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STO Development Services

Outsource STO Development Services

We develop blockchain powered security tokens that help you raise funds from accredited investors worldwide at prices starting at $20/hour

Outsource2india has over 5 years of experience in developing blockchain-powered security tokens to assist organizations to raise funds from accredited investors the world over. Our team consists of experienced developers and legal partners that guide us through the complexities of country-wise rules and regulations. Over the years, we have carved out a niche place in creating highly advanced and secure STO tokens (Security Token Offering) which is why a large number of organizations outsource security token development to us.

Our STO development services include end-to-end development services, starting from STO consulting to the creation of custom token and then marketing the tokens to meet the end purpose of crowdfunding. Our market-based approach helps us design and optimize the best fundraising opportunities for organizations around the world. As an STO development services company, we specialize in equity, debt, asset, mining, energy, etc. token development and assist you to lay a robust foundation for digital business transformation.

Our STO Development Services

We offer the following security token offering development services to our clients -

  • Equity Token Development

    Equity Token Development

    We leverage blockchain technology to create equity tokens for organizations and enable them to strengthen their crowdfunding efforts. We can develop an in-built mechanism that integrates into various fund-raising activities and allows token holders to gain ownership. Our services have assisted our clients to keep control of the company by not dispensing the non-voting shares, providing assured security with blockchain technology, proper value retention, affordable service availability, and so on. We have helped several listed companies develop a model for financing new contributions.

  • Asset-backed Token Development

    Asset-backed Token Development

    We enable investors to tokenize their real-world assets like houses, property, cars, and more. Our blockchain-based asset development services have assisted multiple businesses to avail high liquidity, faster and cheaper transactions, grow their investor base, etc. We have specialists in our team with extensive expertise and experience in asset tokenization platform development. Our end-to-end asset token lifecycle services cover domains like real estate, commodities, documents, precious metals, utility assets, etc.

  • Debt Token Development

    Debt Token Development

    Our blockchain app developers have wide experience in developing security tokens to procure funding from debt investors with guaranteed payback options. This service primarily includes tokenizing assets to represent debt instruments such as corporate bonds or real-estate mortgages with smart contracts. Our clients have leveraged our debt token development service to onboard investors with a compliant digital experience, properly structure financial instruments according to the jurisdiction of investments, and manage operations over the blockchain. Besides, we have helped them attract a new breed of investors, automate dividend payments, and enforce compliance.

  • Intellectual Property-backed Tokens

    Intellectual Property-backed Tokens

    This is a blockchain-based token development service that aims to offer intellectual property (IP) rights to investors for making use of patents and copyrights. Our services have helped our clients collect funds by helping them transform ideas and other IP into tradable securities. In the process, we have helped them enhance liquidity and enable IP finances for book patents, film licensing, or royalty payments. We have wide experience in providing intellectual property securitization services for the film and music industries, as well as software and biotechnology industries. Over the years, our IP-backed token services have offered a great opportunity to borrowers, particularly established brand names with valuable and unique patents.

  • Energy Tokens

    Energy Tokens

    Our blockchain app development services for the energy industry enable digital token creation for power and energy generation companies. We have helped our clients leverage blockchain technology to facilitate the creation of energy cryptocurrencies for peer-to-peer energy trading, thereby creating a virtual grid for transactions. With our services, clients have been able to simplify fractional ownership, improve cash flow, eliminate the middleman, and enable instant settlement cycles in keeping with ERC 20 and ER20 requirements. Our experts have experience in using platforms such as Multichain, Stellar, and Ethereum to create tokens for green mining farms, smart city projects, and oil investments.

  • Other STO Services

    Other STO Services

    As a security token offering development company, we also specialize in other aspects of STO development such as -

    • Security Token Exchange Platform Development

      To assist security token holders to have a seamless experience, it's important to provide them with a robust exchange bereft of any challenges or snags. This way you win over the confidence of investors, ensure easy flow of money, comply with all the regulations, and make all transactions more secure and quick. As a specialized security token development company, we have a comprehensive and rule-book-based approach to develop a secure, SEC-compliant exchange marked by features such as a strong trade engine and smart contract integration. Our token exchange platform developers have wide experience in designing, developing, and accelerating deployments and aligning activities to promote investment.

    • STO Marketing

      Proper marketing of security token offerings is critical to enlightening investors about your security tokens and inviting them to invest. A part of our security token development services includes providing end-to-end marketing support to promote STO successfully. Our multi-channel marketing approach follows the norms as described by security token standard guidelines. Our comprehensive understanding of the competitive STO industry and fact-based recommendations is designed to make use of the best opportunities in the market. We back our STO marketing services with the right marketing platforms and effective communications all directed towards capturing investors' attention and influencing their decisions.

Our Security Token Offering Development Process

As an established STO development service provider, we have a well-defined process for STO development. It includes steps such as -


01. Requirement Gathering

We sit with you to understand your industry and identify your business requirements. This understanding gives us the correct insights into the kind of securities to tokenize for the investors you are targeting


02. Road Map Design

Once the requirement gathering stage is over, with all doubts cleared, we define the roadmap for STO development. It primarily includes the contract rules, and the right blockchain platform to be used for the security token service


03. Pre-STO launch

This is a pre-marketing stage wherein we develop the STO white paper or brochure to disseminate information about your business to investors. The collateral is designed for drawing the attention of investors, registering them, and processing the KYC


04. Security Token Development

In the development stage, we develop the security tokens as per the smart contract agreement. This process is driven by the applicable dividend structure issuance


05. Testing and Deployment

This is the final stage of the process where the smart contract is deployed in the test environment. Once the bugs are sorted out, the tokens are taken live for trading

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing STO Development Services

As a renowned STO development company, we offer a range of tangible benefits to our clients. Some of our security token offering development benefits include -

  • Different Hiring Models

    Our hiring models include hiring a dedicated offshore team or hiring dedicated STO developers. Irrespective of which model you hire, our developers come enriched with comprehensive knowledge of futuristic STO technologies. They work with you to simplify the tokenization process and raise capital for your business. Our clients can hire developers on an hourly or full-time basis at highly cost-effective rates.

  • End-to-end STO Development Services

    Our services make investments to be accessed digital and globally accessible. It obviates the need to have a middleman. This includes assets that cannot be easily converted into cash. OUR STO services also ensure there is no loss in value of the asset and benefits the issuer by expanding the trade volume. We assist in tokenizing assets such as land, gold, IP, etc. to raise funds in a better way.

  • Wide Industry Expertise

    We have experience in providing STO development services for different industries. Over the last decade, we have assisted companies from big enterprises to start-ups, to develop and issue tokens as per their specific business need. Our dedicated STO developers and experts can combine their vast STO understanding, platform skills, and legal knowledge to develop tokens for online transactions.

  • Any Currency Transactions

    This is the most critical STO requirement with which we strive to meet your business transaction needs. It enables users to integrate any currency they want. As a result, your business gets open to a wide range of investors. We bank on the security token exchange software, to empower users to involve Bitcoin, Litecoin Ethereum, or other fiat currency. With this service we make sure a wide number of currencies coexist for trading and their identity is sorted seamlessly.

  • STO Exchange Platform

    We assist business owners in building a Security Exchange Platform. It is a regulation-compliant platform that brings the company and investors together. We build the platforms to make the buy and sell process of securities easier for all stakeholders. Our clients have leveraged this service of ours to grow liquidity, improve accessibility, and ensure all stakeholders stay connected to the main network. By enabling this single platform connection we reduce the gap between investors and business owners.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    With the integration of the payment gateway in exchange platforms, we enable users to buy and sell currencies through different modes of payment. The addition of this feature into the exchange platform completes the payment ecosystem and provides an all-encompassing trading platform. We use advanced technology for integrating the gateway and make sure it is fully secure and functional.

  • Any Language Supported

    We ensure that the STO platform is available in multiple languages or the ones most commonly spoken by larger economies. This opens up your business to a large number of people around the world. Some of the international languages we include are international languages such as German, Russian, Mandarin, French, Arabic, etc. We integrate languages in the core mechanism of the software to the functionality comprehensible to investors around the globe.

  • Escrow System

    A problem with tokenization is frequent transactions between buyers and sellers. Sometimes if it is too heavy, the transaction can be lost, leading to confusion and bigger disputes. For averting such developments, we assist in developing an escrow system to keep track of all the transactions that take place between the buyer and sellers. We leverage very advanced technology to keep minimize the processing time.

  • 24/7 Support

    We develop STO platforms to keep them running 24/7, with all the necessary support programs. We add different channels for support to your users. We make sure the STO platform can handle emails, chats, or calls with complete issue resolution in the least turnaround time.

  • Single Stop Solution

    We serve as a single-stop solution to your STO development needs. While we provide you direct access to technical resources, we also provide you with a single-point contact for large teams. Our developers are available 24x7 as we spread our development team across time zones. During the development process, we provide our clients with daily/weekly/monthly reporting as per the agreed SLA.

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Outsource2india has over 5 years of experience in developing tokens for assets as per SEC compliance. Our wide exposure to the STO world gives us an upper hand in understanding the token needs for your industry and enables us to develop custom tokens with business-specific smart contracts to raise funds for your business. We have extensive experience in creating security tokens in a range of platforms such as Harbor, Polymath, Securitize, Swarm, and Securrency. We combine this expertise and exposure to provide companies with complete guidance in the successful development and launch of STO and market it extensively to draw the attention of international investors. We have partnered with some of the best legal brains of major world economies to guide us in the successful launch of STO as per the federal laws of the country.

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