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How to Design your iPad App - 10 Key Tips

Tips to Design your iPad Apps

Did you know? About 360 million iPads have been sold from 2010 to 2017, which is around 79 iPads sold every minute!

So why do you need to develop an impressive iPad app? Because, nearly 80% of the web traffic from tablets comes from the iPad. This is a huge market size which cannot be neglected by any firm. The real success of an iPad app depends on its usability, functions, user-friendliness, and ease of use.

Most of the users directly close the app when they find that the design is not impressive or the app is not responding properly. Therefore, the app needs to be thoroughly tested before it is launched to the public. The best way for the developers to go about designing iPad apps is to understand the exact requirements which the user is looking at and then cater to those needs.

Challenges of Designing an iPad App

Developing an app for the iPad is not an easy task. There are a lot of things which the developers need to consider before plunging into the development phase. Some of the challenges involved in designing an iPad app include -

  • Ensuring security and privacy of user data
  • Keeping the app simple, easy-to-use, and functional
  • Make the app impressive with easy-to-use, functional features
  • Maintaining iOS compatibility
  • Complying with all the Apple Store guidelines
  • Creating a clean design concept and excellent user experience

To overcome these challenges, developers need to follow some tips while designing iPad apps. In this article, we have listed some of the top tips for developers to follow while designing an iPad app.

10 Key Tips for iPad App Designing

Most of the companies today try to get as many as features as possible in the app but neglect to provide a great experience for the users. Many companies don't realize how the user experience will be on the app before developing the app. Therefore, we have put together some of the key tips to design iPad app, which are listed here -

  1. Create a Personalized Experience

    Create a Personalized Experience

    Developers need to leverage as much user information as possible from the iPad and other websites. and try to create a highly personalized experience for the user. The user's twitter feeds, contact lists, calendar, location, can all be used to create smarter apps. The more the users feel special, the longer they will be engaged with the app.

  2. Think of Multi-user Cases

    Think of Multi-user Cases

    The iPad is not really a personal device and may be used by all the members of a family. There will be several users with different likes, dislikes, and preferences. Therefore, it would be a good idea to keep an option for multiple logins and the option to switch accounts in a hassle-free way.

  3. Follow a Goal-oriented Method

    Follow a Goal-oriented Method

    Good apps are known for the way they keep things simple. It is important to be selective about the features that go into the app, rather than loading it with all sorts of unnecessary features. Developers need to understand the main purpose of the app being developed and then ensure that it serves the purpose.

  4. Avoid Gesture Overloads

    Avoid Gesture Overloads

    Using gestures on an iPad is a cool thing to do as it makes iPad usage exciting. But developers need to make sure that there is no excessive use of gestures in the app, which can sometimes be annoying or may go unnoticed.

  5. Provide Simple Navigation

    Provide Simple Navigation

    Developers need to take care that the most frequently used apps must have simple navigation and not complicated. For instance, crazy and spinning navigation is fine for games but this does not work for apps which are used on a regular basis.

  6. Consider the Location of Usage

    Consider the Location of Usage

    iPad apps can be used in different locations, such as home, office, restaurant, or even a completely different country. Therefore, the app developed should be able to detect the location of the user and provide customized results based on the surroundings.

  7. Avoid iPad Pop-overs

    Avoid iPad Pop-overs

    iPad has the feature of pop-overs which allow users to navigate and retrieve the content of what they are looking for. But this kind of interaction can create a mess and a haphazard flow to the navigation. Given the limited width and height for a pop-over, developers need to ensure that not too much information is stuffed into it.

  8. Avoid Using Splash Screens

    Avoid Using Splash Screens

    Splash screens were once a trend and eventually, people got annoyed and moved on from it. When you are really trying to access some information, these splash screens can get really annoying and frustrating. If absolutely necessary, these screens can be displayed for a very short interval of time while the rest of the app loads.

  9. Create a Homepage

    Create a Homepage

    The users around the globe are so used to being on a home page, which provides a base of operations and orient them to what is available. Without a homepage, users can find it very difficult and frustrating at times to find what they are looking for.

  10. Make Big, Clear Buttons

    Make Big, Clear Buttons

    Many apps suffer from the defect called "read-tap symmetry", wherein some of the text is really clear and big while the actionable buttons are tiny and difficult to be noticed. Therefore, it is important that the developers maintain a uniform symmetry, and make the buttons big and clear for the users to easily identify and use.

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