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Silverlight Application Development Services

Outsource Silverlight Application Development Services

Collaborate with Microsoft's Silverlight Partner to develop and deploy high-performing mobile or internet applications by leveraging feature-rich Silverlight framework

Are you fed up with the poor performance of your website or application and looking for a cutting-edge alternative? If so, you must consider Silverlight application development, which will allow you to build lightning-fast apps for all types of platforms. It will provide you with a robust set of features, including, real-time updates, fast loading time, intuitive UI, rich plugins, etc. Moreover, for internet-specific applications, no other framework can beat Silverlight.

As a leading provider of Silverlight application development services in India, Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in rendering a wide range of software development solutions to its global customers. We can create various mobile, PC, and web applications by leveraging Microsoft technologies. In the case of Silverlight, which provides a robust framework for building internet-specific apps, we can work on all types of Silverlight application development projects.

Silverlight Application Development Services We Offer

By outsourcing Silverlight application development services, you can avail the expertise of our Silverlight developers to create an application for your niche business. We provide our services to many industries, including, e-commerce, event management, healthcare, etc. With our proven track record and an extensive portfolio of Silverlight application development, you can collaborate with us to get high-quality and robust applications in the shortest possible time. A few of the many Silverlight application development services that we provide are -

  1. Application Development Using Silverlight

    Application Development Using Silverlight

    At O2I, our Silverlight application development experts can create cross-platform mobile & web, enterprise-based, and other custom applications. We leverage the native features of Silverlight to create apps that could support animation, high-definition video & audio, etc.

  2. Gaming Application Development

    Gaming Application Development

    Our team has exhaustive knowledge of Microsoft Silverlight and can provide Silverlight game development services. Using their expertise in 3D modeling and graphics designing, we can develop intuitive games. From UX, game mechanics to character prototyping, our experts can provide all kinds of game development solutions.

  3. Widget and Dashboard Development

    Widget and Dashboard Development

    A simple widget contains the business logic and enhances the user experience of the end customers. As a leading Silverlight application development company, we can design & develop custom widgets to help you create a parallel revenue stream.

    In the case of the dashboard, Silverlight provides a large number of rich multimedia features. Our team can create reusable controls (widgets) to produce graphically rich and intuitive dashboards. You can build dashboards or widgets to categorize your departments or processes under one single roof.

  4. Windows Mobile Solutions

    Windows Mobile Solutions

    Since Windows is extensively used as the OS of mobile phones, the apps built using the Silverlight will be compatible with all Windows platform. At O2I, we can leverage the code consistency of the platform to include high-resolution video (animated or real) on the mobile devices that use Windows as the OS.

    The code uniformity ensures that all types of mobile apps will work well on all Windows mobile devices, which will be similar to the experience on desktop applications.

  5. Application Enhancement and Maintenance

    Application Enhancement and Maintenance

    For your existing apps, we can extend its capabilities and tailor them with the latest feature, interface or functionality. Also, for any of your enterprise applications built on the .NET platform, we can migrate data, upgrade and update them.

    By choosing us as the provider of Silverlight application development for your business, you can make your existing applications compatible with all types of browsers. It will help you extend your business and allow a better user experience for your audience.

  6. Silverlight Migration

    Silverlight Migration

    Through our tailored migration services, we can fully support your company's need of getting in sync with IT development. We can provide Silverlight custom migration services to migrate your apps to MVC.NET, HTML5, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and JavaScript. This will allow your app to be compatible with all types of browsers.

Our Silverlight Application Development Process

Our Silverlight application development services are time-tested, and we follow a validated process to provide the industry-wide best solution. The key steps involve -


01. Requirement Gathering

First, we will contact you to understand your requirements and develop the next steps


02. Prototype Development

After that, our Silverlight app developers will focus on the development of the prototype. It will include all the required features. We will send the prototype for your evaluation and approval


03. App Development

Upon your approval, our developers will start working on the Silverlight application development. We will integrate all the custom features at this stage


04. Application Testing

After the coding is done, our QA team will test the app for performance issues and bugs. They will resolve any glitches or issues


05. Release & Deployment

At this stage, our team will deploy the app in the live environment


06. Application Maintenance and Support

Finally, we will continue to provide maintenance and support services. If an update or upgrade is required, our team will handle it

Silverlight Application Development Tools We Leverage

We leverage the following technologies (front and back-end) to render high-quality Silverlight application development services -

XML HTML Microsoft .NET MongoDB Microsoft WPF jQuery ASP.NET Node.js

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Silverlight Application Development Services to O2I?

You can partner up with us get a custom Silverlight application development solution. You can avail the following benefits by outsourcing Silverlight application development services to us -

  • Cost-effective Silverlight App Development

    If you outsource Silverlight application development services to us, we will provide a custom quotation for your niche business, which will be based on the type of industry, budget, scope, and duration of the project, etc.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Our experts who develop Silverlight applications work in a secure work environment. They also have access to all the latest technologies and tools. Moreover, our offices are equipped with 200% backup power, redundant IT systems, anti-virus software, robust servers, VPNs, and more.

  • ISMS Compliance

    O2I is accredited with ISMS' ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS security certificate. This proves our commitment to manage and address all types of vulnerability associated with the information assets.

  • Multiple Global Delivery Centers

    Since we have a presence across all the time zones via our global delivery centers, we make use of the local resources to handle Silverlight application development projects. Also, it helps to communicate in a better way.

  • High-quality Silverlight Application

    We provide best-in-class Silverlight application development solutions for your business. The application built by our experts will enable you to market a high-quality app on time. This, in turn, will boost your revenue stream.

  • Experienced Team

    As an experienced provider of Silverlight application development services, we have an extensive team of Silverlight application developers, designers, testers, consultants, multimedia experts, support staff, etc.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our call center support executives work round the clock. You can reach them at your convenient time through the communication channels of your choice.

  • Ease of Scalability

    At O2I, we have the apt amount of both manual resources and technical capability to scale out our Silverlight application development capacity. You can demand to spike the deliverables or trim down the project anytime.

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Outsource Silverlight Application Development Services to Outsource2india

As a premier Silverlight application development company, Outsource2india has been providing custom software development solutions to its global clients for the past two decades. Our team of developers, consultants, designers, etc., can help you in rolling out best-in-class Silverlight application at a cost-effective rate. Moreover, we provide 24/7 maintenance and support solutions, which will help you resolve any types of issues related to your app.

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