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Outsource Custom Dashboard Creation

For a chief decision maker, a dashboard is an invaluable tool which allows him to analyze and quickly comprehend data in as short a time as possible, so as to make informed data-driven decisions on the spot.

These days, businesses suffer from the problem of plenty! They have zettabytes of raw data, but the major problem is that the presentation of this data is usually cluttered and confusing. It is generally presented on a hastily built PowerPoint by an executive who never had the time to provide enough attention to the details.

At Outsource2india, we understand that dashboard creation requires a lot of expertise, and should present at-a-glance information for the metrics that you desire to see, while removing the excess visual noise. Be it social media, marketing, analytics, support, infrastructure, etc., we can help you stay at the top of your business KPIs by creating simple and attractive custom dashboards within quick turnaround times.

Our Analytics Dashboard Creation Services

With the help of our easy-to-use and open platform which comes preloaded with advanced reporting and analytics features, you can turn your data into real business value and keep a track of your Key Performance Indicators. Our services include -

Web Analytics Services

Klipfolio is used by millions of businesses owing to its ease-of-use and flexible data architecture. It is a self-service BI solution which in turn is delivered as a cloud service, thereby allowing easy accessibility from mobile devices, tablets, and web browsers.

O2I's Klipfolio dashboard creation services ensure the dashboards can pull data from popular sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

All our dashboards support multiple user profiles and support advanced filtering to sift through the data faster, and export the data in multiple formats such as PDF, Excel, etc.

Web Analytics Services

Tableau is an established visualization tool which allows simple drag and drop methods, as well as more complex ones, to create visually appealing in-depth dashboards.

Our tableau dashboard creation services allow you a far more powerful alternative to traditional BI dashboard creation, enabling KPI-specific dashboards for power users, analysts, as well as the leadership. Our capabilities range across Big data analysis and visualization, data discovery, social media analytics, survey analysis, mapping software, time series analysis, etc.

Web Analytics Services

Sometimes, a single end-point solution might not work for your specific business requirements. For all such necessities, our custom dashboard creation services ensure both flexibility of choice and easy mobile accessibility, delivered at a fixed time and at an affordable price point.

Our dashboards feature ad hoc analysis capabilities, customized dashboard reports, etc., and our interactive visual dashboards help you to answer pressing questions in real-time without wasting time.

Analytics Dashboard Samples

Features of Our Web Analytics Dashboard Creation Services

At Outsource2india, we differentiate our services by providing a one-stop-solution for all phases of the data visualization lifecycle. Our specialty includes -

  • Unstructured/structured data capture and integration with different devices, applications, and legacy systems
  • Support for data migration, legacy system customization and application refactoring, amongst others
  • Custom business intelligence dashboards designed from the ground up to support big data scalability
  • Metadata management, data warehousing, and all other specific requests to manage your data
  • Advanced analytics features such as OLAP, Predictive analysis, Embedded analytics, and Sentiment analytics
  • Pre-built widgets which pull data from multiple sources without any latency for advanced website dashboard reports
  • A robust cloud solution which ensures historical data can be fetched as per requirement

How It Works - Our Custom Dashboard Creation Process

Request KPI analysis

We receive the request for KPI analysis from the customer, whereupon we set up an initial interview to understand their requirements

Required Data

We identify the required data channels, and review your data to ensure it can be extracted correctly

Dashboard design

We create a prototype dashboard design with relevant visuals, and upon approval, proceed with the dashboard development

QA Testing

The dashboard undergoes thorough QA testing and is then delivered to the customer, with regular updates based upon a pre-decided maintenance schedule

Choose Outsource2india for High-Quality Dashboard Creation

When you have a reliable and flexible access to data, and the means to sift through it at a moment's notice, making management decisions becomes much simpler. With a plethora of web services and data repositories, your need a professional team of custom dashboard and website dashboard creation experts with multi-project implementation experience.

At O2I, we can deploy a cloud or on-premise analytics dashboard creation solution for CTOs, data analysts, etc. with easy data segregation methods and customized dashboard reporting features.

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