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Alexa Skill Development Services

Outsource Alexa Skill Development Services

Provide Voice-first experiences to your clients, enhance business productivity, and accelerate revenue by outsourcing Alexa skill development to us starting at just $20 per hour

The AI landscape today is rapidly evolving. From being a fascinating concept and a ubiquitous trope in most sci-fi movies, voice-based AI applications have today found their way into our very homes and day-to-day lives. Such voice-based platforms also serve as a great base for businesses looking to boost productivity while serving their customers in the best possible manner.

At O2I, we offer a host of Alexa skill development services for global businesses that are targeting the next generation of customers and get on their wavelength before their competition can. According to Tractica, there will be 1.8 billion people using voice-based digital assistants around the world, with Amazon's Alexa remaining a frontrunner owing to its global appeal. With our help, you can benefit greatly from our amazon echo skill development services and develop skills for your business easily while making them operational through Alexa-enabled Echo speakers, Echo devices, and Echo Smart Home gadgets.

Alexa Skill Development Services We Offer

When you outsource Alexa skill development services to O2I, we create exceptional skills and apps tailored to your requirements. We ensure our customers can benefit greatly from this new mode of accessibility while opening up their products and services to a whole new target demographic.

Over the years, we have used both AWS Lambda and other custom server environments for custom Alexa-enabled application development on devices such as Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Show, Fire Stick, etc. One of the primary benefits we offer as an Alexa skill development service provider is the ability to develop a skill once and run it everywhere without any change in the code-base. Our Amazon Alexa app development services include -

  1. Custom Alexa Skill Development Services

    Custom Alexa Skill Development Services

    Outsourcing Alexa skill development services help you perform voice-based interactions with Alexa which rely on custom-developed code to suit your requirements. Whether you want to add in-skill purchasing, custom audio sounds, support for screen interaction or design a voice design interface from scratch, we can do it all.

  2. Alexa Mobile App Integration Services

    Alexa Mobile App Integration Services

    We can successfully integrate your existing iOS or Android apps or even create new ones to support Alexa's voice-based functionality. With completely new Alexa voice services, you stand to gain completely new features for your apps which your customers will fall in love with. As a premier Alexa skill development company, we can create specific user-engagement scenarios for your app as well.

  3. Alexa Integration with ERP Systems

    Alexa Integration with ERP Systems

    As a leading provider of Alexa skill development services in India, we integrate specific Alexa skills within existing ERP systems to enable voice-based operational management for your business tasks. By fetching existing data from the ERP software our amazon echo skill development team can take care of all your requirements that fetch data from your ERP software.

  4. Alexa Skill Testing Services

    Alexa Skill Testing Services

    Alexa skills can vary based on multiple variables since they can be enabled worldwide without you having to do much of the hard work. As a result, you must test the Alexa skills properly before deployment. As part of our Alexa skill development services, we ensure 100% error-free Alexa skill development and testing, while checking variables such as skill functionality, regional overrides, dialogs, progressive responses, entity correction, etc.

  5. Alexa Multilingual Support Services

    Alexa Multilingual Support Services

    As part of our Alexa application development for businesses, we can build support for multiple country profiles and languages within the Alexa skill, opening your doors to an international audience.

  6. Alexa Home Automation Services

    Alexa Home Automation Services

    Our Alexa skill developers have worked on numerous projects to create AI voice solutions for Alexa. We can leverage Alexa's conversational AI and create unique voice-based commands to help you automate the homes of tomorrow. If required, we can also integrate existing smart home systems with Alexa skills to further enrich user experience.

  7. Alexa Services for On-Demand Apps

    Alexa Services for On-Demand Apps

    On-demand apps are extremely important in today's day and age. By enabling your on-demand apps with Alexa skills and voice functionality, By voicing your on-demand mobile applications, we can ensure your customers can place orders, book appointments, hail cabs, etc. just by calling out the command. As your chosen Alexa skill development service provider we can further integrate your on-demand business model with custom Alexa functionality to deliver maximum functionality.

  8. Amazon Pay Integration Services

    Amazon Pay Integration Services

    Amazon Pay is widely used around the world by customers shopping online. By integrating Amazon Pay into your product you can now ensure better customer satisfaction as they can make payments with simple voice commands. Our end-to-end solution for Alexa-based Echo devices further ensures seamless checkout functionality for better user experience as well.

  9. Alexa Strategy Services

    Alexa Strategy Services

    Are you exploring how Alexa's voice search functionality can help your business? Our consultants can build a concrete AI-driven voice strategy while incorporating several factors such as geotagging, voice-based SEO, heuristic queries, etc. ensuring we can help you devise a successful strategy with our custom Alexa-enabled application development.

  10. VUI Design Services

    VUI Design Services

    We are one of the very few Alexa skill development services that can create intelligent, easy-to-use, and intuitive voice-based user interfaces for multiple applications for diverse fields. With our help, you can improve the voice recognition capabilities of Alexa, especially for your devices or products, thereby enhancing the overall responsiveness.

Alexa Skill Development Process We Follow


We will collaborate with you to understand your business needs and what you expect from us


We will design a requirement document to finalizing the design you require for your business


We will select the team and brief the features you require to be integrated into the Alexa


We will commence development and the project will be completed on schedule


We will test the designed module to ensure it is robust in real-time condition


We will help you deploy the module in a run-time environment and provide training and support

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Amazon Alexa Skill Development Technologies We Leverage

At Outsurce2india, our Alexa-enabled application development services are built on the latest voice technologies which ensure enhanced user experience without compromising. On quality. As your chosen Alexa skill development company, we can leverage technologies which include -

Smart Home Skill API
Alexa Voice Service (AVS)
Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)
Cloud Integration With Amazon Alexa
Smart Home Skill API
We create custom skills for multiple Alexa Voice Interactions using the Smart Home Skill API. With the help of its capability interfaces, we can build support for contextual targeting and controlling devices through routines.
Alexa Voice Service (AVS)
To help you get faster to the market with your offerings, we can integrate AVS technologies easily in multiple products and services while ensuring zero background complications.
Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)
The ASK kit is a collection of APIs, code samples, tools, and important documentation which allow us to leverage Alexa's neural voice design to create stunning Alexa skills, ensuring faster, leaner, and easier to use applications.
Cloud Integration With Amazon Alexa
By carefully integrating Amazon Echo skill development with AWS and the Azure Cloud Platform, we can fulfill your needs for tighter, more scalable solutions. This can include solutions for IoT system security, voice control, continuous connection, etc.

Key Alexa Skills We Develop

All our development efforts make the best out of what Amazon's Alexa has to offer. By integrating robust features and developing for multiple scenarios, we can ensure better performance and better customer retention for your apps and services. Some of the key features we can develop for as part of our services include -

  1. Display Cards

    We can leverage Alexa's Voice Service API to support various types of display cards for custom Alexa-enabled solutions for your business. Using this feature, we can use Alexa's screen-based system and deliver unique visual content that can then sync with Alexa's voice responses.

  2. Localization

    As a premier Alexa skill development service providing company, we can leverage Alexa's multifunctional capabilities including its ability to recognize multiple languages and geographies to help you expand your user base to new regions.

  3. Natural Voice Control

    We use Alexa Voice Service (AVS) along with proprietary natural language (NLU) engines as well as automatic speech recognition (ASR) programs to incorporate high-quality voice-based control into a range of connected devices as per your wish.

  4. Notifications

    We leverage custom skills from the Alexa Skill Kit (ASK) into a specified product that can integrate Alexa's voice services. As a result, your users can easily receive specific notifications by using simple voice commands.

  5. Smarter Actions

    As the Alexa API keeps receiving updates regularly, we can incorporate custom skills that offer a host of new capabilities to allow your customers or employees to perform smarter actions.

Why Outsource Alexa Skill Development Services to Outsource2india?

Over the years, we have worked with many businesses worldwide who are looking for a key differentiating factor when it comes to attracting new customers to their platforms. With our Alexa application development for businesses, we can help you enhance customer experience while adding more flexibility to your products. As our Amazon skill development team works with you to understand your requirements, we create an entire roadmap for delivery which in turn relies on our strong skill sets. By partnering with us you can gain from the following -

  • High-quality

    Alexa application development, testing, and prototyping for various voice-based deliveries.

  • Experienced and Professional

    Specialized coders with multiple programming skills to make quality Amazon Alexa apps and skills.

  • Customized Services at a Budget

    We offer custom services wherein we can integrate Alexa's voice service on multiple mobile devices.

  • Exceptional Voice Design Quality

    We provide exceptional voice architecture where each of our apps and skills integrates a novel approach that considers all the technical issues and new tech integration problems that might crop up down the line.

  • Maintainable and Scalable

    We design scalable codebase for a clean, robust experience without bogging down the nature and speed of your app.

  • Agile Development

    We offer an agile development environment which in turn ensures rapid delivery of high-quality apps and skills which stick to your existing schedule.

  • Strong Architecture

    Our powerful architecture for Alexa skills and selective design patterns are our hallmarks, which allow us to create skills for multiple Echo devices and custom devices with ease.

  • Native User Interfaces

    We provide native user interfaces for apps and skills based on a unique programming approach which keeps in mind the availability of UI and UX and therefore is designed individually keeping them in mind.

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Outsource Alexa Skill Development Services to Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, what sets us apart is our unique ability to understand every single one of our client's custom software development requirements and backed by a skilled team of developers who are trailblazers when it comes to developing for this new technology. Our strategy-driven approach coupled with our ability to create intuitive voice landscapes helps to elevate your user base and drive future growth.

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Alexa Skill Development Services FAQs

  • What is Alexa skill development?

    Alexa skill development is a software development method of developing skills for the Alexa device and enhance its productivity.

  • How do you build Alexa skill?

    An Alexa skill can be built by designing and planning the skill, set up the skill in the developer console, build the interaction model, write and test the code, and submit the skill for certification.

  • How much does it cost to build an Alexa skill?

    The cost of building an Alexa skill can cost anywhere between $5000 to $20000 and then about $100 per month to monitor and host the skill.

  • How many Alexa skills are there?

    Currently, there are more than 100,000 Amazon Alexa skills available. There are over 100,000 Alexa-compatible home devices from over 9500 brands for which these skills can be utilized.