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Outsource Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Setup Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Setup

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a product line software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). It enables enhanced customer engagement through intelligent business applications. Besides, digital transformation is possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and it enables effective handling of customer management and customer data on one single platform. However, you need to get started with a reliable Microsoft Dynamics setup, which is customized to match your organization's unique requirements.

It is essential that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization and set up is carried out with utmost accuracy to ensure optimal business performance and improved customer engagement. This can be done by a company that specializes in it. Outsource2india has a team of experienced professionals who can help you with Microsoft dynamics 365 setup and customization services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Setup Services We Offer

We, at Outsource2india, help you derive the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and related tools and technologies. You can manage business processes, data, reports, and dashboards on one platform with by opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization. The main services that we provide are -

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup services include -

  • Consultancy to select the right applications and solutions
  • On-premise deployment of Microsoft Dynamics applications
  • Integration with existing applications and tools
  • Cloud setup
  • Setup of Entity View, Forms, Attributes, Templates, Emails, Charts, Dashboards, and more
  • Setup of Business Rules and Workflows

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization services include -

  • Customization of the look and feel of the application to meet your corporate branding needs
  • Customizing forms and views so that you get access to only the relevant information
  • Creating and customizing Metadata, Simple Forms, Interactive Forms, Views, Simple Dashboards, Interactive Dashboards, etc.
  • Creating and customizing Processes, Business Rules, Web Resources, and Workflows
  • Customizing the solution for different devices like smart phones and tablets
  • Adding extra Modules based on your business needs

Our Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics Customization & Setup

We are among the very few organizations that offer end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup in India. Our team of experts ensures that you don't have to invest extra time and resources in focusing on implementation and set-up. O2I will understand your business requirements, customize the solution and implement it within a short time-frame. Apart from new Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, we also help you with the following once you outsource Microsoft dynamics 365 setup and customization services to us -

  • Level 1 support - Basic setup and configuration
  • Level 2 support - Advanced customization services and development
  • On-premise and on-cloud deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and any other third-party tools needed
  • Enabling migration from other CRM applications like Zoho, Salesforce, and other Excel-based processes
  • Enabling integration with other applications by using scribe packages

We also provide the following deployment and configuration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 -

  • Online setting up of Dynamics 365
  • Setting up of entity view for new entities
  • Developing necessary business rules, dashboards, workflows, and email templates
  • Post-implementation support and upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Setup Offers Several Benefits to Global Businesses

  • Being a cloud-based system, it amalgamates the benefits offered by the cloud with the ERP and CRM systems of your business, while greatly reducing operational costs
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup provides the ability to pick features and capabilities based on the requirements of your business, thereby making it a highly flexible solution for growing enterprises
  • Since it is an application-centric solution, it provides customizable applications for Sales, Finance and Operations, Talent, Marketing, Retail, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation, that businesses can implement or customize based on their needs
  • Microsoft Dynamics comes in two versions to cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes. These are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition. The Enterprise Edition has several Plans that offer different applications and cater to different numbers of users
  • Microsoft has integrated Dynamics 365 with its other products like Office 365, Outlook, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence; making it more seamless and aligned with the Microsoft applications that a business might already be using

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Outsource Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Setup to O2I?

Several companies across the globe have benefited from our seamless setup and customization services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and customization services to us can help you focus on core business operations, reduce costs and enhance profitability. When you outsource Microsoft dynamics 365 customization and setup services to us, you get access to the following benefits -

  • Services that you can Afford - You pay only for the services that you opt for, and not necessarily for a pre-defined package of services, some of which may not be applicable to your business. Hence, it turns out to be a cost-effective exercise to join hands with us for Dynamics 365 customization services
  • Project Flexibility - As part of our services, we ensure maximum functional flexibility in your project so that your business operations continue as-is, and your staff continues to focus on core business goals, resulting in improved productivity
  • Assured Data Security - We bring to rest all the data safety related concerns associated with outsourcing by adhering to the highest standards of security compliance. Being ISO 27001:2005 certified we maintain foolproof processes to safeguard all the data that you share with us. Our robust IT infrastructure takes care of all types of security threats that may exist in the market
  • Skilled Staff Across Delivery Centers - To cater to companies around the world, working in different time zones, we have set up delivery centers in strategic locations, which are housed with skilled and experienced professionals who are certified in providing seamless, uncomplicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization, setup, and migration services
  • Quick Turnaround Time - Our aim is to ensure faster delivery within a short span of time. We understand your requirements clearly and work on a plan to achieve the end goal of Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup and customization. Following the plan results in turning things around for our clients within a quick turnaround time

Partner with Outsource2india for Reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Setup Services

At Outsource2india, we have been offering high-quality infrastructure management and a host of other software development services, for more than a decade. Some of our other service offerings include data center services, remote monitoring services, and IT helpdesk services, including -

  • Microsoft Dynamics customization and setup
  • Deployment and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Custom development of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Managed services for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Migration and upgrade services for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Integration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Outsource2india has been providing customization and implementation services for the whole range of Microsoft products aimed at global organizations. You can trust O2I for scalable, dedicated, and cost-effective services to meet your strategic targets. We deploy an experienced project manager and team members who have expertise in various fields based on project requirements. Our team is ready to start work on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup projects immediately.

If you are looking for highly efficient Microsoft dynamics 365 setup in India, get in touch with us. We will get in touch with you soon.

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