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Managed SIEM Services

Outsource Managed SIEM Services

Protect your organization from unwanted cyber-attacks with our unbeatable managed SIEM services at prices starting at $20/hour

The cyber world has opened opportunities and threats for businesses. You can drive growth with the optimal use of the digital space. However, you must acquire a proper security strategy to prevent malicious cyber-attacks. SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. It ensures optimization of cyber protection.

Outsource2india is a leading managed SIEM company that provides you with the most credible Security Information and Event Management services to combat threats on your network. Our team of cyber experts not only improves your security posture but manages every possible threat that may appear on your network. A comprehensive managed SIEM solution can help you prevent malicious attacks, thereby preventing losses for your company.

Our Security Information and Event Management Services

When building cyber protection, an organization must form a multi-layer defense to build a suitable security posture. Managed SIEM services provide automated detection of cyber threats, can initiate an investigation, and prepare a response process to enrich your security control.

Security information and event management services we provide include -

  1. Log Management

    Log Management

    O2I undertakes log management to ensure aggregation of every security information and related events in a centralized platform. Our experts ensure continuous monitoring of the log to warn and combat whenever any unusual activity occurs.

  2. Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability Management

    Our cyber experts monitor and investigate threats. At O2I, we run multiple simulations to scan the vulnerability of the managed SIEM. Our KPI-based alerts and ad hoc search further strengthens our services.

  3. Risk Mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    We employ advanced security controls to automate retrieval. With an automated response plan, O2I mitigates risks that the experts may have expected beforehand.

  4. Real-Time Alerts

    Real-Time Alerts

    Our SIEM services involve monitoring and detection of known and unknown threats. The essential part of our services is alerting our clients about them through advanced intrusion detection and alerts.

  5. Behavioral Analysis

    Behavioral Analysis

    By gathering the security information and events, O2I prepares a behavioral analysis report. These reports provide important insights that can help in further strengthening the organization's security.

Our Managed SIEM Process

Adopting a systematic workflow is the first step to providing ideal SIEM services. As an unmatched managed SIEM service provider, O2I's reputation is because of our well-organized and strategic work methodology. SIEM projects are executed in the following steps -


01. Analysis

Our cybersecurity experts access our client's network to analyze the existing security controls by simulating incidents. We undertake thorough research of the organization as well as its competitors to understand the nature of common cyber threats


02. Strategy

We assess our client's security posture and prepare strategies to enhance the visibility of network, logs, servers, and insider activities to ensure 360-degree protection against malicious cyber-attacks


03. Feedback

O2I believes in transparency. Our experts explain the several stages and processes of our services to the client. We welcome constructive feedback and execute our services only after the client's approval


04. Management and Compliance

Our experts configure your SIEM to collect information. We undertake log management and risk and intrusion management to enhance your Security Information and Event Management. Our experts pay attention to ensure compliance


05. Testing

Once our experts have optimized your security posture, they run several simulations to ensure that every SIEM function works properly. This serves as a test run for detecting threats


06. Reporting

We provide monthly/weekly reports to your organization. Through these reports, you can gain informative analysis and drive insights that aid your decision-making

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Managed SIEM Services to Outsource2india

O2I has earned a reputation as a leading managed SIEM services providing company. We have successfully mitigated the cybersecurity risk of multiple SMEs and large organizations. As your service provider, you can avail the following advantages with us -

  • Team of Dedicated Experts

    With top-tier talents recruited in our team, O2I enables you to avail dedicated SIEM services for your organization. Our experts have proven experience and certifications in all related technologies.

  • Optimize SIEM Investment

    Outsource managed SIEM services to O2I to avail the optimal cybersecurity monitoring. It cuts down your organization's cost of hiring, managing, and, most importantly, retaining security engineers.

  • Make Informed Decisions

    Our SIEM services allow you to gain visibility into your network and provides you with meaningful insights. This information provides you with a new perspective on improving your organization's security decisions.

  • Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

    We manage and optimize your cybersecurity in such a way that your organization can demonstrate all the regulatory compliance as per the government policies.

  • Advanced Technology

    Our SIEM services are upgraded with the latest and best-in-practice technologies so that your cybersecurity is not breached.

  • Global Network

    With O2I offices worldwide, you can connect with us anytime, anywhere, and avail yourself of 24/7 services.

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Outsource Managed SIEM Services to Outsource2india


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Security information and event management services are the most efficient way to gain visibility of insider activity. It also helps aggregate log data, and ultimately prevent malicious attacks and exploitation of your cyber network. With the help of O2I, a leading provider of managed SIEM services in India and globally, you will be able to provide an extra layer of protection for your cybersecurity.

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