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Getting Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages, better known as AMP was recently launched by Google. This is a framework which is used to create mobile website pages which can load quickly. It is a completely open source concept developed by Google which helps publishers and web designers easily improve the page speed and in turn improve the user's experience without giving up on any ad-revenue generated, if any.

Through rigorous performance optimizations, one can easily replicate these results but web developers usually do not pay attention to this due to the lack of resources. Without any major alteration to the mobile web experience, AMP allows one to achieve such optimizations very easily. These accelerated mobile pages will appear as a carousel-like format quite prominent in most mobile search pages. Every marketer needs to understand how AMP works and smartly make use of it to reap several benefits.

The Basic Parts of an Accelerated Mobile Page

As a website developer or mobile marketer your aim is to make your customers read or acknowledge your content as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. AMP is basically a framework which helps web developers to create faster loading mobile web pages. One needs to understand that there are basically three parts of AMP, listed here -

  • AMP JS

    This is a framework in JavaScript for mobile web pages which mainly manages synchronous loading and resource handling. However one should be aware that an accelerated mobile page does not allow a third-party JavaScript within it.


    This markup language has some properties and custom tags and many restrictions. This is a subset of HTML hence one who is familiar with HTML should have no difficulty in converting an existing web pages to AMP HTML.


    This is a content delivery network which will take the AMP-enabled web pages, create a cache for them and make optimizations automatically thereby helping to improve the performance.

How to 'AMP' Up Your Website?

Web developers will have to maintain two versions of the same web page, one original page and another AMP version of the same. AMP does not permit third-party JavaScript and other form elements hence one might not be able to have on-page comments, lead forms, etc. which may be used on the original web page.

Web developers also might have to rewrite the template of their website in order to make way for such restrictions. Due to the resource intensive elements of the web page, they are loaded with special AMP extensions which help in quick loading of the web page. There is support for slideshows, image light boxes, as well as embedding social media handles via such extended components.

SEO Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Today mobile web pages offer great graphics and smooth scrolling. However, your resource hungry ads and scripts keep slowing down your content and may even result in the reader abandoning the site before it loads fully. AMP pages will not only enhance the user experience but also prove to be very beneficial for your marketing and search engine optimization. Google Analytics works hand-in-hand with AMP and helps people have a clear idea of how things are going. Some of the key SEO benefits of AMP include -

  • High Priority

    Most accelerated mobile pages are given high priority and they appear as a carousel at the top of most search results. Having an AMP version of your web page means that it will get more attention as compared to the standard web pages. More and more companies are joining the AMP bandwagon and benefitting from the increased visibility their content receives.

  • Reduced Page Loading Time

    It is well known fact that if a page takes longer than 6 seconds to load, it is more likely that the reader will skip the page and move on to the next one. Loading time of pages is a key factor which decides the SERP ranking of the page. AMP will give a boost to your pages and reduce the loading time by a huge margin.

  • Reduced Bounce Rate

    The speed of the pages will certainly keep your users on the page for longer and hence reduce the bounce rate considerably. A low bounce rate helps the search engines to validate that your pages offer the same content as what they claim to offer.

Reap the Benefits of AMP in Your Website

Outsource2india has been helping clients from different verticals and domains to get their websites AMP ready or even use AMP in WordPress. Our expert team of mobile and web developers hail from premier institutes and are well-trained to work with the latest tools and technologies to develop smooth and fast working mobile pages. Our top quality AMP creation services help our clients to improve their page rankings, reduce bounce rate, and hence increase the viewership of their websites. We provide cost-effective solutions to companies which helps them to save valuable time and increase their revenues.

If you are looking for service provider who can convert your existing web pages into AMP, look no further. Feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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