Software Maintenance and Support Services

Software Maintenance and Support Services

Enhance productivity and reduce downtime with our efficient IT support and maintenance services

Both big and small IT companies spend profusely on in-house software maintenance, correction, and upgrading; it takes up company resources, is incredibly time-consuming, and takes the focus away from core business activities. The solution lies in outsourced software support and maintenance solutions; it helps save costs, increase team productivity, and reduce downtimes.

Reach out to our experts today for top-notch outsourced software support and maintenance at 50% lesser costs. We also offer consulting services to global conglomerates; our experts provide a feasibility analysis of your software maintenance project. We elaborate on a launch plan, choose a suitable sourcing model, and select optimal toolsets to get your software maintenance and support project on the road.

Our Software Maintenance and Support Services

We map our processes to your requirements to offer customized services at 50% lesser costs. Our IT support and maintenance services include -

  1. SAP Support

    SAP Support

    We ensure the proper functioning of the application and help adapt to newer needs that arise in its life cycle.

  2. IMS Application Support Services

    IMS Application Support Services

    We monitor communication apps for call centers, video conferencing, and other corporate usages.

  3. Application Maintenance and Support Services

    Application Maintenance and Support Services

    We support app evolution through automation; we reduce costs and optimize business processes.

  4. Web Maintenance Services

    Web Maintenance Services

    We address and solve the issues that slow down your website, add new functionality, and close the loop on outdated data feeds.

  5. Android App Maintenance Services

    Android App Maintenance Services

    We help you manage, monitor, and maintain apps. Get on-demand services for your development environment.

  6. iOS App Maintenance Services

    iOS App Maintenance Services

    Our services keep your apps up to date with technology shifts and changing business needs.

  7. WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

    WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

    Trust us with your maintenance needs while you focus on growing and managing your brand.

  8. Remote IT Support Services

    Remote IT Support Services

    We enable you to boost productivity and work seamlessly with your virtual teams in real-time.

  9. IT Consulting Services

    IT Consulting Services

    We help businesses to leverage the right technology to improve performance, scalability, and competitiveness.

  10. IT Support Services

    IT Support Services

    We help businesses to stay focussed on core competencies while we look in your day-to-day IT requirements.

Our Software Support and Maintenance Processes

We modify our processes to suit the specifics of your supported software and its underlying infrastructure. Our software support and maintenance processes include -


01. Requirement Collection

We analyze processes followed by your developers in detail to determine the maintenance objectives


02. Program Analysis

We decode project objectives by analyzing enterprise applications and knowledge sharing to interpret the program complexity


03. Maintenance Plan Proposal

We build a customized maintenance strategy and maintenance proposals, which will be presented to you for approval


04. Infrastructure Stability Analysis

We evaluate the stability and extendibility of your infrastructure to check the probability of a ripple effect


05. Software Testing

We check the maintenance protocol after implementation to check its reliability. If necessary, we provide ongoing preventive maintenance support


06. Release and Reporting

After your approval, our team compiles the actions and responses into a report for recordkeeping and/or future reference

Mainstream Solutions for Software Maintenance and Support

We are a premier software maintenance company with 24 years of industry experience. Our mainstream approach to software maintenance include -

  • Adaptive Solutions

    We investigate your existing software and execute any necessary modifications to cater to your changing business needs. Our services include alterations in the data format, support utility modification, hardware reconfiguration, and more.

  • Corrective Solutions

    Any software application needs rectifications during the testing phase. We help fix the logical, coding, and design errors discovered through performance monitoring and eradicate bugs and rectify glitches in the core algorithm of the software.

  • Perfective Solutions

    A software application undergoes rigorous modifications before it is ready to be launched. We help you with application maintenance and support through edits, insertions, modifications, deletions, and software enhancements.

  • Preventive Solutions

    We analyze future needs and problems based on customer feedback and past occurrences. Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome issues that may ascend in the long run.

Specialized Software Maintenance Services

Our experts provide on-going software support, long after the testing and deployment phase. Our specialized software support services include -

Ongoing Supports

Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support

Adaptive Enhancements

Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements

Perfective Upgrades

Adding New Functionality or Features

Technical Improvements

Optimization Restructuring or Rewriting

Software Enhancements

Software augmentation through an overall refinement of the end product

Regular Upgrades

Aid in software improvement and upkeep and addition of new features and functionalities

Real-time Support

Support in constant analysis, bug fixing, and correcting technical snags

Technical Modifications

Thorough recoding, remodeling, and reconstructing of software upon the requirement

Helpdesk Assistance

Round-the-clock on-call helpdesk support for all disruptions

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Software Maintenance Company?

With two decades of experience in the IT industry, we offer comprehensive software support solutions that increase your ROI. Partner with us today to leverage the following benefits -

  • Flexibility

    Our services are adaptable and can be easily adaptable to your requirements.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Our services guarantee value for money and a satisfying return on investment.

  • Timely Service

    Answering any queries about the application, fixing bugs and errors, providing tech assistance, and so on are done swiftly and with priority.

  • End-to-end Support

    Our services are comprehensive and all-inclusive, covering head to toe of software maintenance support.

  • Customized Options

    Software support requirements vary from one customer to another. We keep our doors open and services customized to fit all sizes.

Strategic IT Solutions We Provide

Custom Software Development Services

By outsourcing custom software development to us, you can automate business processes and workflows to boost your productivity.

Mobile App Development Services

Unlock and leverage new opportunities in mobility with the latest mobile device frameworks.

Software Development Technologies

Access the latest software technologies to develop innovative solutions that drive success.

Enterprise Software Services

We have extensive knowledge about all software platforms and leverage the ones that fully comply with your organizational needs.

Software Testing Services

We perform extensive performance, functional, usability, and security testing to reduce future expenses on support and maintenance.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

We help companies transition from cost-intensive, hardware-oriented legacy systems to modern, intelligent, and software-defined platforms.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided FTE Solution to a Reputed Software Company

Provided FTE Solution to a Reputed Software Company

Outsource2india helped its client reduce the turnaround time of project delivery, which in turn also reduced their total costs incurred!

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O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

We made use of digital forensics to stop data theft for a customer. With our extensive reports, our customer was not only able to improve their security posture, but they were also able to efficiently monitor their IT infrastructure.

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Our software development services skyrocket your business growth and let you achieve bigger heights. Our benefits of outsourcing software maintenance and support services to us include -

  • Proactive software monitoring, defect fixing and addressing of latent issues
  • End-to-end maintenance and monitoring of your IT infrastructure
  • A direct boost in business productivity due to software improvements
  • Optimized software architecture leading to reduced support and maintenance expenses
  • Timely system updates, feature installations, and 100% user satisfaction

Please speak to our experts today to enhance your business potential with our software maintenance systems.

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