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What is Immencity?

We were approached by one of the world's largest International trade organizations to build a branded and exclusive online business network for business owners and trade professionals the world over.

Named Immencity, the main aim for this business platform was to help users generate more business, expand business contacts, and derive business insights. We have used state-of-the-art matchmaking algorithms and social networking tools to help users see relevant data personalized according to their interests, while being able to network with business individuals from across the globe representing their organizations.

Development Challenges

The Immencity project was extremely vast with global implications, as a result of which we had to dedicate thousands of man-hours towards its development. There were certain challenges associated with the project which we had to overcome as well, including -

  • The Immencity platform was always meant to be more than a social network, allowing organizations to own, host, and operate their own virtual communities while being able to control their branding, message, memberships, permissions, etc.
  • Immencity was to be equipped with sophisticated search algorithms for searching information with the help of contextual search engines and filters thereby ensuring businesses could find the information they were looking for immediately
  • As a virtual communication platform, Immencity had to implement chat and messaging support for all members
  • The platform had to be extremely secure so that online members could share information, post regular updates, etc. without the fear of hacking
  • The platform required hierarchical control over most of the common functions, ensuring administrators could control who sees what information, what roles people get, and what information they can access

Key Functionalities of Immencity

After carefully understanding the target demographic, we decided to implement the following solution in order to make Immencity a successful platform it is today -

  • Networking with Users - Users can connect and interact with other multiple users within their business network, based on prior permissions
  • Online Presence - Organizations and businesses can create their own online branded profiles to manage members and promote their business
  • Groups - One can also form groups for members to associate and interact with. Group memberships can be controlled by the administrator, ensuring only valid members were part of groups, who could then take part in group activities
  • Global Marketplace - Businesses can use the platform to buy and sell their goods or services on a global online platform. We also implemented high-end matchmaking intelligence to enable users to find the right partners globally, and in any country as long as they were on the platform
  • Authorized Memberships - Associations can easily authorize and manage their members while receiving useful reports on a per-request basis. Associations could also create events for their users through the platform to enable networking
  • Support for Profiles - We created profiles for the members to recognize, connect, and extend relationships in their network. The profiles support photo upload, enhanced visibility, etc.
  • Targeted News - The news feature enables association owners to communicate with the members of their network by making public announcements and publishing news articles that may be of interest to them
  • Messaging and Chat - The Immencity messaging system enables personalized communication between all members of a network. We implemented a unified Inbox for centralized management of sent and received messages. Our Chat features, on the other hand, are private, one-to-one communication tools between members and their contacts
  • Secure, Robust Engine - Along with stringent security features, we also ensured that organizations have 100% control over their data, traffic, and network rules. The base of the platform was built in such a way so as to enable infinite scalability as and when required, ensuring the platform can be easily upgraded to include new features

Immencity's Distribution Models

We built Immencity from the ground-up in a manner which ensures it can be distributed it in two separate forms, including -

  • As a complete software system which could hosted or maintained by the customer's servers, thereby allowing them complete control over all software, hardware, network data, and community activities
  • As a SaaS model, where we would host the platform for a customer on our own servers while providing complete IT support. This model reduces operational overheads and maintenance, while allowing for regular updates which could be installed on a timely manner

Who Needs Immencity?

Upon completion, Immencity was an immediate success. Not only was the result of our hard labor a one-of-its-kind solution for global business networking, but also helped countless small businesses around the globe find partners and customers in places where they had no reach earlier. Today, Immencity is a perfect platform not only for businesses but also for -

  • Healthcare organizations, Medical testing centers, diagnostic centers, and other related organizations who want to securely connect with patients and/or medical program participants
  • Hosts for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) events
  • Home owner associations, Resident welfare groups and other citizen bodies
  • Academic institutions who want a platform to communicate with students, student associations, parents, and alumni
  • Sports stars, celebrities, corporations, politicians, etc. who want to provide a secure platform for their fans and followers to get together and communicate

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