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Outsource Desktop Application Development Services

Desktop Application Development Services

Are you looking for a convenient, secure, and stable application in this age of mobile apps and web apps? Then the desktop application is what you need! For more than 25 years, desktop applications have been the "face" of the IT industry, and while web and mobile apps are prevalent nowadays, nothing beats the convenience, security, and stability that a desktop app provides.

At Outsource2india, we are passionate about desktop application development that can make a meaningful difference in our client's daily business life. We offer a wide range of services which cover whatever needs you might have - from application re-development, creating new software from the ground up, re-platforming, integrating cloud backend, etc. Right from design to implementation, we ensure to meet your desired objectives while taking an Agile Development Approach (SCRUM) for faster development and on-time delivery.

Our Desktop Application Development Services

At O2I, we excel in blending the latest features within a simple, easy-to-understand UI which is a must for software being implemented for healthcare use. As a result, with the help of reduced operational complexity and increased service efficiency, you can ensure your customers and patients are serviced properly and on time.

With various experienced resources and an expertise in multiple development technologies, we are a desktop application development company who can create software using C# development, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, VB.NET, JAVA, Adobe Air, JSON, Swing, etc. The hallmark of our software is the ease with which they can be maintained, and a lifelong update policy which ensures feature compatibility across OS versions.

Our services include -

  1. Cross-platform Application Development

    We can help develop high-quality software when you are outsourcing desktop application development services to run seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Our cross-platform desktop apps are stable and use a single code base for better interoperability. Whether it is a standard desktop app, or a web-based app, or even a lightweight application that serves as a front-end to your web mechanism, we can build it all. Technologies we use include -

    • Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
    • ElectronJS
    • Nw.js
    • JavaFX
    • React Native Desktop
    • Haxe
    • QT
  2. Patient Engagement Platform Development

    Nowadays, wellness health applications and portals are becoming quite common and offer significant benefits for both healthcare providers and patients. The challenge we deal with is designing applications that engage users while helping them move towards positive lifestyle and behavioral changes. Our user experience team helps to gain a deep understanding of clinics workflows and processes, as well as patient interaction to help design engaging software which our developers then help develop.

  3. Interoperable Application Development

    One of the main pain points for healthcare operators and physicians is finding the correct software which can work with their existing systems. Whether you require a uni-directional or bi-directional connection to your existing PACS or EMR system, we can help develop it within a short time. Our interoperable software can also be developed to parse the content of your DICOM files or connecting to your system through an FHIR API.

    • Our interoperable desktop applications integrate freely with HIEs, EMRs, and PACS
    • You can also integrate medical devices and read with our software
    • We have expertise in developing software which checks all the requirements for medical standards such as HL7, CCD, DICOM, ICD-9 and 10, etc.
  4. Custom Software Development (Add-ins, etc.)

    As your preferred desktop application development company, we can develop software for a desktop application at any stage of the project. This option is extremely helpful for clients who are getting an entire software ecosystem developed with different parts being worked upon by different partners. Apart from that, we can also help in desktop application testing, development of software add-ins, and creating platform-specific versions of an already available desktop software.

  5. Desktop Application Development Consulting

    Our experienced software consultants have years of experience in working with large multinational clients while focusing on 3 key aspects of desktop development - technology, user, and regulatory requirements. Our consulting services include -

    • Setting up research dimensions and methodologies for in-house development
    • Addressing the needs of stakeholders while developing software
    • Behavioral design for desktop applications
    • Choosing the right framework and technology
    • Leveraging big data for cloud-based healthcare desktop applications
  6. Some of the desktop application development projects we have been involved in include -

    • EMR - Reporting & Analysis System
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Document Management System
    • ECLAIM (837, 997 and 835)
    • Electronic Billing and Claims Management
    • Kiosk Application
    • Practice Management System
    • Application for Dermatology Clinic
    • Disease Information Search
    • Lab Report Automation Software
    • EMR - Microsoft HealthVault Integration
    • Patient Health Record
    • Pet Appointment
    • E-Mail Management and Reporting System
    • Patient Portals

    Our Desktop Application Development Process

    At O2I, our process is defined by our expert team of coders and developers who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in working with global clients such as you. From developing full stack applications to cleaning up an existing GUI for better user-friendliness, our programmers are one of the main reason why we are a premier destination for offsite desktop application development services in India.

    Our app development process includes the following steps -


    Understanding Your Requirement

    We sit together with the client to understand their application development requirements and analyze the feasibility of the project. Based upon our understanding of the project, we suggest a list of enhancements based upon our current capabilities and experience, which then helps us to draw the final project outline with our clients.


    Software Design

    Once the final project details have been ironed out, our senior developers begin designing the software architecture based upon your inputs. During this stage, we also finalize the process roadmap.


    Building the Team

    The project commences with us assigning an experienced team of developers who fit the project requirements. A dedicated project manager is also assigned to take care of all your recurring questions. The development team then begins working on the pre-designed architecture.


    QA and Testing

    The project, once completed, goes through several rounds of QA and testing to ensure its working correctly and can undertake all necessary functions easily.


    Project Delivery

    The application is suitably developed as per the project demands and is delivered to the client along with all required documentation and source code. Based upon our prior agreement, we also begin with the maintenance and update delivery period.

    Our Software Expertise

    Whether it is working with proprietary software or open-source ones, our developers are adept at working with a variety of different software and development tools while remaining updated with the latest technology. Our software depth covers the following -

    Java JavaScript Microsoft SQL Server Node.js php CSS Microsoft .NET HTML 5 Qt wxWidgets
    NextGen healthcare

    Why Outsource Desktop Application Development to O2I?

    At Outsource2india, we pride ourselves in the way we service our clients and partners while helping them enhance their business performance and productivity. With our help, you can immediately start reaping the benefits of simple and streamlined processes. Choosing us for outsourcing desktop application development is the right thing to do since we can provide you with the following benefits -

    • Proven quality processes and desktop application development methodologies
    • Flexible pricing options ensure your desktop application never ends up costing you more money in the long-term
    • Multi-domain experts who work with the latest state-of-art technologies
    • High-quality final product which can work with an OS of your own choice while supporting multiple medical and healthcare software
    • Our processes are compatible with strict regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, ICD 10, ICD 11, DSM 5, RBMA, and ISO
    • 100% confidentiality of client and patient information along with redundant security measures
    • Rapid scalability and flexibility of operations to deliver a complete product before the deadline
    • More than 12 years of experience in the healthcare field with more than 100+ satisfied customers using our custom-built desktop software
    • 24/7 availability for long-term product support and maintenance

    Client Success Story

    O2I Developed Business Networking Platform

    Immencity - A Business Networking Platform
    Outsource2india developed a high-quality business networking platform for global businesses to connect and find new partners online. It helped businesses to generate more business, derive business insights, and expand business contracts.
    Read the case study.

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    Outsource2india has been a pioneer in developing best quality desktop applications and a series of other web application development services. In the past decade, Outsource2india has played an extensive role in bringing transformative changes to how major healthcare service providers and clinicians outsource their requirements. We are committed to ensuring 100% compliance while building the flexibility to improve your software down the lane by making it open to the cloud.

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