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Outsource SOA and Web Services Testing

SOA & Web Services Testing

Service oriented architecture or SOA is an architectural style which helps your business transform into a set of linked services that can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. It helps increase business flexibility, enhances reusability, supports an extensible architecture, and provides a longer life span to your software applications.

We at Outsource2india provide comprehensive SOA and web services testing solutions to help companies overcome critical challenges linked to SOA, governance, integration, and security. We have the skills required to provide a wide range of testing services with a prime focus on providing hassle free communication between different applications in an organization.

Our SOA and Web Testing Services

Having worked with some global multinational companies, our team of testing engineers has the required experience to provide the best quality SOA and web testing services. Some of the key services we provide include -

  • Functional Testing

    Once the software application is developed we test it to check if all the functions of the application are functioning as per they are intended to and conforms to all client specifications. This is mainly done on a feature-by-feature basis and plays an important role in providing end-to-end SOA and web testing services.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression testing of the software application allows consistent testing and validation of each new release of the application. A detailed preview aids in developing test scenarios for regression testing and quick checking of web services.

  • Performance Testing

    In order to provide productive SOA and web testing services, endurance and performance testing is one of the most important steps in the testing procedure. Our network engineers test the consistency and scalability of the application and the performance parameters are tested by our quality analyst before generating a final report for you.

  • Interoperability Testing

    Our SOA and web testing services include simultaneous testing of design time and run time web service interoperability. This process facilitates an easy integration of the OS and languages with other components.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Using specialized tests our team of software testers has the capability to run active web-series vulnerability assessment tests. We test all possible vulnerabilities thoroughly and ensure that the software application does not have issues like schema poisoning, buffer overflows, etc. This ensures a more stable final application.

  • Portal and Content Management Testing

    In addition to the above services we provide portal and content management testing services which include archiving, managing and reproducing the content by reducing cost, risks and inefficiencies, cost, etc.

Benefits of SOA and Scope for Business Improvement

There are several industries that use service-oriented architecture tools to enhance their businesses. SOATest applications reduce the development and integration process costs considerably and help in creating services based on the client's requirement. In addition they prove to be very apt while introducing new services and serving markets which have varying requirements. Some of the key benefits of service-oriented testing include -

  • It provides a better return on investment as there is a robust service layer created with the help of efficient testing
  • Due to the location transparency properties of SOA, code mobility is very easy, and the organizations can easily move the services to an external provider or different machines or locations whenever required
  • SOA will force software applications to have several layers and each layer will have dedicated roles for the developers, which helps them to focus on each layer in detail
  • The extra service layer provided by the developers provides enhanced security to the software application
  • The application can be easily tested by developers writing unit tests and help in reducing development time
  • Due to SOA, companies are able to use multiple client types to access a particular service
  • The services created by the developers will grow into a series of services which can be reused
  • The benefit of multiple layers is that multiple developers can work on it simultaneously and hence there is better parallelism in development. This also translates into easier testing protocols
  • Applications look up services in a directory and dynamically bind to them at run time and this provides better scalability

Why Choose Outsource2india for SOA and Web Services Testing?

Outsource2india has been providing SOA and middleware testing for over 25 years now and our experience helps us to understand the various business requirements of our clients and provide requested services accordingly. Outsourcing to us comes with its own set of benefits, including -

  • Our testing services allow you to concentrate on your core competencies while having access to our trained resources
  • Our testing engineers set up automated SOA testing protocols which helps reduce the maintenance costs considerably
  • We employ a centralized quality control team which standardizes the testing process by reducing duplicate efforts
  • We are trained to identify improvements early in the process and can be integrated more easily
  • We provide thorough security testing to ensure that you get the highest level of security across platforms
  • We provide high-quality services at cost-effective prices within a quick turnaround time

Hire the Best SOA and Web Services Testers at Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been providing the best quality SOA and web service testing services to global clients for over 25 years now. Having worked with many companies around the world, our team of highly qualified software testers has the required experience to understand various business models and provide the required services accordingly. Our testing engineers provide complete end-to-end services which ensure that your application runs smoothly without any errors and without facing any efficiency issues.

If you have any kind of service-oriented architecture testing requirement, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will help you out through the process.

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