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Installation Testing Services

Outsource Installation Testing Services

Verify and validate if your software has been installed with all the necessary components by outsourcing Installation testing to experienced QAs at prices starting at $20 an hour

Is it too cumbersome to verify and validate if your software has been installed correctly as expected? Is your organization finding it difficult to get the right set of experienced and skilled installation testing experts to handle your requirements? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource installation testing services to an experienced service provider.

Outsource2india is one such installation testing service providing company that can take care of all your requirements with ease. We have some of the most talented and skilled installation testing specialists who can work on the latest and the best installation testing tools and software and deliver top-notch services to clients within a quick turnaround time.

Installation Testing Services We Offer

Outsource2india has been one of the leading providers of installation testing services to global clients for over two decades now. Our vast experience in the software testing domain allows us to understand each customer’s unique requirements and provide them with customized installation testing services that will suit their business requirements. Some of the key installation testing services we offer include -

  1. Silent Installation Testing

    Silent Installation Testing

    Silent installation when the messages during the installation process are not displayed. These messages are usually saved in a log file during silent installation. Our team can help you with silent installation testing in a hassle-free manner.

  2. Attended Installation

    Attended Installation

    This involves the user giving their input during the installation process. We can help you with accurate attended installation testing within a quick time. The tasks performed during this type of installation are -

    • Selecting the directory to install the software.
    • Accepting the end-user license agreement.
    • Enter any password that is required for the installation.
    • Users can help in resolving issues such as low memory or a problem in the internet connection.
  3. Unattended Installation Testing

    Unattended Installation Testing

    In this type of installation, there is no user involvement for any kind of input. If any kind of user involvement is present, it is done through an answer file which comprises of all the parameters that are needed for the installation process. Our team at O2I can help you with accurate unattended installation testing services.

  4. Headless Installation/Network Installation Testing

    Headless Installation/Network Installation Testing

    In this type of installation, no console or monitor is required. The installation is done on targeted systems that are connected to a network and no user involvement is needed. These are mainly carried out in large organizations and we can help you with accurate testing for these processes.

  5. Clean Installation Testing

    Clean Installation Testing

    When the older version of the product has not been installed on the system and the installation process is being carried out for the first time, it is termed as a clean installation. Our team of software testers at O2I can help you with flawless clean installation testing services.

  6. Automated Installation Testing

    Automated Installation Testing

    In this case, the administrator schedules the installation process of the software system with some prerequisite conditions. We have the required skills and expertise to help clients with accurate automated installation testing within a quick turnaround time.

Key Benefits of Installation Testing Services

Installation testing is one of the most important types of software testing processes. It is important to test if the software application has been successfully installed along with all its modules and is functioning as expected. Some of the key benefits of installation testing services are listed here -

  1. It ensures that no module or unit of the software is left untouched during the testing process.
  2. It is a crucial part of the software testing life cycle as each software follows a set of standards set by the industry or the client.
  3. It helps to check if all the versions of the software are updated or not. If not, it prompts to update to the latest version.
  4. The outputs of the installation testing process are key indicators of the performance of the software system.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Installation Testing Services?

Outsourcing installation testing services to Outssource2india can give you access to a plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the major reasons for you to choose us as your installation testing service providing company are listed here -

  1. Affordable Pricing Options

    Working with us for installation testing services is highly affordable and cost-effective. We provide our customers with highly affordable pricing options which will suit their business requirements and budget.

  2. Stringent Information Security & Confidentiality

    We know the importance of data security when it comes to installation testing services. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization that ensures that all your software data is kept safe in secure locations.

  3. Experienced Installation Testers and QAs

    Our team comprises some of the most qualified and experienced installation testing specialists who can take care of all your requirements. We can work on the latest technologies and software and deliver error-free services to clients.

  4. Superior Quality Services

    Being an ISO certified organization, clients can rest assured that all the services delivered by us will be of the best quality. We ensure that the results undergo a multi-level quality check process before they are delivered to the client.

  5. Single Point of Contact

    When you partner with us for installation testing services, we will assign a dedicated project manager for you. This project manager will be the single point of contact for all your needs and resolve any issues that you may have.

  6. Highly Scalable Testing Services

    We provide our clients with highly scalable installation testing services. We have the required bandwidth and skills to scale up the service requirements and expand the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.

  7. Quick Turnaround Time

    Our team of installation testers operates through several delivery centers that are spread in different time zones of the globe. This enables us to deliver quality services to clients within a quick turnaround time.

  8. World-class Infrastructure

    We understand the importance of having good infrastructure while delivering world-class installation testing services. We have access to the best workplaces and the latest installation testing tools and software.

  9. 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide our clients with round the clock customer support. All our teams including sales, project management, customer support, and marketing will always be available to resolve any issues that you may have during the project.

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Outsource2india has been a pioneer in providing quality installation testing services in India and a series of other software testing services to clients around the globe. We leverage the latest and the best installation testing tools and software while delivering top-quality services. We have some of the most skilled and experienced installation testing experts on board who can take care of all your needs in a hassle-free manner.

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Installation Testing Services FAQs

  • What is installation testing?

    Most of the systems have a certain installation procedure. The type of testing involved to test this installation process before they are used for its main purpose is called installation.

  • How do you do installation testing?

    Installation testing is performed by using flow diagrams, automation scripts, checking of disk space, making registry changes, understanding negative scenarios, and checking the completeness of the installation.

  • What is the necessity of testing a new installation?

    Installation testing is necessary to be performed in order to check if the software system is installed properly, all its components are installed correctly and function well as expected.