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Outsource Software Development for ISVs

Outsource Software Development for ISVs

Our FTEs adhere to the deadlines and stringent quality requirements of independent software vendors with our exemplary software development expertise that starts at $2200 for a minimum of 160 hours

As Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), you face distinctive challenges. The key challenge is being able to adhere to tight deadlines and delivering software that satisfies the quality specifications. It often happens that these challenges hamper the ability of ISVs to capture the market and even to keep the business running in the long term. At Outsource2india, we have created processes that help ISVs - whether they are start-ups or established businesses, regardless of size - to overcome these challenges.

With two decades of experience in software development, O2I is ideally placed to offer its services to ISVs. We have delivered excellent software products to several independent software vendors, which has helped them meet their product development requirements. Our extensive domain expertise, in-depth technical expertise, and the implementation of industry best practices at every stage of development enable us to provide you with the best services.

Software Development Services We Offer to ISVs

From ideation to implementation, we at O2I provide end-to-end solutions, helping our ISV clients to deliver superior quality software to their customers and help them adapt to dynamic market requirements. As an ISVs software development provider, we follow modern agile development methods to ensure that we deliver flawless products within the specified timeline. As a reputed provider of software development for ISVs in India, we provide these software development services for independent software vendors -

  1. Product Consulting

    Product Consulting

    This service is meant for developing products with a variation, to distinguish them from those already available. Our team at O2I has the expertise to provide consultation services for products of specific industries, processes regardless of industries, and products for industries. We can help you create the road map for product development, product engineering services from start to finish, as well as comprehensive product support. Additionally, we have also assisted the ISVs to perform software rollout at the client's end.

  2. Outsourced Product Development (OPD) Services

    Product Development Services

    With these services, we have helped our ISV clients to manage the whole product or specific sections of the product development. The combination of our technical expertise and the latest technologies, tools, and methods, offers a distinct competitive advantage to our ISV clients. We strive to deliver exceptional software products with smart strategizing, collaboration, and specialist professionals to craft winning software solutions.

  3. Product Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support Services

    Product Enhancement, Maintenance, and Support Services

    ISVs can leverage our expertise to add new functionalities and improve the existing software products of their clients. We have a great deal of experience in exploiting modern technology to enhance a product and upgrade it to make it better than other products in the market. With our maintenance and support services, we ensure that the software stays free of bugs, is kept up and running for the maximum time, and regular updates are carried out to keep it relevant.

  4. Product Migration and Porting Services

    Product Migration and Porting Services

    Being a software development service provider for ISVs, we have adequate expertise in migration and porting services, beginning with migrating the platform, to migrating within the OS, migrating to a new programming language, mobile app porting, and so on. We have created a sequential migration and porting process. We have an excellent track record in porting apps to the latest mobile and web platforms with the latest architecture and design, as this helps ensure that the original scope of the software is not compromised. As an ISV, you can enjoy more efficiency thanks to our immense expertise in open-source frameworks, cloud tech, and SaaS, etc.

  5. Product Testing Services

    Product Testing Services

    It is important to ensure that the software has no errors and functions smoothly. At O2I we are specialized in an array of testing services like security, functional, integration, performance, and so on. This allows us to verify that the software modules match the technical and business needs. To ensure quick testing, we depend on our rock-solid testing strategy, design, and implementation; additionally we use robust, modern testing tools, and help clients to take advantage of quick time to market.

  6. Product Engineering

    Product Engineering

    At O2I we offer end-to-end product engineering services - from gap analysis and ideation to legacy conversion, deployment, and integration of systems, regardless of industry. Our expertise covers the following areas - analysis of product gap, developing product roadmaps, adding new features, and integrating products. We have also helped numerous large ISVs to leverage the newest tech platforms and upgrade their products. Additionally, we are adept in product re-engineering, where we perform a complete redesign and modify the architecture of the product. A separate team specifically handles product rollout and system integration; they have the expertise to use frameworks, personalized templates, and reusable modules to ensure a short turnaround time.

  7. Solution Architecture

    Solution Architecture

    To get the maximum ROI and finest business outcomes, ISVs can make use of our solution architecture services. Starting with an evaluation of architecture maturity and planning, to business strategy recommendations; from target creations, and architecture evolution, to deploying architecture tools and frameworks, we deliver all-encompassing architecture practice organization-wide. Our team can build architecture prototypes, basing them on industry best reference models and frameworks. They also have vast experience in providing consultancy service on the best practices in solutions architecture, to help clients in designing effective solutions from scratch.

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development for ISVs

As a software development solutions for independent software vendor with 25 years of experience, ISVs can enjoy the following advantages of our expertise -

 Focus on key activities like marketing
 Perform market analysis
 Save time and money
 Gain competitive edge
 Concentrate on business growth

Software Development Process We Follow

At O2I, we have established a foolproof workflow process because we are the best software development providng company for ISVs. Our methods will ensure that you know everything we do to ensure success of your project -


Gather the customer requirements through detailed discussions, which will also include market trends and competitor products


Understand the scope of the project and prepare a roadmap to development


Discuss how we can add value, and estimate a budget and deadlines


The project is assigned to an expert team with relevant experience, led by a senior manager


The product development process gets underway


Extensive testing is conducted to identify and remove bugs


Final testing carried out to ensure the smooth functioning of the product. Handover or deployment of the product - our team helps in implementation and integration with legacy systems if any.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Technologies We Use

At O2I we have dedicated teams that specialize in specific sets of software languages or technologies, and we constantly learn and upgrade our skills. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to -

.NET JavaScript MySql Azure python ANGULARJS php node js React Native Xamarin Swift laravel Ruby WORDPRESS Joomla Drupal

Why Outsource Software Development for ISVs to Outsource2india?

For over 25 years we have been developing and implementing high octane software products for ISV customers. Here are the advantages you can enjoy -

  • ISO Certified Provider

    We have been recognized for the quality of our services with international certifications like ISO, HIPAA, ICD 10, ICD 11, DSM 5, and RBMA.

  • 100% Data Security

    As part of the software development solutions for ISVs, we take data security seriously and ensure it's not compromised in any manner. Apart from multi-layer security, our employees are educated on software and cybersecurity, and we have a complete risk management strategy in place.

  • Scalable Engagement Models

    You can hire our resources to suit a variety of your requirements so that it's cost-effective for you. You get the advantage of our highly expert professionals and save time in development. As part of software development for independent software vendor, we can ramp up or scale down the teams to suit your needs.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    O2I has 8 delivery centers spread across the world; add to this our clearly defined processes and technical expertise - this helps us in ensuring short turnaround times.

  • SPOC

    Every project is assigned a dedicated team leader who will be there to answer your project queries, provide updates, and so on. You can choose the communication method of your choice, and get quick responses every time. Your team lead will form the bridge between you and the development team.

  • Proven Expertise

    With a minimum of 10 years of expertise in software development, our professionals are innovative and excel in their tasks. They are also adept in drawing up thorough testing plans to determine that the functional specifications of the product are well tested before implementation.

  • Top-Notch Infrastructure

    O2I prides itself on its access to the latest and most powerful technologies and tools, excellent resources, world-class workspaces, and the most talented professionals. This enables us to craft high octane software that performs perfectly, as expected.

  • 24/7 Support

    Thanks to our multiple delivery centers around the world, we can offer support to our customers round the clock.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Developed Multi-functional Travel App to Facilitate Bookings

O2I Developed a Multi-functional Travel App to Facilitate Bookings

The client was looking for a software development partner who could develop a multi-functional travel app which would integrate all types of hotels, sightseeing services, etc.

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Software Testing of SaaS Platform

Software Testing of SaaS Platform for a Scandinavian Company

A client from Scandinavia offshored software QA testing to us. We helped them launch successful products that were bug-free and ready to meet end-users.

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Outsource Software Development Services for ISVs to Outsource2india


We have worked with Outsource2india on various projects and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

Software Services and Advertising Company, South Africa
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At O2I, we have wide experience in helping ISVs across industries to deliver different types of software like business apps, industry-specific apps, multiplatform apps, and more. We can help ISVs in building software from the ground up for small and medium companies, and help large ISVs to acquire highly skilled professionals quickly. Our robust, well-rounded internal teams have assisted innumerable ISVs across the world - via onsite, and offsite project support. Our track record in handling diverse support requirements is exemplary - and this frees your in-house resources to concentrate on core tasks or innovative projects.

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