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Outsource2india's Global Outsourcing Delivery Network

In a globalized world dominated by offshore outsourcing, extensive competition and ever-growing technological advancements, Outsource2india has cemented its position as a multi-domain service provider, offering reliable and bespoke services since 2002.

Outsource2india, a company fully owned by Flatworld Solutions has set up delivery centers around the world to provide quality services and long-term business value to its esteemed global clients. Our delivery centers are strategically located in India, Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia and Colombia allowing clients to benefit from our highly-effective services and fast turnaround times. This further allows us to meet the ever increasing consumer demands, and scale up processes rapidly, while saving on the operational costs.

O2I's Presence Across the Globe

  • Global Offices
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  • Client Locations

Client Locations

Global Offices

  • Global Offices
  • Delivery Centers
  • Client Locations
Global Offices Delivery Centers Client Locations

Client Locations

Our global delivery centers network allows us to strategically balance our outsourcing strategy, while addressing the business requirements of our clients based on certain factors like time zone, location proximity etc. Our delivery centers make the best use of local talent and location-specific competencies, while mitigating delivery risks for our clients. Our delivery centers are established in the following locations -


O2I's Global Offices

Outsource2india's headquarter is located out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. We also have other offices in India, UK, USA and Philippines, allowing our sales and customer support teams to be accessible to our clients irrespective of the time zone differences and geographic location.

Global Delivery Centers - Delivering Integrated Solutions

Our delivery centers were established keeping in mind the technical capability as well the specialized services that could be best offered from various global outsourcing destinations, to allow our clients to choose a delivery center with geographical and technological advantage that suited them the best. This means that our clients do not have to work with multiple partners, thereby negating the adverse effect that multiple time zones and languages can have on business.

A lot of factors are considered before determining the ideal delivery center or a combination of delivery centers, such as the customers' requirement for time zone, language, skill set and the amount of resources required. If the need arises, we also execute a project out of multiple delivery centers to allow for better redundancy and scalability.

Our global delivery centers ensure that we can have multiple teams working on your project to meet stringent deadlines, even while you sleep. On a variety of occasions we have had customers who assigned us a task at the end of their day, only to have it completed and ready for their perusal by the next morning. Our worldwide presence also guarantees a multi-language capability, ensuring you have access to new demographics and markets for your services and products.

By having multiple delivery centers, we are able to provide the following value-added benefits to our clients -

  1. Improved Scalability - Multiple delivery center locations allow us to execute projects concurrently, and scale up operations, in a short duration. This would have been impossible with single location delivery center
  2. Faster Turnaround Time - Each delivery center has experienced resources with varied skill sets, which allows us to execute our services better in less time, providing faster turnaround times for our clients
  3. Streamlined Delivery - By having multiple delivery centers, we are not only able to source the best local talent, but combine their individual skills and capabilities to expertly integrate our process delivery channels
  4. Professional and Expert Resources - With multiple delivery center locations, we gain the ability to hire resources that are experts in their field of specialization and have significant experience. This in turn allows us to provide high-quality consistent services to our global clients
  5. Cost-effective Services - We are able to leverage our multiple delivery center locations to provide our services from a location which provides the best cost benefits to our clients
  6. Time-zone Advantage - By having multiple delivery centers in different time zones, we ensure that a team is working on a project even while the customer is asleep, allowing us to deliver projects before deadlines
  7. Diminishing Language and Cultural Barriers - Global delivery center locations allow us to deliver timely solutions without being affected by the language barrier, as well as keep in mind the local cultural sensibilities

Factors that Influence Our Choice of Delivery Center Locations

Before taking on a project, we consider various factors to determine which delivery center location would be the most ideal to execute our business strategy successfully. Some of the important factors we consider are -

  • Cost-effectiveness: Significant cost advantage for our clients is an extremely important variable that we keep in mind while zoning in on the perfect delivery center. We choose a location based on the clients' requirements which would provide quality results at a highly competitive rates
  • Redundancy Resolution: A variety of projects require strong redundancy solutions before being implemented. For clients who require the same, we execute the project from different geographic locations
  • Service Needs and Requirements: Although we have highly capable teams executing a variety of projects across multiple locations, we select the ideal project location which is best suited to complete the project in terms of infrastructure, workforce skills etc.
  • Deadlines and Required TAT: Based on the project deadline as requested by the client or the required turnaround time, we select a delivery center that offers significant time-zone advantages to the client
  • Size of the Project and Scalability: We keep in mind the project volume before choosing the delivery center, and assign it to the one with the most adequate workforce availability, allowing us to ramp-up the project at a moment's notice, if required
  • Customer Inclinations and Preferences: Finally, we keep the clients preferences in mind as well while selecting the ideal delivery center. If a client stresses upon a particular location to outsource his project with us, we go ahead with his choice and execute the project

Reap the Benefits of O2I's Truly Global Delivery Model

Outsource2india follows a global delivery model, in order to provide its customers with the benefits of multi-locational outsourcing. By setting up delivery centers in South East Asia, South America and India, Outsource2india has been able to offer specialized services to its customers.

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