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10 Best Android Mobile Apps for Businesses

Android Mobile Apps for Business

With the advancement of technology and ever the expanding reach of the internet, businesses are finding it difficult to address the grievances of their customers in real-time, and meet their towering expectations. It's critical for businesses to provide high quality services in a quick turnaround time; multi-tasking of operations is the way to go, and mobile apps are helping business do that.

With app development companies providing customized products, businesses are now able to provide better results in an extremely efficient manner. With tons of android business applications available in the play store, business owners are spoilt for choice, and get confused deciding which app will best suit their business needs. To solve this doubt we have compiled a list of business android apps which can be used by organizations for their daily operations.

Why is Android Preferred by Businesses?

The answer is pretty simple! Android for work, separates personal apps from business apps so you can use your favorite Android device for both, work and play. This platform comes with the power, and flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime using the best productivity apps for android.

Businesses prefer Android platform over other operating systems due to the following reasons -

  • With Android it is possible to set up a dedicated work profile for your business which does not mix with your personal content
  • Android apps for businesses come embedded with enhanced security features and in-built application support for users
  • Being an open source platform, mobile app developers have the access to the source code of the OS and can tweak it according to their business needs
  • Android programming uses Java and its libraries which is simple to learn and facilitates easy coding for the various business apps
  • Due to the wide support of hardware in the form of various devices and open source benefits, the Android platform has become ubiquitous and easily available which will be very beneficial for the businesses in terms of reaching out to maximum number of people

Top 10 Android Apps for Businesses

In spite of Apple's iOS getting increased attention from people, Android has continued to rack up impressive numbers. Due to its super easy usage, the Android platform has attracted many business owners. Here we have listed the top business apps which can be used to increase the productivity and help them generate more revenue.

Mobile Applications 1. Basecamp: Free

This is a project management app which allows business managers to organize or assign tasks to others. This app helps in communication within the team, manage workflows, and make sure everybody is working on what they are supposed to be working on. Business owners can analyze team-wise data and measure employee's productivity individually.

Mobile Applications 2. Cloud Print: Free

This Android app is a way to wirelessly print documents, webpages, and articles from your android device. This is a dependable way to print from any compatible printer. The app gives access to all printers available on the local network, and can be easily integrated with other Google services and, allows sharing of photos and images with others. Businesses find this very helpful as they do not have to connect to any desktop or laptop, or even be physically present in the office to have a document printed.

Mobile Applications 3. Invoice2go Pro: Free

An app which avoids the trouble of keeping information organized and is a professional way to track money owed, money paid, and money received by the company. Using this app, businesses can create and send invoices from their android devices, save receipts, sign documents, keep a calendar, enter location information, etc.

Mobile Applications 4. Slack:Free

This is a team chat service which helps to talk to one another. This app provides a free service for an unlimited number of users which can be very helpful for any business irrespective of the size. Moderators can create various channels for different topics. The service supports the upload of practically any format of file, which enables easy transfer of files to other employees.

Mobile Applications 5. Evernote:Free

Using this app one can create notebooks and workspaces which will help businesses keep notes and ideas in an organized manner. Evernote can be used to write notes, prepare checklists, research, organize web articles, discuss your work and share notes with your co-workers.

Mobile Applications 6. Todoist:Free

This is one of the best task management and to-do apps which help businesses to be updated with daily tasks. The app is built for different platforms, so you can use it on different devices and setup various tags and categories that makes it easy to figure out what tasks are to be done for whom, and why.

Mobile Applications 7. Google Drive: Free

This is Google's cloud-based storage ecosystem. Google provides a free storage of about 15 GB, and extra space for a small fee. The online nature of the mobile app allows real-time collaboration from several locations, easy sharing and effective management of business files.

Mobile Applications 8. Square Register:Free

This is a sales tracking app which allows businesses to track and view inventory numbers, sales figures, etc. Sending receipts to clients is an easy task with Square Register. Also, this device can be plugged into the headphone jack, and the Android mobile phone can be used as a credit card reader and hence make instant mobile payments.

Mobile Applications 9. Google Hangouts or Skype: Free

Communication is a very important aspect for any business. These apps allow easy meetings and discussions via audio/video calls and with multiple people at a time. These apps work very well and offer group chat facility as well.

Mobile Applications 10. Tax Code and Regs - Touch Tax: $4.99

This is a handy tax-reference guide which can be used by every business. Taxes are important for all businesses, especially for small or medium businesses that are just starting out. It is very helpful to answer those complicated tax questions. This comes updated with all the sections of the latest edition of tax code.

Other Android-based Productivity Apps for Businesses

Apart from the regular android business apps, there are a few productivity apps used by businesses for all their daily tasks, including -

  • Email Management Apps - E-mail has been one business tool which has everybody hooked on to right from the beginning of the internet revolution. E-mail has practically been the life support system for any business. With these apps being able to sync with your android mobile devices makes it a portable office
  • Mind Mapping Apps - Sometimes known as concept-mapping apps, this category of apps is being increasingly used by businesses. These apps are used to create diagrams to depict relation between concepts, new ideas, etc. The mind-mapping apps can help improving learning efficiency
  • Conferencing Apps - Communication is very important for any business. Conferencing calls are the most efficient and time-saving form of communication which involves multiple participants. The trouble of scheduling a call or booking a conference room can be avoided by using conferencing apps
  • Documentation Apps - Creating documents and presentations has never been so easy. Android apps for business such as 'Documents to Go' or 'Quickoffice' takes care of all your spreadsheets, word processing and presentation needs. These apps being available on mobile devices can be used from anywhere and helps save considerable amount of time
  • Travel Apps - Traveling is an essential part of any business. Having a mobile app which can take care of all travel and hotel bookings has proved to be a boon to many business owners. Moving around a new city is very simple with travel apps which are backed up with GPS and navigational tools

Tools and Technologies we Leverage

Development of Android mobile apps for businesses is no easy task. Building layouts, ensuring the code works with the Android platform, and maintaining a control flow are some of the things which needs to be taken into consideration during the mobile app development process to provide a great user experience.

Our android app developers are skilled to use a variety of tools for streamlined app development process. Some of the tools used by us are -

  • Fluid UI App Prototyping
  • Lint
  • JOBB
  • Java
  • Titanium
  • PhoneGap
  • Appiconsizes
  • sQLITE
  • Genymotion
  • Systrace
  • Proguard
  • Sencha
  • Android Virtual Device Manager
  • Ubertesters

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