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Advantages of Android App Development for Enterprises

Advantages of Android App Development

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a concept that is gaining popularity nowadays. BYOD is a policy with a set of rules which govern the IT department support to employee-owned PCs, phones and tablets. An increase in productivity is seen when BYOD is implemented in the company, as more and more people are able to use their own devices which they are comfortable with for official work.

Android is an inevitable part of the BYOD concept. With Android dominating the smartphone market, enterprise android app development is increasingly on the radar of every business organization. The worldwide enterprise mobility market is growing at a rate of 15% and is expected to reach $140 billion by the year 2020.

6 Major Advantages of Android Application Development for Enterprises

Android application development for an enterprise is a challenging task. The developers not only need to take into factor various authentication problems, but also keep various security issues in mind. At the same time, once properly developed, organizations stand to gain from a multitude of advantages. Some of them include -

  1. Open Source and High ROI

    Android's Software Development Kit (SDK) is available free of cost and hence minimizes the software licensing costs. It is a royalty free and open source framework which gives the liberty to develop applications for android based phones without worrying about extensive development costs.

  2. Single Development Package

    Many enterprises have numerous entities under themselves. Having an app for each of the entities can cost a lot for the company. The main aim is to execute all the basic company processes through a single application, and Android is a perfect platform since it is present on a multitude of devices and in a variety of form factors.

  3. Efficient Management Tool

    One of the most convenient ways to manage all the processes in a company is through a single android application. Creating an app for different business modules can cost of lot of time and effort, while also making it difficult for developers to push out subsequent updates.

  4. Business Integration

    If multiple wings of a company are not linked to each other during execution of tasks, it can result in an overall system failure. Android applications form a link between the different branches in the company, can be used individually or collaboratively by department members, and provide better features for enhanced business integration.

  5. Multiple Sales Channels

    Android applications can be published in different ways. Either on the Google play store or on your own website, or even distributed through APKs. This helps in spreading the word of your services to a larger crowd, while making it simpler for people to download and access the app.

  6. Customer Feedback

    Developing an android application for your enterprise is the best way to receive customer feedback, stay in touch with them, and also keep them updated with the latest business developments.

Should You Develop an In-house Enterprise Android App or Outsource?

The exact requirements and the business needs of the company can be best assessed by the company itself. Having an internal team of Android application developers is one of the options which can be beneficial for your firm. Developing an Enterprise Android application is a tedious procedure as various hardware compatibility issues need to be taken care of.

At the same time, outsourcing enterprise mobile application development to a reliable service provider is a valuable alternative. Outsourcing the enterprise application development to a third-party company helps your enterprise leverage from experienced and skilled resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring developers yourself. Since your company does not have to get involved in the hiring of android developers, you also save considerable time which can be used to focus on other important aspects of your work.

Increase Your Reach by Using Enterprise Mobile Computing!

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and the kind of audience they are targeting. This helps us develop android applications which will suit their enterprise setup. We use our vast experience in Android application development to sense the business needs of the client and build the perfect product.

Throughout the entire development phase we keep you updated with the latest information, take care of all your suggestions and feedback, and incorporate them in the Android application development.

We follow agile development cycles to develop robust android apps, keeping them updated with the client requirements and business developments.

Have an Android App Idea? We can develop it For You!

Our team of highly qualified android application developers is fully trained in providing the best Android application development services. By outsourcing your requirements to Outsource2india you can avoid all the hassles of recruiting and training of android app developers. Our clear and effective client engagement process ensures that your wishes are directly reflected in our team objectives.

Contact one of our representatives and let us know your requirements, we will get back to with a reasonable quote in a quick turnaround time.

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