -

  • The customer feedback was captured in an Excel sheet, which was subject to multiple iterations and changes made by the operations team and the management, leading to a lot of manual effort. The client was looking for a way to minimize this manual effort.
  • After the data was finalized, the country heads and management would look at the data, but they wanted to see the data in the form of interactive dashboards and other graphical representations to get a clearer view of the data. The client wanted to be able to filter the data based on multiple criteria to enable better decision making.

O2I's Solution

We provided a highly robust solution to our client. Our solution, which incorporated the Power BI tool, included -

  • An Application to Upload Files

    To reduce the multiple iterations that the Excel file was subject to, we developed an application to allow users to upload the Excel file so that the operations team could enter the feedback data. The Excel sheet could then be accessed by the management who could download and review the data and make changes if required. The application would then automatically refresh the data and reflect the changes in the reports.

  • Power BI Reports and Dashboard

    We developed a dashboard and reports to enable our clients to have the relevant data at their fingertips. Our solution enabled the client to drill down into the data and better visualize how the services and offerings were performing at various levels. We incorporated the various filters and graphical options provided by the Power BI tool to help the client better visualize and analyze the data to make better-informed decisions.


The client is very happy since their team can now efficiently and easily get graphical representations of trends into how their services are performing and their Net Promoter Score. Our Power-BI based solution has helped the client achieve complete transparency in their data and their customer's feedback. Our use of the Power BI-tool has also helped the client filter data by city, state, root cause, function, and more. With our Power BI-based app developed for the global firm, the client can now analyze NPS trends, review comments by existing and new customers, and much more.

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