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Outsource e-Learning Software Application Development

e-Learning Software Application Development

e-Learning encompasses diverse training models like computer based training, web based training, simulations, audio video sessions, self-paced programs, and so on. There are multiple levels of training for various e-courses and programs available online. However, to manage all these effectively on time and ensure that learners are progressing with the right mode of training is challenging.

This is exactly where O2I's e-Learning custom application development services have an advantage. We know that each organization has different training requirements, and design online training models and appropriate software to meet those needs, and ensure that our users understand the custom application development with ease and excel in the domain.

Before designing a course for custom e-Learning development, our team of experts takes care of the following key aspects -

  • Understanding Users - At O2I, we first gauge the learning preferences of users to decide whether existing e-Learning software is fine or there is a need for new e-Learning application development. Some key variables that we consider are learner's demographics, usage (whether they are regular software/computer users or not), probability to opt for e-Learning, and learning preferences, among others. We then base our e-Learning development on those variables and use our expertise to build a highly effective and customized e-Learning solution.

  • Content Driven Customization - Our experts customize applications after carefully analyzing the e-Learning content that needs to be delivered, and suggest the best delivery options which can bring in maximum training effectiveness. Our professionals understand which mode works with which type of content, and clearly explain this to our clients before delivering a particular type of content, so as to provide the best e-Learning application.

O2I's Custom e-Learning Application Development Services

Our e-Learning software application development services cater to various training methods including Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT), Self-Paced Learning Tutorials, Instructor Led Training (ILT), Online Courses, Product Tutorials, Online Product Demos, Simulations, and e-Learning Software.

All these solutions are specifically designed by experienced professionals to meet diverse e-Learning requirements, and provide ready to use and tailor-made e-Learning applications. Our clients can choose from our existing lineup of e-Learning applications, or get it customized to suit their special training needs.

O2I Goes Beyond Custom e-Learning Software Solutions

At times even a customized training solution may leave learning gaps, which can hinder cent percent user satisfaction. This is where we redefine e-Learning solutions.

At O2I, customization is not limited to combining or making finer changes to existing e-Learning applications. If required, we are always willing to go an extra mile to make necessary refinements, or create an entirely new e-Learning application from the scratch exclusively for our clients.

Experts at Work

Expert solutions need people with great expertise. Therefore, to give you a complete custom e-Learning software development application, we have employed an expert team consisting of highly skilled professionals with the following job descriptions:

  • Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Specialists
  • Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Training Experts
  • Content Developers
  • Creative Artists
  • Testers

Outsource Your Custom e-Learning Application Development to O2I

With a vast experience of offering e-Learning services, our application development team takes care of all the finer nuisances, and details that goes into developing perfect e-Learning solutions for all your business needs.

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e-Learning Software Application Development FAQs

  • What is e-learning software?

    eLearning software allows for the delivery of courses and information electronically via the Internet, a company Intranet, or other platforms like CD-ROM or DVD.

  • What is the purpose of e-learning?

    The purpose of e-learning is to impart educational courses electronically without the candidate having to physically attend a school, university, or any other type of academic institute.

  • How can e-learning help students?

    e-learning can help students learn and master courses from the comfort of their own home or other venue without them having to physically attend classes.