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Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

Outsource Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

Better manage the performance, accessibility, and availability of your hybrid infrastructure, even on virtualized cloud-based platforms, at prices starting at $20/hour

Businesses depend on IT for the conveyance of client suggestions. The development and size of cloud computing, the agility offered by utilizing micro-services and new arrangement advances, the force of business analytics, and the promptness of online media have delivered new, computerized plans of action that work at a worldwide level, making new degrees and scale for IT execution in old and new organizations.

In this space, the client experience of an application is fundamentally significant. Instrumentation across every single key application and framework is the best way to quantify and guarantee end-to-end execution and accessibility. Heritage, silo-specific monitoring tools are not, at this point, sufficient. They cannot convey or identify with each other and have no comprehension of the applications that are running on their segments. So, outsourcing hybrid infrastructure managed services to an expert like Outsource2india (O2I) is considered a wise option. O2I has vast experience of over 25 years as a hybrid infrastructure managed services providing company.

Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services We Offer

Our hybrid infrastructure managed services provide monitoring, reporting, and complete management of storage, network components, compute, and PaaS/SaaS within Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, and Google Cloud. Our standardized services have been analyzed and modified across industries and business types, giving your organization the results you need while supporting visibility and control.

A modern, optimized, and responsive infrastructure is quite fundamental to meeting digital business demands. We apply smart mechanization, analytics, unified monitoring, and management to proficiently run all your hybrid infrastructure operations. O2Is hybrid infrastructure management services include -

  1. Application & Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

    Application & Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

    Optimize IT actions with integrated management across your applications and infrastructure workings, from UNIX, Wintel, and Linux to the cloud.

  2. On-Premise Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

    On-Premise Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services

    This is quite effective in monitoring all your hybrid infrastructure operations and management services ranging from storage spaces to data center networks.

  3. Reliable & Cost-optimized Hybrid Infrastructure Management

    Reliable & Cost-optimized Hybrid Infrastructure Management

    Initiate operational dexterity with proactive operational monitoring and management of physical/blade and HCI servers by cost-effective and flexible means. This includes OS, AD/LDAP, LAN devices, data center, and hypervisor layers, transversely through your on-premises and hosted/private clouds. This allows you to liberate your team to concentrate on strategic objectives while unburdening daily management to us.

  4. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

    Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

    All-inclusive service for Azure and AWS cloud migration & management while maintaining better control and visibility over your IT resources with an integrated view.

  5. Enhance Enterprise Agility to Managed Cloud

    Enhance Enterprise Agility to Managed Cloud

    Your business is headed towards becoming digital. You're developing client-focused apps and redefining your entire IT processes to make your business more approachable and modest. Thus, you need a flexible, scalable infrastructure to reinforce those transformative ingenuities.

  6. Automated Hybrid Infrastructure

    Automated Hybrid Infrastructure

    This feature helps in expanding your performance and increasing receptiveness by automating daily tasks, capturing insights, and avoiding technical glitches beforehand.

  7. Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery & GRC services

    Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery & GRC services

    Our team of experts integrates the finest practices by combining business intelligence and regulatory systems to meet the desired client objectives.

  8. Service Integration and Management

    Service Integration and Management

    We strategize and develop the right SIAM model by utilizing our accelerators while integrating multiple vendors.

Our Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Process

Hybrid infrastructure management (HIM) generally consists of monitoring, cross-domain correlation, and AI-based analytic tools. It essentially captures granular data, in real-time, on transaction drifts from storage arrays, from network devices, between server VMs across both on-premises and cloud environments through a blend of hardware and software inquiries.

The hardware probe carefully analyses the storage and network fiber connections, whereas the software ones capture data from both physical and virtualized devices in a non-intrusive style. They consume huge amounts of real-time data that is correlated, analyzed, and further presented to IT operations and business managers in user-defined custom views.

HIM focuses on understanding the infrastructure related to those service-to-service connections as well as the overall application performance that the user experiences. With the vast amount of data collected, HIM services make use of pioneering correlation algorithms, machine learning, and predictive analytics to deliver sophisticated management data dashboards. We provide secure optimization for your hybrid cloud investments.

A comprehensive consultation will typically take about 7 to 10 weeks which is broken down into three segments -


Preliminary interviews of the key personnel


Inventory compilation of all the current data via collection tools/CMDB (Configuration Management Database) tools


Development of architectural pathway for migrating to a hybrid infrastructure

Hybrid Infrastructure Management (HIM) is the practice of monitoring and analyzing all your IT infrastructure including servers, storage space, and networks in a manner that can help relate to its impact on the performance and availability of your business applications. It is sufficient to cover public, private, hybrid-cloud infrastructure performance as well as other traditional on-premises configurations. Outsource2india, a hybrid infrastructure managed services provider, focuses on industry-specific effective approaches to reduce risks and optimize costs and provide you with an ideal solution for your requirements.

Industries We Serve

Hybrid Infrastructure Management enables IT organizations to deliver relevant, judicious utilization metrics across all levels of IT services. Industries we cater to include -

Banking & FinanceBanking & Finance
Life SciencesLife Sciences
Travel & HospitalityTravel & Hospitality
Retail ManagementRetail Management
Media & EntertainmentMedia & Entertainment

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services to Outsource2india?

Our expert global team helps you navigate complexity by implementing a software-defined architecture for multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure managed services. We provide flexible hybrid infrastructure managed services to effectively optimise costs over the entire IT lifecycle. Modernize with our robust hybrid infrastructure managed services in India and globally. Benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We provide cost-effective and scalable solutions for client-specific needs. Our clients are billed for the services they procure rather than a whole package price like other competitive hybrid infrastructure managed services providers.

  • End-to-end Management

    We manage networking, data centers, alliances, client experience, and security environments across technology vendors on-premises, hosted, and in the cloud.

  • Data Security Management

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certified platform for Data Security. The security and privacy of your data are important to us, and we never let you down on that.

  • Partner Ecosystem

    We have strategic partnerships across all IT sectors and leading vendors including Dell EMC, VMware, and many more.

  • Global Service Delivery

    Our globally integrated service delivery model that complies with ITIL standards. This gives you consistent service, irrespective of where you operate from.

  • World-class Customer Experience

    We focus on unremitting service improvement that is driven by client success stories. This is why we are renowned as one of the top hybrid infrastructure managed services providers.

  • Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Partner

    We are a CSP Direct Bill Partner (Tier 1) and Azure Stack early adopter having more than 20 points of presence for Azure Express Route. We have numerous Azure certified engineers globally and multiple gold competencies including cloud platform, data center, and security; we provide the best results all across.

  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

    We are a direct consulting partner having more than 20 points of presence for AWS Direct Connect with over 90 AWS Certified Engineers globally.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We are a single vendor service provider with profound expertise and dedicated technical account managers. It means we assign a dedicated professional manager to each of our clients.

  • Flexible Service Models

    We are a global hybrid infrastructure managed services company. We let you choose from full/ partial hybrid infrastructure managed services, and light touch service models.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide 24/7 monitoring and management with integrated IT infrastructure management tools and data secured service delivery platforms. Clients from around the world can contact us anytime in their time zone to get our services.

Client Success Story

O2I Provided Quality Assurance Services to Montreal-based IT Company

O2I Provided Quality Assurance Services to Montreal-based IT Company by Testing 130 Websites Across 4 Different Browsers

O2I was contacted by a Montreal-based IT company that wanted to test 130 websites across 4 different browsers. We carried out a string of tests involving 280 scenarios.

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O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We made use of digital forensics to stop data theft for a customer. With our extensive reports, our customer was not only able to improve their security posture, but they were also able to efficiently monitor their IT infrastructure.

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Outsource Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services to Outsource2india


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We have sustained a consistently high standard recognized by industry analysts and international media as one of the most high-performing hybrid infrastructure managed service providers. We are an unbiased, self-regulating hybrid infrastructure managed service providing company driving the use of IT in business and society. Outsource2india's analysts and expert navigators combine their profound knowledge of technology with the current trends in business to carefully evaluate the right technologies and their suitability for business growth now and even in the future.

Our solutions complement innovative and relaxed paths for our clients to optimize their future IT investments. So, if you need reliable, efficient, authoritative, and trustworthy hybrid infrastructure managed services in India and globally, contact us now to outsource hybrid infrastructure managed services.

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